Tropicana Field Will “Never” Host An All Star Game

From The Commish, written by Jason Clary

“You imagine a day when, hopefully, this area will be able to host an All Star Game and showcase all the attributes we have around here,” Justin Pawlowski, host of The Commish said on his show Tuesday afternoon. “The only way that’s going to happen is with a new stadium. They’re never ever going to play an All Star Game at Tropicana Field.”

Monday’s festivities kicked off with the Home Run Derby, while Tuesday night will feature the All Star Game itself.

As Justin notes, it’s more than just the game. He said “When they’re showing sights of Kansas City, you imagine what they could show from this area. It’s not just having a new stadium, but having a new stadium for all the right reasons — for all the reasons that would end up helping this area as a whole.”

To Justin, the All Star Game means being able to showcase what you have to offer as a stadium and city.

“In the back of my mind I just picture that one day that a retractable roof stadium will be somewhere in this area,” Justin said. “A brand new, state of the art facility where they will be hosting events like this and hosting the Rays for many years to come.”

He also added “When you start comparing the NHL All Star Game. the NBA All Star Game and the Pro Bowl in the NFL, I don’t think any of them live up to what baseballs’ is.”


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