A Tour Of America’s Roadside Attractions – Part 2

By Elijah Bates
1456497451 A Tour Of America’s Roadside Attractions   Part 2

Miles the Monster (Credit: John Harrelson/Getty Images)

Miles the Monster

Dover, Delaware
No doubt, the Fountain of Youth might sound pretty tempting. But seriously, why would it be located in Delaware, of all places? Rather than spending life’s precious seconds on that, witness the spectacle that is Miles the Monster at Dover International Speedway.

World’s Largest Burgers

Clearfield, Pennsylvania
While a trip to the Big Mac Museum might seem like something special, it’s nothing compared to Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, home of the 15-pound burger. To all the meat-eating people passing through Pennsylvania, a taste of the world’s largest burgers is a must.

Lucy the Elephant

Margate City, New Jersey
Standing six stories above Margate City, Lucy the Elephant sucks in bystanders like peanuts from a barrel. Lucy is the sole survivor of a trio of elephant structures. Her owners now offer tours of her interior, each of which starts with the spiral staircase in her leg.

World’s Smallest Church

Oneida, New York
For those looking to be alone with God, there’s probably no better place than the world’s smallest church, which seats only two people. If walking on water isn’t an option, be prepared to take some pictures from the shore, as it’s accessible only by boat.

WWE Headquarters

Stamford, Connecticut
Though the facility doesn’t offer tours at the current time, the exterior of WWE headquarters in the Stamford area is still a site to behold. Outside of the Roman Colosseum, what other building in the world has churned out more gladiators than this one?

Tree Root That Ate Roger Williams

Providence, Rhode Island
It makes perfect sense that a state as small as Rhode Island would serve as home to the world’s largest bug. For a really obscure, interesting treat, pull in to Providence and learn about the Tree Root That Ate Roger Williams. It’s as creepy as it sounds.

The Ether Dome

Boston, Massachusetts
First used in the mid-1800s, the Ether Dome has its history as the place where anesthesia was first administered. There isn’t much in terms of memorabilia, or parking, but the faint scent of primitive anesthetics is a souvenir everyone gets to take home.

New England Maple Museum

Pittford, Vermont
Everybody owes their most delicious morning memories a visit to the New England Maple Museum. The history of syrup is a fascinating one, showcased through murals of Natives harvesting sap and a near-endless collection of brand-name bottles from the past century.

Clark’s Trading Post

Lincoln, New Hampshire
Ever watched a bear eat ice cream before? There’s only one place to see it happen, and that’s Clark’s Trading Post. Once only a sled dog ranch, this family-run operation began to give more and more focus to its bears back in 1949, and hasn’t stopped since.

Moxie Bottle House

Union, Maine
Had the timing been just wee bit different, every McDonalds across the globe might be serving Moxie instead of Coca-Cola. Stop by the bottle house when passing through Union and learn more about the story of a “soft drink” that almost took over a nation.

Need to catch up on the roadside attractions from the western half of the country? Be sure to check out part one! And if there’s a roadside attraction we missed, tell us about it in the comment section below.

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