ORLANDO, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A transgender housekeeper is behind bars after being accused of grabbing the genitals of a teenager.

Vanessa Olmos, a 35-year-old transgender housekeeper whose real name is Christopher, was arrested on the Fourth of July after the Days Inn housekeeper allegedly grabbed the genitals of a 14-year-old boy staying in one of the rooms the housekeeper was servicing.

WKMG-TV reports that the housekeeper was let into the 14-year-old’s motel room on Wednesday after Olmos said “room service” outside the door, according to police. When Olmos entered the room, the housekeeper asked the 14-year-old whether they had any dirty towels and if he was alone, according to the Orlando Police Department report. The victim said yes, which was followed by a question from Olmos.

“Can I touch?” Olmos asked.

Confused by the question, the 14-year-old asked, “Touch what?”

Police indicated that Olmos proceeded to grab the boy’s genitals from outside his shorts.

“You hot,” Olmos said, according to police. “You’re weird,” the boy responded, waiting in the bathroom until Olmos had left the room.

Shortly thereafter, the boy’s mother called police to report the incident, telling authorities that Olmos had come by the room earlier to swap out towels. Pressed by police about the alleged incident, Olmos denied touching the boy, let alone entering the room.

Olmos has been charged with battery and lewd and lascivious molestation of a victim younger than 16. Olmos remains in custody on a total of $2,600 bond.


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