Police: Woman Sells Friend’s Parrot While Pet-Sitting When Friend Was In Jail

PORT RICHEY, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – One Florida woman will know to ask someone else to watch her pet parrot while she is behind bars.

Stephanie Edgell, 32, was arrested Friday for allegedly selling her incarcerated friend’s pet parrot, reportedly lying to her friend that Buddy, the Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot, “flew out the window.”

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Edgell was asked by Martha Herbenthal on June 23 to watch over Herbenthal’s pet parrot. Herbenthal, 66, was charged with obstructing an officer after she allegedly drove her son from the scene of a battery incident, which happened to be at Edgell’s home. When Herbenthal posted bail the next day, she returned home to find out from Edgell that Buddy had flown out the window, according to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office police report. Skeptical of her friend’s claim, Herbenthal’s friends would find the Blue Fronted Amazon at Shady Hills Pet Shop, having been sold there for $225.

Herbenthal told the Times that the parrot has been returned to her.

Edgell has been charged with grand theft and dealing in stolen property. She remains in the Pasco County jail on $12,000 bail.

The parrot incident is the latest in the ongoing saga between Edgell and Herbenthal. In addition to the parrot situation and Herbenthal’s jail sentence, Herbenthal’s son has been accused of assaulting Edgell and her boyfriend, according to the Times. Edgell and her boyfriend have indicated to investigators that the altercation could possibly have been “drug-related,” according to a police report.

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    […] Police: Woman Sells Friend’s Parrot While Pet-Sitting When Friend Was In Jail […]

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