Watch The Justin Bieber & Backstreet Boys “As Long As You Love Me” Mashup

Long before Justin Bieber dreamed of a career in music, the Backstreet Boys ruled the airwaves with their hit single “As Long As You Love Me.” Released in 1997 when Bieber was a mere tyke, the track has gone on to become one of their biggest selling singles.

So, when Justin Bieber released the second single off his latest album Believe, also titled “As Long As You Love Me,” it was only a matter of time until the Internet would create the inevitable mashup. Mischief finally came to fruition — and lo and behold look who were among the first to notice!

The “As Long As You Love Me” mashup features two friends on piano alternating between the chorus of BSB’s song and Bieber’s verses. Michael Henry and Justin Robinett share the same piano while harmonizing alongside each other.

Henry and Robinett met while attending college at Texas Tech University. Both a part of the school’s drum line, the duo began experimenting with recording equipment. Much like the career of Bieber, they eventually covered a song and uploaded the video to YouTube for their friends. Turns out a lot more people than they anticipated saw it and it earned the kudos of the Biebs himself.

Having received over one hundred thousand views, the video continues to go strong.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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