By: Justin Pawlowski - The Commish

When looking at the power runners in this year’s draft, people often overlook Virginia Tech’s David Wilson.  Wilson is smaller in stature and displayed tremendous speed at the combine.

The cream of the crop when it comes to power is Trent Richardson.  I’ve had Sporting News’ Draft expert Russ Lande say tell me that he is the best running back he has ever see on film.  Mike Mayock said that Richardson is a more complete player than Adrian Peterson.  With these experts having that opinion, I guess it’s safe to say that Richardson is the most powerful back in this year’s draft, right?

According to Dan Pompei of the, stats show that one of the draft’s smaller backs ran with more power than any other back in 2011.

Little known fact: David Wilson had more yards after contact than any runner in the country. According to STATS X-Info, Wilson had 990 yards after contact last season, or 267 more yards than Richardson, who was seventh in the country. The X-Info is being used by several teams in preparation for the draft as part of the ICE system, a personnel management and player evaluation system.

At 5’9” and 206 lbs, it is quite impressive to read those statistics.  Wilson is a back that can run between the tackles with a lot of speed.  His fumbling issues are his biggest problem, but also a correctable one.  It would not surprise me to see Wilson’s stock start to go up as we near draft day.

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