By Cassandra Khan, CBS Tampa

USF faithful got some good news Friday afternoon when four-star quarterback recruit Asiantii Woulard announced that he was recommitting to the University of South Florida. Woulard called in to The Commish to make the big announcement. “The game of football has become so involved with the quarterback position,” said Justin Pawloski reacting to the news. “If you’re going to play big time college football, you better have big time college play at the quarterback position. This is great news for USF.”

Woulard, who is from Orlando, will become a part of the 2013 committing class. He had received over eight offers from major colleges. He listed Ole Miss, Syracuse, and USF as the top three universities that he chose from.

The quarterback will join the team after current QB BJ Daniels graduates. “If you have the opportunity in college to produce because of what’s surrounding you, where you could be on the field for four straight years, and grow with the team, then that’s an advantage that not a lot of other people have,” said Pawlowski.

Woulard’s situation drew a comparison to Louisville’s quarterback Teddy Bridgewater from the radio host, “USF went after Bridgewater. They wanted him to be the heir to BJ Daniels, but he wanted to start as a freshman. USF couldn’t offer him that. He’d have to sit for two years behind BJ. Now USF can say ‘hey if you come in early and you can play in spring or if you come early and perform in offseason workouts and in training camp, there’s no doubt that you can start day one for four straight years. That’s attractive to a high school player. That’s attractive to a quarterback,” Pawlowski said.

The opportunity to play all four years was a big draw. “It’s always good to play four years, you get adjusted your freshman year and then you’re kind of into it and adjusted to the speed the sophomore year. I’m just looking to come in, compete, and play early and get all four years in,” Asiantii told Pawlowski.

Woulard previously committed to USF in February, but retracted the commitment soon after. “The first time I made the decision it was premature. I kind of got cold feet really early. At the time I only had about five or six offers, so I got anxious and went ahead and committed.” said Woulard, “I decided to open it back up because I didn’t want to go in there with doubts like ‘who would’ve offered’ and ‘what could’ve happened’, so I went ahead, opened it back up, collected a couple more offers, looked at a couple of other schools and made sure I was making the right decision. This time I was able to make an informed decision, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger and it’s perfect, it’s the right fit.”

Asiantii is listed on as a 6’4’’, 200 pound, dual threat quarterback. He described himself as a leader on the field, but wanted to emphasize that he is a pass first QB. “I’m not looking to run right away,” he said.

Josh Newberg , writer for had high hopes for the young recruit during his review on The Commish. “I think he is more physically gifted than Matt Grothe and BJ Daniels. In the end, he could be the best quarterback to ever play at USF,” he said.

The addition of Woulard could also help USF in their recruiting of other players. “Not only is he going to recruit, but the coaches can use him as a recruiting tool too. Now they’ve got their quarterback,” said Pawlowski.

Click to hear the audio of Asiantii’s interview on The Commish


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