Jennifer Lopez has been on a worldwide tour since the middle of June, with Enrique Iglesias joining her in July. She stopped in Chicago and talked with B96/Chicago about bringing the kids with her and being “a simple girl from the Bronx.”

Lopez just released the single “Goin’ In” featuring Flo Rida, which is on the soundtrack of the dance film Step Up Revolution and her first greatest hits album Dance Again…The Hits. According to her, it’s a huge hit on the tour.

“It’s one of my favorite [songs] to do,” Lopez said. “It’s one of the most powerful in the show. Everybody doesn’t know it yet…It’s still a powerful number and people respond to it.”

When it comes to her children and family, Lopez always has a lot to say. She talked about taking her kids, Max and Emme, on the road with her for this tour.

“They’re used to traveling, which makes it a bit easier. But I think we’re all a little homesick,” she said. “We’re going to go to LA the day after tomorrow, and we do a few shows over there on the West Coast. We’ll be home in our house for a week or two, and then we get back on the road.”

Lopez celebrated her birthday on July 24 making her a Leo with all the magnetism, showmanship and friendliness attributed to her sign. But J.Lo admits she’s having a hard time with the uptick in numbers each birthday brings.

“I don’t feel [43-years-old]. It’s always hard for me to get my head around that number. I just feel like I did when I first started. Everything just feels exciting, fun, and I have so much to do. I think it’s a new time for me. It’s an exciting time in society and the world and my life, and I’m glad to be somebody who’s doing that, who’s being able to live her dreams way beyond what anyone would ever think. I’m just a simple girl from the Bronx.”

-Danielle Clasing, B96/Chicago


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