Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw Debut New Song Together

Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw have been working on a song together for over a year. This weekend, fans finally got a chance to hear it.

The two singers performed their duet, “We Both Know,” for the first time at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and Colbie showed her excitement over the song’s debut in one simple tweet: 

In a fan video, which Colbie also tweeted out, Gavin stays at the piano looking dapper in a gray vest and tie, while she sits on a stool by his side in a floor length gown with her hair swept back. The two sweetly share the verses of the bittersweet love song.

“We’ve been dying to do this song together,” Colbie told the crowd at the end.

A few months back, Colbie spoke about this mystery song with CBS Local, which at the time they hadn’t even finished writing yet.

It all started when Gavin was taking a break from Dancing With the Stars and came out to Colbie’s house for a writing session. Though they ended up penning a love song, they wanted theirs to take a different perspective.

“[‘We Both Know’] is a song about two people that are confused on where they are at in their relationship but they know each other’s limits and how far to push each other and how far, when to step back,” she told CBS Local. “I think it’s a really good relationship song for anyone who’s confused at where they’re at in life.”

The song even led them to hit the road together this summer, playing a sort of fake girlfriend and boyfriend.

Colbie said the two plan to record the song after their done touring. But don’t worry, the joint venture comes to a close at the end of this month so hopefully there will be an official version of the song out soon.

Watch Colbie talk about the making of “We Both Know,” below.

 –Shannon Carlin & Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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