There isn’t a topic in the sports world right now as heinous and uncomfortable as the Jerry Sandusky trial and investigation. The courts are beginning to send victims to the stand to testify against the former Penn State coach, and the details are as gruesome as they come.

The Commish, Justin Pawlowski, said “You wonder how somebody could be so cruel and so sick in the head that he would do these deplorable acts and not care if he was being watched or not – and not care if these children said no, pulled away, or what they thought.”

Victim number four (whose name is not being released) was the first out of the 10 victims to testify in court. He gave disturbing details to the dozens of acts in which Sandusky allegedly abused him sexually.

“They said he was staring Jerry Sandusky right in the face the entire time and did not studder once,” Justin said. “It is as if he had been planning and preparing for that moment in his life where he could finally let it all out right in front of the guy that abused him.”

It is especially disturbing to hear victims recall these treacherous acts many years after they occurred. Many of these men, who were boys at the time, met Sandusky through his foundation aimed at needy children.

“We’ve had court cases in the past and we mentioned court cases like the OJ case and the Casey Anthony case. Those involved murders. Those involved deaths,” Justin said. “These involved, I don’t want to say murder of children’s minds, but horrific wounds that might never heal within the minds of each of these victims.”

Victim number four was on the stand and as dropped “bomb, after bomb, after bomb” on Sandusky during his testimony — saying “‘he treated me like a son in front of other people, aside from that, he treated me like his girlfriend.”

The details that have already been declared are nothing short of disgusting and repulsive.

After reading some of the victim’s recollection of these incidents with Sandusky, Justin was left exclaiming “How sick are you in the head?”


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