Discussion from The Commish, written by Jason Clary

Armwood High School in Seffner could be in serious trouble after several members of the 2011 Championship team were found to have falsified residency information.

According to an article in The Tampa Bay Times, five members of the 2011 team falsified addresses in order to be eligible to play for Armwood’s football team.

Was this a matter of recruiting? Negligence? Justin Pawlowski, The Commish, was joined by John Cotey of the Times to discuss the details and possible ramifications for the violations surrounding Armwood.

“Recruiting, fortunately or unfortunately, goes on,” Pawlowski said. “The question is, did Armwood have any knowledge of those players that transferred?”

It is still unclear how much the school’s employees had to do with the false addresses or how much of the blame hinges on the parents of these players. What is clear, however, is that Armwood is caught up in a violation that gave it an advantage over other schools.

“Public schools have zones. You can go to private school anywhere,” Cotey said. “This is really just about parents falsifying addresses and not doing a complete move.”

As far as penalties are concerned, according to the article, Armwood has 10 business days to respond before possible penalties are handed down. Consequences could include forfeiting wins or incurring even fines.

Still, Cotey told Pawlowski that he think didn’t the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) would try to make an example out of Armwood.

The 44-page report of FHSAA’s findings can be found here.

Sean Callahan, football coach of Armwood, declined to discuss specifics relating to the claims.

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