Mummies of the World Exhibit Comes to MOSI in Tampa

By Allison Mondell, CBS Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) –   The Museum of Science and Industry’s newest exhibit offers guests a view of mummies from Europe, Asia, Egypt and South America – even a 6,420-year-old child mummy from Peru.

The Mummies of the World attraction is making its fifth stop in Tampa during its seven-city tour.  The exhibit, featuring a collection of 150 artifacts, begins this Friday and runs through Sept. 3.

Some of the mummies were intentionally preserved, like the typical Egyptian mummy that was treated with resin and wrapped.  Others were naturally preserved from a lack of moisture or oxygen.

Marc Corwin, the president of American Exhibitions Inc., believes the exhibition is changing perceptions of what mummies are.

“Most people think that mummies come from Egypt and are wrapped, but mummies come from all over the world,” Corwin said in a news release.

Among the mummified remains are an 18th-century Hungarian family who died from the plague and a German nobleman who was found in a 14th-century castle wearing fully intact leather boots.

With dead bodies as the highlight of this exhibit, the museum advises parents to be aware of its content before taking young children.  However, Corwin said they took the sensibilities of kids into account when creating the exhibit.

MOSI’s president and CEO, Wit Ostrenko, said the exhibit focuses on the science of mummification.

“The mummies in this exhibition have been studied using cutting edge, non-destructive technology to provide insights into lives and cultures of long ago,” Ostrenko said in a MOSI news release.

Mummies of the World drew sell-out crowds in its opening stop in Los Angeles in July 2010.  Since its premiere, the exhibit has received more than half a million visitors.

Ticket prices for the Mummies of the World event begin at $12.95 for children ages 2-12; $16.95 for seniors; and $18.95 for adults.  The museum suggests the exhibit will take one to two hours to explore.  To make reservations, call (813) 987-6000.

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