Top 10 Listener “Hate” Rants

By Cassandra Khan, CBS Tampa

On Friday afternoon’s Commish, guest-host Rich Herrera took an hour to let listeners call or text the show to vent about what has been nagging at them. Tampa Bays sports franchises were not spared. We have compiled the top 10.

10) I hate that retweets by celebrities and athletes on twitter have become the new autograph.

9) I hate that Josh Freeman is the Buccaneers starting quarterback when he is more suited as a back-up.

8) I hate that I paid to go see The Dictator.

7) I hate that Joe Maddon cannot coach when the computer is not on.

6) I hate paying to go to a sporting event, but still being bombarded with advertisements and commercials.

5) I hate what ESPN has become. Too commercialized–all Tebow & LeBron.

4) I hate people who move to Tampa from the north and keep their allegiance to their team, but then talk trash about Tampa teams.

3) I hate buying a player’s jersey and then that player is traded a year later.

2) I hate when the NFL blacks out football games.

1) I hate the catwalks at Tropicana Field. They makes the Rays and the Trop look bush league, and the country judges us because of them.

Click for hate rant audio:


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