The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey has created a frenzy among businesses to create items or events bearing the book’s name.  It’s so far spawned a makeup line from Bobbi Brown, a Seattle vacation package, and even a soundtrack filled with all of the classical music mentioned in the book.

Lingerie company Agent Provocateur even has a line inspired by the trilogy–the sexy brand’s ad campaign even features Penelope Cruz’s lookalike sister, Monica — and it’s recently been announced that author E.L. James has signed a deal to sell official Fifty Shades merchandise like underwear, shirts, stockings, pajamas, robes and garters.

With even more products in the works, including a perfume (should be interesting to find out what this smells like), CBS Local came up with a few other products we’d like to see get the Fifty Shades treatment. Copyright still pending, of course.

For The Bedroom
Gray sheets are boring, but Christian Grey sheets? That’s something we can get behind.  This luxury line, with linens that have the highest thread count imaginable, will keep you warm no matter what you’re doing behind those closed doors. The ideal line would be designed by Martha Stewart–because the ex-jail bird knows a little something about being bad– and also includes a few shades of red, made for whatever room you want.  To accompany these colors, a line of Fifty Shades wall paints from the decor diva for walls and ceilings.

Christian Grey knows a little something about fashion, which he proves after buying Ana a lovely pair of Christian Louboutin’s for over $3,000. The designer, who saw his sales spike when Carrie Bradshaw slipped into a pair of his heels on Sex and the City, can show his thanks to author E.L. James by creating his own Fifty Shades line, complete with a gray insole instead of his usual red. These shoes were definitely made for much more than walking.

Keep looking glam for that first encounter with the Fifty Shades of Grey lipstick line. Each one goes on gray, but then changes to a pretty pink or sexy red. Bonus, each one is packed with soothing peppermint oil, perfect for those nights filled with constant lip biting.

Dating Site
Those other online sites seem too tame? Maybe they seem a little too reliant on finding the “one” and getting married? Try the Fifty Shades dating site. Just upload a photo and your non-disclosure agreement and you’re good to go. No need to talk about anything else.

Luxury Rope
Not that run-of-the-mill kind from the local hardware store, something a little softer.  Because you deserve the best, right ladies?

Shannon Carlin and Heather Stas, CBS Local


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