Written by Jason Clary, 1010 CBS Sports

The Tampa Bay Rays have somehow found a way to stay afloat this season after being hit with a serious injury bug. But is the Rays magic starting to run out?

“The magic, to me, is sliping away. The pitching has carried this team,” Justin Pawlowski, The Commish said.

After a disastrous sixth inning against the White Sox on Tuesday night  in which the Rays let up five runs, the special feeling from this injury-riddled team has slowly started to fade.

It could be the mere fact that the Rays best players are on the DL, or the fact that reserve players are being relied on to play full-time.

Even though the Rays aren’t the only team in the AL East with injury concerns, they are a step behind those teams in one key category – that being money.

“When you have the money these other teams have you can afford to buy depth. You can afford to bring in players to replace your stars,” Justin said. “The Rays aren’t that fortunate. They’ve got to rely on super utility players to play every day and hope to get by. So when you talk about defying the odds, the Rays have defied the odds”

Right now, the Rays are just trying to stay above the surface until players like Evan Longoria and Desmond Jennings can return to the lineup.

“We haven’t seen the best guys on the field in a long time,” Justin said.

Demond Jennings will likely be returning soon, while Longoria still has to rehab his torn hamstring.


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