Torry Holt: Buccaneers Will Benefit From OTA’s, Full Offseason

by Jason Clary, 1010 CBS Sports

Torry Holt had a great interview with The Commish Wednesday and gave reasons as to why a full-length offseason and plenty of OTA’s will benefit the Bucs and first-year head coach Greg Schiano.

“I think they (OTA’s) are very important. The lockout really hurt that team (Bucs),” Holt said. “To have that taken away from them was catastrophic.”

Holt went on to add that competition is very healthy for a young football team, which is what the Bucs were lacking with a very short allotment of practice time last season.

Though OTA’s does mean “Optional Team Activities,” it is an important aspect of the offseason — especially with a new head coach.

Even though the Bucs had a nearly perfect participation for Tuesday’s OTA’s, players like Kellen Winslow and Dezmon Briscoe were not in attendence.

“If young players can be there, then be there,” Holt said. “Though it is voluntary, if you can make it, show up ready to improve.”

Along with a great attendance on Tuesday, quarterback Josh Freeman was praised for his offseason weight-loss of 20 pounds. This is a good sign, because a great work ethic from a team leader is contagious.

Though it’s early, the Bucs look to be focused on improvement with a new-look quarterback, roster and rookie head coach.

“I think the Buccaneers will be a much improved football team,” Holt said.

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