Man High On Drugs Takes Bite Out Of Another Man’s Bicep

By Cassandra Khan, CBS Tampa

A Palmetto man had a chunk of his bicep bitten off while trying to restrain another man who entered his house under the influence of drugs Wednesday night, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s report stated that Charles Baker, 26, showed up at his girlfriend’s house in Palmetto high on an unknown substance. Baker knocked on the door, and barged in the house screaming. Then he took off his clothes and started throwing the furniture around.

The report indicated he would not calm down, so Jeffrey Blake, 48, a resident of the home, tried to restrain him. Baker then bit him and took a “chunk of meat out of his left bicep.” Blake was still able to restrain Baker on the floor, and held him there until the police arrived.

Once law enforcement arrived, Baker was let up but would not respond to the deputies. Instead, he faced them, tensed his body, clenched his fists, and screamed, the sheriff’s office said.

The report went to describe how Baker, still naked, acted as if he was going to rush the deputies. The police account added that after a verbal warning an officer shot him with his taser. Baker fell down, but got up. Again, the deputies shot him with a charge, but Baker pulled the probes out.

Police say he was shot with a taser four times, and pulled the probes out twice. By the fourth time, additional officers had gotten to the house and were able to restrain him and put him in cuffs.

Baker was transported to Manatee Memorial Hospital to be evaluated and then was taken to the Manatee County Jail.

This incident adds to a string of drug-related “zombie” attacks. Last month Miami police said Rudy Eugene was under the influence of “Bath Salts” when he stripped down and started eating a homeless man’s face. Officers ended up shooting him dead after failed attempts to get him to stop.

Also last month, a New Jersey man stabbed himself and threw his intestines at police when they tried to stop him from hurting himself. The police have said they believe that either drugs or mental illness were the cause of the man’s behavior.

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