By: Justin Pawlowski - The Commish

During my show this afternoon on 1010 WQYK-AM in Tampa, FL, I had the opportunity to talk about the upcoming NFL Draft with one of the most respected NFL Draft analysts in Greg Cosell of NFL Films.

Cosell has been a mainstay at NFL Films for 33 years as the Senior Producer.  He is also a producer of NFL Matchup.

With Cosell, there is no rumors or sources he relies on.  Cosell watches as much or more film on all of these NFL prospects and creates his own opinion without any persuading.

As Cosell believes that Trent Richardson is the best player in this year’s draft above Andrew Luck, it was his comments about the cornerback position that was most surprising.

“This will probably come across as bold or controversial, I just base it from what I see on film, but I think the best corner in this year’s draft is Stephon Gilmore from South Carolina,” Cosell dropped when talking about the Buccaneers possibility of drafting a cornerback with the 5th pick.

“I don’t live under a rock, so I know what’s said,” Cosell said in reference to Morris Claiborne. “I start watching college tape about a week after the Super Bowl, and you keep doing it up until, so you watch more and more and you update.  I find it, all of the sudden, based on what I’m reading, that Stephon Gilmore is moving up in people’s minds.  He hasn’t played a game, so all that means that people are studying more and more, and getting more involved.”

With Trent Richardson predicted by many to be a target of the Browns, many fans in the Tampa Bay area have locked their mind on Morris Claiborne for the Buccaneers 5th overall selection.  I’m certain, after hearing and/or reading these comments about Gilmore, Bucs fans are either criticizing Cosell or rethinking their own opinions.

The NFL draft is an inexact science, but one piece has everyone agreeing that Trent Richardson is the top position player in this draft.  If that is the case, and with some uncertainty with the two cornerbacks, maybe it would behoove the Buccaneers to explore a trade up with the Vikings to secure the draft’s top position player.

Gilmore was once considered within the media and the fans a late first round selection, but behind closed doors he has always been considered an early draft choice.

“Gilmore will go in the top 12,” Cosell stated with confidence.

If this becomes a more heated debate as we get closer to April 26, it will remind me of a similar debate heading into the 2007 draft.  As we neared draft day in 2007, the assumption was that Michigan CB Leon Hall was the top cornerback in that draft.  As the Jets sat on the clock with the 14th pick, many people throughout the nation assumed that the Jets would address their defensive backfield by drafting the top cornerback in that draft in Leon Hall.  Well, they did, but they drafted Darrelle Revis instead.

Could Stephon Gilmore overtake Morris Claiborne like Darrelle Revis did to Leon Hall in 2007?  We’ll find out on April 26!

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