Was Alex Cobb’s Disastrous Game Really ‘Heroic’?

In a post-game press conference, Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon described Alex Cobb’s performance against the Kansas City Royals as “heroic”. On Tuesday’s edition of The Commish, Justin Pawlowski said he wasn’t sure if “heroic” was the word he would use to describe Cobb’s Monday-night exhibition against the Royals — achieving a complete game but giving up eight runs on 13 hits.

This was Maddon’s exact quote about Cobb: “The fact that he saved the bullpen was outstanding. The average fan may not understand exactly what he did. It’s heroic in a baseball sense.”

Justin does admit that the Rays were in a catch-22 with Cobb last night. The Bullpen needed rest after a Sunday double-header with the Philadelphia Phillies and Cobb was the guy that could offer that rest.

“It was almost to the point where they knew going in, no matter what, Cobb was pitching a complete game last night,” Justin said. “Whether he pitches a complete game shutout like Luke Hochevar did, or gives up eight runs, there was no way Cobb was coming out of that game — good or bad.”

One game doesn’t make or break a 162-game season and that’s been Justin’s stance after wins or losses.

“I’m not going to sit here and criticize alex Cobb. He’s a young pitcher in a tough position with a team that just came off a double-header,” Justin said. “They needed him to go deep into the game.”

The main story of Monday night’s game wasn’t Cobb’s “heroic” performance. “The Rays’ bats weren’t doing anything,” Justin said.

When the Alex Cobb talk came to an end on Tuesday’s show, The Commish didn’t harp on the inability for Cobb to stop the Royals from scoring runs, but rather, focused on Cobb being the guy that the Rays relied on to bail out the fatigued bullpen.

Listen to this portion of Tuesday’s show by clicking the play button below.

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