The Commish Live Blog, written by Jason Clary

On Wednesday’s show, The Commish, Justin Pawlowski was fuming over the reaction by the Rays players, coaches and fans over the incident involving pitcher Joel Peralta.

Peralta, who was removed from Tuesday night’s game against the Nationals, was caught using pine tar — an illegal substance for pitchers because of the extra grip it adds to the ball.

“The reaction has been so much worse than the actual crime,” Justin said. “When you break a rule, it’s cheating. I don’t care if everyone does it or if one person does it.”

Rays fans and players were essentially calling the Nationals tattle-tales when they told umpires that Peralta was notorious for using pine tar.

“I don’t care if it’s in baseball, in life, or whether it’s a pirate code or not,” Justin said. “An unwritten rule? Please. You were cheating, you were caught cheating. Walk off the field and go into the clubhouse. Apologize and move on.”

After the game, Rays first-baseman Carlos Pena said that he didn’t think the Nationals showed good sportsmanship when they told umpires about Peralta.

“You know what’s not good sportsmanship? Cheating,” Justin said. “Calling somebody out for cheating — that’s supposed to be worse sportsmanship? Please.”

In Joe Maddon’s press conference, he defended Peralta and said that players are constantly trying to gain some sort of ‘competitive advantage.’

Justin said “If everyone does it, make it legal. I don’t care if everyone’s doing it, because everyone doing it is wrong.”

Major League Baseball will soon make a decision on whether Peralta will be fined and/or suspended.


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