By Cassandra Khan, CBS Tampa

Tampa Bay radio personalities spent some time sharing their thoughts and recollections of Donna Summer after they learned of her passing today.

Q105 morning DJ Mason Dixon met the singer a few times throughout his radio career. “She defined an entire generation of people,” Dixon said. “She was the Queen of Disco, and whether you liked disco music or not, you had to love what she did musically.”

Hank Dale, a DJ for Tampa Bay’s country station WQYK, also saw Summer in concert, saying “She was an awesome entertainer, just full of so much passion.” Dale noted how humble she was as a person, saying “She was so real in that age of disco when you think that people are going to blow you off, but she was just a downright human being.”

Play 98.7’s Chad Pitt saw the diva in concert in Memphis, saying “Nobody sat down the entire show. They were up the whole time dancing and singing. She was truly the Queen of Disco, and she will be missed.”

Other DJs remembered Summer’s impact on the industry and the legacy she left.

Miguel Fuller of Play 98.7 said, “It’s very tragic, especially because she had cancer and no one knew about it. It’s so shocking to everybody. The disco era is truly over with her passing.”

Wild 94.1’s midday DJ Scantman was also a fan of the singer, saying “She was one of the greatest—ever. Last Dance is one of my favorite songs—ever.”

Nikki Cruz of Q105 spoke about Summer’s impact for women within the music industry, saying “She’s iconic. She was one of the first women to succeed in a genre that was dominated by men.”

Donna Summer lost her battle with cancer at the age of 63. The Queen of Disco had kept the extent of her illness a secret from her fans as she was attempting to complete her latest album.

Summer is best known for her classic disco hits like “Last Dance”, “Hot Stuff”, “I Feel Love”, and “Bad Girls”. She holds the record for most consecutive double albums to be number one on the Billboard Charts, and she also was the first female artist to have four number one singles in a year. She was a five-time Grammy winner.


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