Is Greg Schiano Detail Oriented, Or Just Overbearing?

By JASON CLARY, 1010 CBS Sports Tampa

With Greg Schiano, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a new look of discipline and focus. For a team that won only four games a season ago, it is a change that should have happened much sooner than now.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, Schiano is a “control freak” that meticulously whittles down to the bone of small details.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” King said. “It’s just not for everyone.”

During his show, The Commish, Justin Pawlowski mentioned that he wasn’t surprised at King’s article, nor the actions of Schiano depicted in the article. Justin went on to say that with Schiano’s style, he could quickly wear out the patience of the media – not necessarily a bad thing if the Buccaneers start winning, but things can get ugly without willing and tolerant media members.

Justin said “In college football, the football portion of the athletics program runs things, which means the football coach is the king, the tyrant – ‘what I say goes.'”

Football operations in the NFL is a completely different animal. In this league, the coach answers to the Owner and General Manager. The head coach isn’t the alpha male of the entire kingdom, nor is he the highest governing body.

King’s article told a story of how Schiano had to have meeting rooms at away hotels be a specific temperature.

Is this a case of a simple preference, or severe micromanagement?

“There’s strict, there’s Tom Coughlin, there’s the authority figure…and then there’s crazy,” Justin said. “We don’t need crazy, we just need those other three.”

So which is it going to be – The detailed, intricate leader? Or the overbearing micro-manager?

Listen to Justin’s assessment of Schiano by clicking the play button below.


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