AL East Race Will Come Down To Two Teams

by Jason Clary, 1010 CBS Sports Tampa

Tuesday on The Commish, Justin Pawlowski was raving about the overall competitiveness of the AL East — which might be the best division in not only the MLB, but all of sports.

“You take a look at the American League East standings and yes, the Rays are in first place — yes we can bang our fists on our chest and say ‘We are number one!'” Justin Pawlowski said. “But even after two months, what separates the Rays from the last place team in the division is just three games. Every team in the AL East is at least two games over .500.”

Justin went on to say that from the top to the bottom, it’s a division that is as hard to get through as any league, sport or level.

“I still believe that in the end, there are going to be two teams fighting for supremacy for the AL East,” Justin said. “That will be the Rays and the Yankees.”

Later in the week, three more games between the two teams will be in the books. If the Rays can take a solid grasp in the season series, the Yankees will have to turn it up in order to compete.

“As we near the end of this season, the first thing we’ll look at, especially if the Rays are behind the Yankees, is head-to-head matchup,” Justin said.

With the AL East being as close as it is, the Rays want to give themselves every opportunity they can — especially if the season comes down to a tiebreaker. Winning divisional games is a sure way to get the upper hand in a tiebreak scenario.

With over 100 games remaining in the season, a lot can happen between now and the last game.

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