NEW YORK (CBS Tampa) –New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow remains a favorite target for critics on and off the field, but when it comes to Tebow’s own public adversaries, the former Florida football legend has chosen not to publicly speak out against them. But a T-shirt company promoting a Tebow-themed Jesus shirt has gotten the attention of Tebow and his handlers – and they aren’t exactly “Tebowing.”

Tebow’s legal team threatened legal action against Cubby Tees last month for using the quarterback’s name to promote one of its products without his endorsement.

According to, the shirt manufacturer is selling T-shirts with a “My Jesus” design that resembles the logo of the Jets, Tebow’s new team. A summary of the product from the manufacturer’s website was obtained by When visiting, the website is “temporarily unavailable.”

“Now that the NFL’s most popular player has moved his pulpit from Denver to New York City, he’ll no longer simply be delivering sermons from the mountains — he’ll have the attention of the world’s premiere media market,” the ad stated. “Jets for Jesus! Whether his message — or his playing skills — will thrive under the bright lights of Gotham remains to be seen…but we know that a legion of believers will have faith in him.

“He’s not just looking to cure lepers, but heal Gang Green! This shirt should fit Tebow followers to a tee.”

His legal team has claimed misappropriation, deceptive trade practices and a violation of privacy, according to the letter Tebow’s legal team wrote to Cubby Tees, which was obtained by TMZ. According to the letter, the T-shirt manufacturer uses Tebow’s name throughout the ad despite acknowledging that Tebow himself had not endorsed the design.

“By promoting, advertising and selling the Merchandise, not only has Cubby Tees used Mr. Tebow’s name to promote Cubby Tees, but the Merchandise makes it appear as if Mr. Tebow actually endorses Cubby Tees and its products,” Tebow’s legal team wrote to the company on April 10.


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