Morris Claiborne Responds to Wonderlic Score

The Commish, Justin Pawlowski

By now you’ve probably heard that LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne received one of the lowest scores ever given out for the Wonderlic with a score of four.

While some people went into panic mode, I wrote on Tuesday that his Wonderlic score will have nothing to do with his draft positioning and hopefully it won’t have an effect on people’s opinions of him.

Of course, when you score such a low score on an IQ test, there will be many people who think it is funny to joke about that.  Well, Morris Claiborne has responded, via Twitter, to his “haters.”

Some people don’t no what the test is about r what it is for. But u guys will have to do more then that to bring Momo17 dwn!!! $$$$$ :-)

I understand the frustration Claiborne might be feeling, but the smart move would be to stay away from twitter right now, and the even smarter move would be to not brag about the money you’re about to get.  Fans hate that!  Then again, that would be the smart move.

Claiborne took to twitter again and informed us that his score won’t mean anything to the teams in the draft and that we, as fans, do not “know” him.

Well talking to NFL teams the test do not seem  to be a issues for them. So why is it a issues for you people. You guys don’t no me #Top10

I have no idea what his agent, Bus Cook, is doing.  All indications are that Morris Claiborne has good character and is a good kid.

Why did Bus Cook allow him to take the Wonderlic if he knew he’d get such a poor score?

Why is he letting him embarrass himself even more on twitter?

I thought agents were supposed to help their clients get drafted higher?

Bus Cook seems to be doing the opposite with Claiborne.

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