CLEARWATER, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A local man was accused of molesting his girlfriend’s pet dog, and was potentially going to face animal cruelty charges after incriminating pictures surfaced that depicted him in compromising positions with the animal.

However, prosecutors working on the case found that they were unable to enforce the law, as it technically does not prohibit oral sex between humans and animals.

In what was the first true test of Florida’s new anti-bestiality legislation, 29-year-old Eric Antunes was determined to be innocent based on a technicality caused by the loophole, WINZ-940 reports.

Even with photographic evidence of sex acts between Antunes and the three-legged dog, the charges would allegedly not stick.

“We need to close up this loose loophole,” Rick Chaboudy, executive director of the Suncoast Animal League, told the Tampa Bay Times. “This is one of those crimes that you can’t possibly imagine that it goes on, but I’m sure at one point in time, somebody said the same thing about child pornography.”

However, Antunes is still reportedly facing charges for possessing child pornography, the station found.

The Miami New Times reports that Antunes previously interacted with animals while working for the Humane Society, where his girlfriend was also serving as the medical director of the Pinellas chapter.


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