By Cassandra Khan,

News emerged Thursday night that the Big East TV deal could be worth less than expected. $70-million dollars less than expected. This begs the question: Why are USF President Judy Genshaft and Athletic Director Doug Woolard so invested in being in the Big East?

“Judy Genshaft and Doug Woolard are 100 percent behind the Big East, and I don’t understand it. Unless it’s a rule that you need to publicly back the conference. Why wouldn’t they consider, if the ACC offered them, a move?” said the Commish, Justin Pawlowski, of 1010 Sports.

This issue comes to light after rumors that members of the ACC will be leaving the conference, opening up a spot for the Bulls.

“For a school like UCF, the Big East is fine because it’s an upgrade from the Conference USA,” said Pawlowski.”But in college football, and college athletics, there is no allegiance anymore. There’s no geographic scope as to what conferences get what schools. It’s selfish. It’s not doing what’s best for conference anymore, it’s do what’s best for us.”

And for USF that best option would be to join the ACC. The Big East is a conference in flux. So far, the list of schools currently leaving the conference includes Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and West Virginia. Texas powerhouse TCU had been rumored to be joining the Big East, but decided the Big 12 would be a better fit. Temple, Boise State, and San Diego State will be joining the Big East this coming year. “But even Boise State right now is second-guessing their decision,” said Pawlowski.

With the rumored TV deal, the schools of the Big East would be splitting the $60- million dollars between them. This sum would be far less than the amount that each ACC school is getting for their TV deals, estimated at $17.1 million per school.

Pawlowksi added, “with USF’s brand-new athletic facilities they would be a great school for the ACC to go after.”

College athletics is in a free-for-all right now; everyone is fighting for their share of the pie. It’s time for Judy Genshaft and Doug Woolard to do what’s best for their school and fight for USF.


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