ORLANDO (CBS Tampa) — A woman aboard a Disney cruise ship thought she had simply misplaced her iPhone while on vacation – until its new owner began posting pictures to her iCloud account using the stolen device.

Traveler Katy McCaffrey thought her iPhone was a lost cause. However, much to her surprise, her Apple account began to receive images of an alleged iPhone thief posing with what appeared to be his girlfriend and friends after the phone went missing on board the ship.

The man’s face was clearly seen in multiple pictures, and he wore a name tag that identified him as “Nelson.”

Rather than lament, McCaffrey found some light in the situation by posting the images on Facebook, in an album entitled “Stolen iPhone Adventures.” She also added satirical captions to each image.

“This is Nelson,” the first caption states. “Nelson has my stolen iPhone.”

In all, 21 photos were taken. McCaffrey also posted the images – and follow-up anecdotes about the ordeal – on her blog.

The matter is allegedly not yet resolved, though McCaffrey does have certain hopes for how things will play out.

“I have alerted the officials of the Disney Cruiseline [sic] and forwarded them the photos,” she wrote in a comment under the Facebook photo album. “Hopefully I’ll get my phone back and maybe some free passes to Disneyland.”

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