Gotye Makes His Own YouTube Remix of ‘Somebody I Used To Know’

In the year since Making Mirrors came out, Gotye has rocketed to stardom. His song, “Somebody I Used to Know” has sold millions worldwide and has been covered by nearly everyone. Now the Australian singer has put together a little tribute to those who took the time to learn his song.  

Gotye’s taken dozens of YouTube covers from everyone including singer Ingrid Michaelson’s Army of Three and Walk Off The Earth’s one-guitar tribute, combining them all to make an entirely new song. The end result is a nearly 6-minute, skilfully edited video; an often beautiful and sometimes funny new take on year’s most popular song. Gotye calls the digital mash-up “Somebodies, A YouTube Orchestra.”

“Reluctant as I am to add to the mountain of interpretations of ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ seemingly taking over their own area of the internet, I couldn’t resist the massive remixability that such a large, varied yet connected bundle of source material offered,” Gotye explained on his website. “All audio and video in ‘Somebodies’ is from the YouTube user videos featured, each of them a cover or parody of ‘Somebody That I Used To Know.’ No extra sounds were added to the mix, but I used some EQ, filtering, pitch-shifting and time-stretching to make the music.


Gotye even explained why certain ones were chosen and apologized to those who didn’t make the cut. Fans might notice, Glee’s version, which Gotye swears he likes, was one of those who was left out.

“I avoided using any existing remixes of the song, or any covers from TV talent shows.
 As comprehensive and extensive as I tried to be with my downloading of source videos, I know there are many clips that I missed.”

The singer even poked fun at himself for forgetting to include a certain Internet sensation.

While Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” continues to grow, the musician pushes ahead with new singles from his Making Mirrors album, most recently releasing a video for “Save Me.”

Known for his love of quality remixes, Gotye is releasing the Eyes Wide Open remix EP, out August 21st.
The song, which appears on Making Mirrors, even received a dreamy remix treatment from the indie band, Yeasayer. Listen below. 

— Jay Tilles and Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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