LAKE MARY, Fla. (CBS Tampa/AP) — The father of a neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally shot an unarmed teenager says despite dispatchers telling his son to stop following Trayvon Martin, he kept going so he could get an address for police to check.

Robert Zimmerman spoke to WOFL FOX 35 in Orlando in an interview that aired Wednesday night. He says his son was suspicious because of several break-ins and thought it was strange for someone to be walking between the town homes on a rainy night.

He reiterated what other George Zimmerman supporters have said. He says his son was walking back to his car and Martin confronted him.

He says Martin broke his son’s nose and knocked him to the concrete.

“It’s my understanding that Trayvon Martin got on top of him and just started beating him,” Zimmerman told the station.

Zimmerman also says that Martin threatened his son’s life.

“Trayvon Martin said something to the effect of ‘you’re going to die now’ or ‘you’re going to die tonight,'” Zimmerman told the station.

He says Martin continued the beating and his son “pulled his pistol and did what he did.”

A security video shot after the death of Martin shows George Zimmerman being led in handcuffs from a police car, and an attorney for the teen’s family said it is obvious to him that Zimmerman did not have injuries to his face and head as his supporters have asserted.

Sanford police Sgt. David Morgenstern on Wednesday confirmed that the video being shown by ABC News is of Zimmerman. The 28-year-old’s head and face are visible throughout and he is dressed in a red and black fleece jacket. Police are shown frisking Zimmerman whose hands were handcuffed behind his back. They then lead him into a building.

Zimmerman said that on Feb. 26 he was pursuing the 17-year-old Martin, who was not armed, because the teen was acting suspiciously. He said he lost sight of the black teenager and Martin attacked him as he headed back to his sport utility vehicle. Zimmerman’s father is white and his mother is Hispanic.

The neighborhood watch volunteer told police he fired in self-defense and he was not arrested, touching off widespread public outrage and protests across the country. Zimmerman’s attorney, Craig Sonner, has said in more than one interview that his client’s nose was broken during the fight with Martin.

The Orlando Sentinel, citing anonymous sources, has reported that Martin grabbed Zimmerman’s head and banged it several times against the sidewalk. A statement from Sanford police said the newspaper’s story was “consistent” with evidence turned over to prosecutors.

Sonner said the gash on the back of Zimmerman’s head probably was serious enough for stitches, but he waited too long for treatment so the wound was already healing. Miguel Meza, who identified himself as Zimmerman’s cousin, said Zimmerman was in “the fight of his life.”

“This certainly doesn’t look like a man who police said had his nose broken and his head repeatedly smashed into the sidewalk,” Ben Crump, an attorney for Martin’s family, said in a statement. “George Zimmerman has no apparent injuries in this video, which dramatically contradicts his version of the events of February 26.”

Sonner did not immediately return an after-hours call to his office.

Crump called the video “riveting” and “icing on the cake” that Zimmerman should be held accountable for what happened.

Since the shooting, Zimmerman’s supporters say he’s gone into hiding and that he and his family have gotten death threats.

Martin’s supporters, including a host of outspoken celebrities and civil rights leaders who have appeared on television for the past two weeks, don’t believe Zimmerman’s story. They want him arrested and prosecuted.

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  1. Harry says:

    You hit the nail on the head!!

  2. Jorge says:

    “What race do we consider him? Morons……”

    Well, during Obama’s Chicago campaigns, he was labeled as white by his Democrat challengers.

    1. da truth says:

      obama is the country’s first black president,so zimmerman is hispanic.

      1. lancecordill says:

        Treyvon Martin was a punk. He was where he was to be a punk.This is what punks do. What is not to be understood about this? I bet you no more Treyvon Martin’s will be looking for mischief in this “gated community”. The crime rate just went down!

      2. StopShufflingTheComments says:

        The entire story about Trayvon was made up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

      3. Pistolpete says:

        Hes half black. Get it right. Not all black. I know its the best you have, whatever.


        Welcome to our

      5. Rob says:

        For the rest of this story that the media won’t report, visit the Council of Conservative Citizens website at

      6. Smokeyda Bear says:

        NBC news is responsible for this whole fake firestorm, by editing the 911 call, and manufacturing the facts and deleting the most important part of the call, in the editing dept. and committing fraud. Anyone who hears NBC’s version, and then the entire version, would be outraged, and anyone hearing the deleted/edited portions would realize, they were being defrauded. F u ck NBC, lying ba st ards, c riminals.

      7. Hobartstinson says:

        Obama is half white, so he is a WHITE president, too. . . .

      8. Ron says:

        I wholly support the right to self defense and use of deadly force if your life is threatened, but I think this Zimmerman guy is a dirty liar and Treyvon Martin was innocent

    2. Benjamin Deauver says:

      Technically, Barack Obama is considered to be a mulatto. This is not a perjorative word, nor is it racist. describes it as:
         [muh-lat-oh, -lah-toh, myoo-] noun, plural mu·lat·toes, mu·lat·tos.
      the offspring of one white parent and one black parent: not in technical use.

      a person whose ancestry is a mixture of Negro and caucasian

      1. Ed S says:

        Does that make zimmerman a latoe, a latinatto, a latte? No, it was clear from the photos he was Hispanic, and if we’re going by the “one drop” criterion that Jesse, Al and co are so fond of using and the left is so quick to perpetuate, then Zimmerman is Hispanic. Goodness knows, he would get that credit on any job application, school admissions forms, etc.

        Zimmerman ought to be grateful he’s not Jewish, because if he were, these mobs would have already burned down his retail store with customers and employees inside JUST like Sharpton;s gang did in NYC. That took a tremendous amount of effort by the MSM to cover up. HOpefully they’ll be up to the task on this debacle as well.

      2. Mark of the wild West says:

        Whats wrong with being a racist? The blacks are… at least the one we see TV…

    3. SuperMechaPatton says:

      The real shame is that color is still an issue. A shame that it’s so important to so many who embrace its division. Why not character, accomplishment, or wisdom?

      Because that’s so much harder to understand than “My skin is X, and his skin is Y, therefore I will support the X guy and jump to conclusions without all the evidence”

      1. N.M.B. says:

        SuperMechaPatton – ‘The real shame is that color is still an issue.’

        But that shame falls to the likes of New Black Panther Party, Rev. Al “fake rape” Sharpton, Rev. Jesse “cut his __ off” Jackson”, and Barack “beer summit” Obama. They all require racism for them to succeed with their hate-filled anti-American Socialist plans. NBPP, Al, Jesse, and Barack success depends upon non-Whites believing they are doomed to failure, without the aforementioned Race-card players.

      2. RACourt says:

        Excellent point, SuperMechaPatton. That’s what we, the Booker T. Washington Society ( are working to instill in young Americans today: that it’s about character, not color.
        Booker T. talke about it over a century ago: that some so-called leaders of the race,”do not want the patient to get well.”

    4. Jimenez G says:

      We live in Florida. My family is hispanic and latino. I can tell you no hispanics in Florida will be voting for the democrats this fall. YOu lost our vote and our relatives as well in other states.

  3. LogicalMinded says:

    Just trying to keep this racism going… keep up the good work.

    1. JR says:

      That would be you.

  4. liberaldoublestandard says:

    The point missed in this story is the CONCEALED CARRY LAW WORKS and you had better get one becuase the obama liberal media wants racial tension to increase to a boiling point for the next election and unarmed people who are named as the oppresssors by the obama liberal progressive VICTIMOLOGY speecheswill be beating victims that recieve very little liberal media attention.”

    1. Kevin says:

      You called it. It’s coming before November, count on it.

  5. Dan Bomkamp says:

    Yet in Chicago St. Pat’s weekend there were 49 shootings resulting in 14 dead young blacks. What was different? These were black on black shootings. I guess that’s ok?

    1. Bill smith says:

      It would seem to be that “black on black” crime is OK in the eyes of Rev Al Sharpton and Jesse “I never saw a business that couldn’t be shook down” Jackson.

    2. Redpenmaster says:

      only black people are allowed to shoot other black people?!

    3. Doug Metzger says:

      Bill Smith above,

      Your nickname for Jesse Jackson is spot-on.

      A few years back, I was in high school at a fairly affluent school in the suburbs of Chicago. Jesse Jackson came out with his goon squad and some underpriviledged kids to see what the suburban schools were like. This visit resulted in him demanding that the tax dollars that fund these “majestic” suburban schools be partially allocated to the inner-city schools.

      In effect, what Rev. Jackson wanted was that our property tax on our more valuable property in the suburbs be used for things that have no impact on us and we do not use. What a goon.

    4. NeverHappened says:

      Sorry folks this entire event was made up. It’s what happens with a state run media. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

      Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

    5. james4usa says:

      Chicago is a picnic in comparison to their Brothers in Africa. Latest Muti {Medicine} case. 16Yo girls womb ripped out, breasts removed. Author declined to descibe how they finally killed her.The Muti is sold to bring rich people good luck

    6. huufarted says:

      Apparently its more important to blacks that they not be victims of racism than victims of murder or at least thats what i surmise from this…

    7. The Bruce says:

      Well, it’s certainly ok to race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson. They have nothing to gain (power) in black on black violence.

    8. acrscout says:

      Not to mention the shooting John Sanderson, a white student at MSU, who was shot by three Black drug dealers. Apparently that one didn’t rate nation wide news coverage…for some reason.

      1. kay says:


  6. Shwartzy Beggans says:

    When are the Black Panthers going to be arrested for putting a bounty on a citizen’s head??? Eric Holder = The most incompetent Attorney General of all time……. Maybe even WORSE than incompetent!

    1. Finlander21 says:

      The poster I read clearly said ‘Dead or Alive’. Perhaps they have rethought the language.

    2. Yirmin Snipe says:

      Doesn’t matter whether it said dead or alive or not. The poster is soliciting for the kidnapping of an individual that has not been charged with a crime, nor has any crime been declared to have been committed in the shooting. Therefore the bounty is encouraging and asking people to commit a felony and that is a crime.

    3. Harry says:

      What part of ‘dead or alive’ don’t you get Bill?

    4. Clearhead says:

      Billy boy, it sounds as if you have information about Zimmerman’s father that no one else has.

    5. Grace says:

      So who gave the Black Panthers any authority to offer a bounty? They aren’t lawmen or the courts and exactly who would they turn him over to if he was brought to them? That’s a scary thought….
      Zimmerman is NOT WANTED. He was taken into custody and released. I’m sure the police know exactly where Zimmerman is and if they feel the need, they can pick him up.
      The rest of us law-abiding, gun-toting citizens need for them and Al Sharpton to take a few steps back and shut up and let the system do it’s job.

      1. Kevin says:

        The Black Panthers and any other wannabe hoodlums can come on down to my neck of the woods… By the time they leave they will leak like a cartoon when they drink water (or that grape drank), but they can come on down….

      2. Steven says:

        I agree the Black Panthers are not lawmen but is Zimmerman a lawman with the right to confront and kill innocent people. When you put the law into vigilante’s hands bad things happen. I don’t believe the Black Panthers have rights to take the law into their hands just as I beleive Zimmerman did not have the right to take the law into his hands.

    6. JLR says:

      The guy can not be arrested with out charges being filed and as of yet, no charges have been filed. The guy isnt missing, the police know where he is.

      I have NO idea what went on between Zimmerman and Martin, and doubt the truth will ever really be discovered but backing the citzen bounty the new black pathers issued is just beyond ignorant.

      Im sure both sides are lying at this point, getting someone else killed wont lead anyone to the truth……which may explain a few things. Loon.

    7. Michelle says:

      Zimmerman should be punished when Holder is punished for Fast and Furious. His actions had several people killed, including a police officer. Murder is Murder. Don’t care who you are.

    8. robin hood says:

      Bill, a bounty for any citizen’s capture and arrest is a felony unless that citizen is a fugitive from the law. According to your logic Bill, anyone could put a bounty on you because they didn’t like your post. Think about that consequence.

    9. hwk says:

      No Bill, it’s not the same. The police questioned Zimmerman and released him. Your child molester analogy is stupid because the criminal is wanted by the police. That’s not the case here, because he’s done what the police authorities have asked, he hasn’t been charged with a crime, *and* he’s not a fugitive.

      The NBPP bounty is illegal and you know it.

      Also: Tell me what evidence you have the father is “blatently lying”? If it’s blatant, you must have *some* evidence (stamping your foot doesn’t count).

    10. N.M.B. says:

      Bill, placing a bounty on an Innocent person (you do remember Innocent until proven Guilty in court of law concept?) is a crime.

      If A.G. Eric Holder was doing his job, instead of covering for his Racists buddies at N.B.P.P.; numerous members of the N.B.P.P. would now be behind bars, along with those who knowingly donated money to the illegal bounty.

      Regardless of Department of non-Justice, should something bad happen to Zimmerman as a result of that illegal bounty, all those involved will be open to a very expensive civil suit.

    11. kerby says:

      the poster clearly says “dead or alive” you moron.

  7. says:

    Yahoo is running a story about how Zimmerman’s race is a complex issue, then start the story off that Zimmerman is white. The liberals (95% of the news is written by liberals) do not like white people, mainly because they don’t vote Democrat in large enough numbers, get it now? If you wonder why this is since they are also white, are they white? Or do they consider themselves a non white ethnicity? If they are ginning up race hatred to help Obama thats a big failure as well since this will make white voters less likely to support a black President who has twice now sided with blacks over whites in affairs he had no business being in.

    1. SuperMechaPatton says:

      Spot on analysis. Obama’s got, quite possibly, the worst strategy team of any president, in history. Or at least the worst personal judgement.

      At least Hoover, just had a bad economy, this guy has that AND racial division. He even has a media in his pocket, that is actually exacerbating the racial divide, AS IF THAT HELPS HIM!

      1. ahoy polloi says:

        the ravings of total lunatics.

      2. Mr. average dude says:


        > “the ravings of total lunatics.”

        the sentence fragment of Alinsky tactics.

        Rather than engaging in legitimate debate, Isolating someone and calling them names like “extremist,” “racist,” or “lunatic” is a classic Saul Alinsky tactic. The person then has to stop and defend against the accusation before resuming any legitimate conversation. Do you have something of value to say, or are you just going to call people lunatics?

        Once you recognize this tactic, you’ll notice its widespread use throughout politics and media. Call it out when you see it – the more people that recognize it, the less it will be legitimized.

      3. Patty Mudd says:

        Mr. Average Dude:

        They’ll call you crazy or stupid, excusing themselves from debate. It’s their principal tactic. Oh, another one–they can call you racist. These are shortcuts to their supposed superiority, but there’s nothing to support their positions, which is why they rely on the shortcuts to begin with!

  8. 2conservative says:

    Has anyone EVER heard the term “white-hispanic” before the reporting on this case? I’m sure I haven’t. Does that imply you can’t be a racist unless you’re at least partially white? Are we to call the President “white-african”?

    1. HatKat says:

      White-african or racial huckster….either works.

    2. RTC says:

      By their logic Obama should be a “White-African American”.

      1. huntingmoose says:

        White-African seems more appropriate since there is not a lot of American-love and allegiance in Obama’s heart. Pretty sure he will agree –privately, with no mic open.

    3. Grace says:

      Actually I don’t get the terms ‘ African-American’ or Hispanic-American’ or ‘Asian-American.’
      People who aren’t happy with just being an ‘American’ probably shouldn’t be here.
      Maybe they would be happier living in the countries whose names they choose to affiliate themselves with.

      1. kendrick1 says:

        I’m with you! Blacks simply resist becoming acclimated to the culture to which the rest of us are tuned in! They want the rest of our nation to be like them, we aren’t, and so they hate us!

        As for names — and I can’t remember the chronological in which they were put forth by the blacks — they wanted to be called Negro, then colored, then Afro-American, then black, then African-American. They seem to have no pride in whatever they are called.

        I have in me, Scottish, Irish, and Dutch blood. I’m proud to be an American, and a citizen of the United States of America!!!

      2. Eddie2 says:

        That’s very easy for someone who’s white to say. I am asked everyday where I am from, and everyday I say New York. And almost every time I say this, I am asked where I am REALLY from. As if I was not REALLY born and raised in America because I don’t look like the founders of this great country.

      3. The Bruce says:

        I’m the same way. I don’t subscribe to hyphenated Americanism. Terms like these are invented by liberals to divide the country. We’re all Americans. We are not comprised of “different types” of Americans.

        If for some reason race is germane to the conversation then black, white, etc is perfectly fine.

      4. Nonya says:

        Yeah, crazy how people might want to acknowledge their cultural history and where they come from. It’s not like this is a country that thrives and celebrates the diversity of it’s citizens or anything…

        /end sarcasm

      1. Patty Mudd says:

        African enough to hate his white half.

    4. TheBastion says:

      Al Sharpton once stated on TV that only the majority can be racist and that by definition “minorities” cannot be racist. I guess by those standards only the Asians could be racist. By the way, I have seen it at least 30 times in the last week or so from both sides talking about race but never mentioning my Asian race (I’m sorry, I meant “white-asian” since my father was Vietnamese and my mother is white). About the only time you hear any stories about the Asian race(s) is about preferences for college admission!

  9. Ivan says:

    Zimmerman’s father is white and his mother is Hispanic.
    Will you describe Obama like that? Are you implying that Zimmerman is not Hispanic enough, making Obama not black enough?

    1. JLR says:

      I think the point is, its a murder/man slaughter case not a hate crime. People have made several points about the black on black crime that goes unreported. The accused has been labled as white, when that is in doubt.

      To me it makes zero difference, the color of the peoples skin, even if it was racially motivated its still murder or manslaugher.

      1. Patty Mudd says:

        What I take away from all this is that Organized Blackness is more upset by the supposition that Mr. Zimmerman is a racist than by the fact that Trayvon Martin is dead.

  10. Facts says:

    So are people that believe words from an ex judge who is looking for an out for his son. The video doesn’t show a head wound or a broken nose. That video is the only “facts” we have to judge.

    1. says:

      he was interviewed for 5 hours that night and its in the police report that he had a broken nose, a wound to the back of his head, and grass stains on his back. THATS THE FACTS, “Facts”

    2. Snitch-in-Time says:

      Oh spare me the breathless nonsense. Anyone who has had an injured nose knows it will stop bleeding once treated and paramedics wipe off the blood. Next, the scalp injury actually appears in video (see Daily Caller frame by fame analysis). What we see here is the left grasping at straws to try to cover up the latest fauxpas of the regime. Expect more of this nonsense from the left as they have an agenda and the facts have reduced the usefulness of this issue for that agenda. Thanks to conservatives who didn’t sit still and leave the liberals lies unchallenged, the chances of Rodney King incident rioting (LA riots) has been reduced significantly.

      1. Debra Randolph says:

        There’s not a drop of blood on him get real your nose is broke in a fight blood is going to get on your shirt. Not to mention your nose will be red and swollen. NO remorse by Zimmerman is very telling.

    3. Snitch-in-Time says:

      The guy posting under the name “Facts” is promoting a tin foil hat conspiracy theory. And no, the vidio does not show what Mr distorted “Facts” claims. Watch the video yourself and examine the frame by frame. You will find that Facts’s facts crumble to dust under examination. Typical liberal.

    4. JohnF says:

      Send the lynch mobs home .. there are just as many reasonable guesses for self defense as there are against it. The only ‘facts’ are that someone is dead, and the person who did it was taken to the police station, in handcuffs, and then released because there was no evidence to contradict his claim of self defense.

    5. Randolph Phillips says:

      FACTS, actually this report states the police first took Zimmerman to the hospital, whre he as examined. It is pretty certain the hospital would have cleaned up any blood on Zimmerman’s head and face before he left there.

      So later during interrogation none would have been visible.

  11. says:

    I think back to the film, Twelve Angry Men. If there were 12 black jurors would there be a black Henry Fonda to save a George Zimmerman? I don’t know, I’d like to think there would be, but in this racial climate it’s very hard to believe. Once whites lose their population base in the next 40 years do you think the country will be able to survive? I’m very pessimistic of that happening. Obama has definitely not brought the races together and all of those whites who voted for him to do so should be very disappointed now. I will not be voting for Obama for many reasons one being that I don’t believe he is for a unified America. Racial division furthers his party’s political agenda.

    1. Eddie2 says:

      Perish the thought of whites not being the majority in this country. Everyone will just have to get along a lot more and try to understand each other more. And quite honestly, looking at the facts of this case, how are you so sure Zimmerman is not guilty? So far I know that a 17-year-old black kid who was unarmed is dead. I know that a 911 call was made by the man who shot the kid and was asked to desist. The scuffle between Trayvon and Zimmerman is NOT fact. Zimmerman says it happened, but has not been corroborated. A video of Zimmerman in handcuffs exists exhibiting none of the wounds that he supposedly suffered. Are you sure Zimmerman’s not guilty?

      1. Mike says:

        Eyewitnesses corroborated the story. Maybe his head wasn’t bloody because he was worked on by paramedics. So how long was he shouting for help before he shot him. That seemed like a long time. Maybe he should have stopped smacking Zimmerman.

      2. Kevin says:

        He wasn’t asked to “desist”… Quit trying to sound like a lawyer/cop…

        Zimmerman was doing just what he had been doing for a while… Protecting his neighborhood… Trayvon was doing what he had been doing for awhile as well…

  12. nomad says:

    The president is a black caucasian. The media says there is no wound but if you watch the video a couple of times and pay close attention you can see the same wound the officer was observing.

    1. Kevin says:

      Not to mention the officer(s) reported the injuries in the report… But, that doesn’t matter to liberals and clones.

  13. lancecordill says:

    Snap on!

  14. Barry Oduma says:


  15. Davis says:

    The only sad thing is that Martins parents didn’t bother to tell their son about how self defense laws in this country work. Zimmerman is not behind bars because self defense is legal, concealed cary is legal, and shooting Martin was not a crime but instead preventing one!

  16. jeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    I am a 100% Zimmerman Supporter!!!! Good Job….sorry for the DAD and MOM its a tough pill to swallow..

    1. Another4yearshonkies says:


  17. gringo says:

    You’re sick and twisted Lucille. I believe you are a troll trying to stir up racial hatred. You lose.

    1. gringo says:

      Oh good, they removed her comment already.

  18. sirtennyson says:

    Facts can be very inconvenient. The Reverend Al could write a book on the subject.

      1. Kevin says:


  19. 2conservative says:

    No, I will refer to the President and “the President”. My point was that I’ve never heard the term “white-hispanic” before the reporting on this case. I’ve also never heard the term “white-african” either.

  20. Snitch-in-Time says:

    Bob, you sum it all up accurately. The left is mentally incompetent which is why they cannot be reasoned with and why everything must be distorted to advance their dispicable and twisted agenda.

    1. Bob Boogie says:

      They want to stir up the black community so they show up at the polls.

  21. Jim In Frankfort says:

    I have an issue with your comment … skittles is spelled with a ‘k’ … everything else is right on!

    We’ve got Saint Martin, who was bringing skittles to starving children on his way to bible study (as portrayed in the press) … and then we’ve got sketchy accounts of what really happened from several different witnesses including Mr. Zimmerman, and while they don’t clearly indicate what DID happen, they do make it very clear that Trayvon was no saint, in his everyday life, or in this incident. I keep hearing that Trayvon was unarmed, but there is nothing that requires someone to be armed to be capable of deadly force … so is that really relevant? … and would Mr. Zimmerman have any way of knowing that?

    I’m tired of the emotional (and highly menacing, even threatening in many cases) reaction from Trayvon’s supporters … there are two sides to this story, everyone needs to let police investigate. The immediate ‘angry-mob’ reaction in support of Trayvon only serves to skew and confound the investigation. In fact, I would guess there is no one in Law Enforcement who wants any part of it because their lives will be threatened if the result doesn’t go the way of the angry mob.

    It’s really pathetic folks … we’re the higher species, were supposed to be able to temper our emotional reactions through rational thought. I truly hope rational minds will prevail.

    1. Eddie2 says:

      Actually, the Sanford Police did their “job” and bungled the job. This is part of the reason why their has been such a huge outcry over this case. The fact is the number one thing that made Trayvon look suspicious was the color of his skin. It is pure and simple to any minority, and very uncomfortable for most white people to admit this.

  22. sirtennyson says:

    Facts can sometimes be very inconvenient.

  23. thebabydoc says:

    Look carefully at the 0:34 mark on this video. The Date/Time stamp has been carefully blocked out for the ENTIRE video except this single second or two.
    Time/Date stamp CLEARLY says DECEMBER. He’s also handcuffed in the video, but he was NOT under arrest when he was brought in after the shooting last month (February) so it is unlikely that he would have been handcuffed. Sure they “confirmed that it was Zimmerman in the video,” only they conveniently did not say WHEN it was from. Interesting note: Zimmerman had been arrested a few years back (when he looked like this) for assaulting an officer. Could this be that video and has ABC DELIBERATELY and DESPERATELY tried to pass this video off as video from last month in order to further hide their absolute jump-to-conclusions-liberal bias?

    1. Peter B says:

      It’s from December

  24. Alex says:

    Just like OJ was innocent….to some people.

  25. Benjamin Deauver says:

    Treyvon (is that a REAL name?) Martin got what was coming to him. No more, no less. Scratch one predator.

  26. I support Zimmerman says:

    How the media is letting crazed blacks threaten Zimmerman is appalling. Does anyone doubt if he Zimmerman wondered thru Sanford during the rally that he would be ripped to shreds. What does that say for blacks and the media? If the other races of America do not stop this now, we will see an era of blacks lynching whites, all they have to do is put out the word the way Spike Lee does.
    This whole episode makes me think for 1st time Obama is truly evil as the fruits of his presidency is racial violence and hate.

    1. mayarb says:

      Soo it was okay when whites were lynching blacks? you can shut up because if it was a black, asian, latino, indian, anything other than WHITE man who shot a little white boy you all would have just as much to say as blacks do.

  27. Just_Sayin says:

    If Zimmerman is white because his father is white, then what about Obama, whose father is Kenyan?

  28. HatKat says:

    Isn’t that a great term….white-hispanic. They had to dig pretty deep for that one. Our media is garbage, our President is garbage. He’s a racial huckster like Sharpton and Jackson.

    1. Snitch-in-Time says:

      The spin coming from the left is mind numbing. Another poster on one of the other sites said it best: “This goes all the way down the rabbit hold. Hand me the red pill please.”

  29. Ron Bartlett says:

    Watch the surveillance video and question why the police officer is looking carefully at the back of Zimmerman’s head at the 50 second mark of the video.
    I’m not saying there is any thing to see but there wouldn’t have to be blood. How about an abrasion or bruising?

      1. duh says:

        yes, in that picture you can also tell where the officer was hit on the face with a steel pipe!

    1. jeff says:

      And a broken nose does not have to include the appearance of blood or have any visually noticeable effects.

      1. Another4yearshonkies says:


  30. noseitall says:

    Liberals are saying that George Zimmerman is white, because his father is white.

    Barack Obama’s father is Kenyan.

  31. HatKat says:

    We treat blacks in this country like children, because they act like children. Its unfortunate that this predator, Trayvon Martin, got shot while assaulting Zimmerman, but it was his own fault. There are stereotypes for a reason.

    1. phatsational says:

      @HatKAt… Really? So when someone stalks and murder one of your children WE can just say stand your ground…. I will remeber that. Oh and If something one day ever happen to one of yours and that’s to all of you…. I hope you remember your comments. God don’t sleep and while some think they know best. God know BETTER…. Losing a child is such a tragerdy. Point is Zimmer is not law enforcement and he should have called the police. If some one approaches you what would you do? Sometimes we have to think past color and think as pareants and humans…. I have always loved everyone no matter what color. When someone is murdered it makes me very angry no matter what the color is. And for the ones that are making the racist comments, I love you to!!! I really wish no harm to no one but sometimes karma can come back to bite you. Please people watch your comments because I’m sure we all have kids of our own…..

  32. stan smith says:

    agreed, WTH does that have to do with anything?

  33. Michelle says:

    Should be white. historically you follow the mothers race. idiot!

    1. Trini says:

      Pardon me, idiot, but his mother is Peruvian. In addition, he identifies himself on his voter registration as “Hispanic” – and a Democrat.

    2. Michelle says:

      I was answering the question regading Obama sweetie. Take your meds and calm down. Zimmerman followed his mother’s race. have a beautiful day!

  34. Les Bondy says:

    NIow lookie here- maybe if so many black men would stop comitting all the crimes, other black men in hoodies wouold not look like they were up to no good. Nobody says ” Look- a chinese guy- lock the car doors, or look- there goes a Hacidic Jew, cross the street he looks like a roughneck. You people need to stay in school so you can get a job so you don’t have to rob people. If you don’t stop getting girls pregnant in their teens, then abandon your children, 50 years from now this same thing will still be going on, and every city will have gangs of fatherless black men with no job and no future.,

    1. Dead Serious says:

      Touche’. Well played, my friend!

  35. Just US says:

    This incident has done more to deter violent crime than the past 20 years of criminal justice. We need more concealed carry to instill more fear into thugs that if they threaten others, they could end up in a pine box.

  36. Randolph Phillips says:

    I wonder if the New York City Council realizes how silly they look to the rest of america in their hoodies supporting Travvon Martin?

    Its the “Flash Mob Anti-Racism propaganda machine” at work folks. Just like in the “Jena Six”, Duke LaCrosse Team, and Tawana Brawley, “stories”.

    1. Kevin says:

      What this story actually reminds me of is the one where the guy got shot by the mother in law when he went to pick up his daughter, and had he not had his camera phone rolling in the car, her lies would have been believed. She tried to claim that he went there to harm the wife and daughter, but the mother in law had actually planned an ambush…. This is the same deal. Almost believe Trayvon and his gangsta friends, EXCEPT for the truth comes out with witnesses and cop statements….

  37. Jersey Prophet says:

    The allegation that Zimmerman had no injuries is a baldfaced lie. A video taken in police custody shows a several inch long gash to the back of Zimmerman’s head. Zimmerman was assaulted. He had the right to use deadly force as his life was in jeopardy. That Martin was ‘unarmed’ is meaningless. One can kill without being armed.

  38. Cooper says:

    If Zimmerman got away, maybe I should try shoot white man and claim it was self defense… Maybe I can get away too?

    For uneducated peep Yes I am a BLACK DUDE!

    1. JOE says:


  39. gomidas says:

    I thought this was interesting. Though I know some people will chalk it up to “Right-wing media bias”…because that exists.

    1. duh says:

      yes, in that picture you can also tell where the officer was hit on the face with a steel pipe! his face is clearly dented. wonder if they will charge Martin for that as well?

  40. rawheadrex says:

    Anybody catch the women’s soccer attack video fromSouth Carolina? I can’t tell if the white woman was packing heat and the black woman was not wearing a hoodie, but she beat the stuff outta the white woman. It is pretty obvious, so you-know-who will deny it all.

  41. Playrighter says:

    At least on my computer, EVERY shot of Zimmerman’s nose from either the top or the side is BLURRED.

    Anybody else see the same thing?

    Could there be a reason?

    1. The Bruce says:

      Yes, the video lacks the resolution to see anything really definitive, although the video does get a shot of what appears to be the gash on the back of his head.

  42. Bob from Berkeley says:

    If your white and confront one of these violent thugs, it makes all the difference in the world.

  43. JOE says:


  44. Andre says:

    That Martin dude doesn’t seem to be as nice as the MSM initially report. Maybe he is the president’s son after all.

  45. 1529inphx says:

    Here is a you tube vid by a black commentator that gives a very clear indication of the thinking behind this Florida tragedy . Who are the real haters.

  46. TRE says:

    Hate to say this, but Trayvon’s actions and history (arrest record) indicate he was most likely DEEPLY in a gang that engaged in violence and theft.

    It really is strange how “everyone” is focusing on black, white, and latin skin colorations instead of the content of Trayvon’s character.

    We do live in a culture that refuses to analyze facts in favor of jumping to sensational conclusions that we’ll spit fire to defend even after the facts come out.

    1. x says:

      When was Trayvon arrested and for what crime?

  47. SuperMechaPatton says:

    Spot on Squidvetohio!

    A registered Dem, Hispanic but juuuuust enough white there to strike up those old fears, and build up some good old American racial division.

    I really don’t think MLK was talking about illegal bounties, a disregard for law and the replacement of the judicial system by a neo-military-black-supremacy group (black panthers), when he had his dream.

  48. jullou says:

    The Martin supporters need to wait for the release of police forensics instead of assuming they know everything. It will all be relelased soon enough. The police should dust the rings, watches and other stolen things for fingerprints to see if Martin’s fingerprintes are on them. The Martin supporters should stop committing crimes while acting like they are judge and jury of this crime. Spike Lee needs to pay for the couple’s hotel room and to tell them he is sorry. They all need to stop acting like this is a 3rd-world country.

    1. Eddie2 says:

      What crimes have been committed in the name of Trayvon? I think you don’t know what a fact is. I think you are stupid.

  49. Native American says:

    When someone is sitting on your chest banging your head against a sidewalk after breaking your nose, does race really matter?

  50. Windy says:

    You can see the injury to the back of Zimmerman’s head. At 1:06 into the video you can see about a 2-3 inch line that goes from L to R downward and it is found on the top back of his head.

    The video is poor and but it DOES SHOW an injury to his head!

    This is in stark contradiction to Ben Crump, an attorney for Martin’s family who said in his statement. “George Zimmerman has no apparent injuries in this video, which dramatically contradicts his version of the events of February 26.”

    You can have an injury to the nose that is internal. The bleeding will not be outside but will drain from the nasal passage and directly into the esophagus. That attorney is obviously not a medical expert and rushed to judgment.

    1. Kevin says:

      More importantly, for all the clones that can’t or won’t read —

      The police confirmed that Zimmerman had the injuries…. So, of course Zimmerman is lying, AND the police are in on the lies….

      Ghetto sure makes people stupid…

  51. BadWhisky says:

    Had it turned out the other way and Martin had managed to kill Zimmerman what would we be hearing about right now?????

    1. Kevin says:

      Obama would be blaming the Republicans and Rush Limbaugh, somehow.

  52. Chuck says:

    I saw that too. CBS is a bunch of race baiters.

  53. h1zcobra says:

    I wish spike lee would have tweeted my address to be zimmermans.
    How fun would that be killing a bunch of ignorant thugs thretening me on my property.
    Criminal+gated community+concealed carry neighborhood watch= Dead Thugs/Clean Streets.
    Why don’t you useless thug wonnabes get a grip and then get a job. I mean a real job. Not selling crack and burglerizing homes.

    1. Kevin says:

      That’s what I’m sayin’

  54. V3ng3nz says:

    Check list-
    Create a greater racial divide in this country: DONE

  55. Ironbob says:

    LOL read NEVERHAPPENED’s comments if you want the perfect profile of a paranoid schizophrenic. Good stuff.

  56. Morris says:

    Given that 13 years have passed since the Columbine shooting, the race-baiters (sharpton, jackson, obama and the rest of the usual suspects) are desperate for a white perp to prove that whites are the greatest threat to young, black males. Leave it to the Old Grey Liar (the New York Slimes) to perform history’s first “RACE TRANSPLANT” or, to paraphrase from an old torch (as in Burn Baby, Burn?) song of the 30’s or 40’s, “He ain’t white, but he’ll have to do till the real thing comes along!”.

  57. maltboy1 says:

    Too bad this guy’s last name wasn’t Ramirez. If it was we wouldn’t have heard a peep from the media.

  58. N.M.B. says:

    Obama’s daddy was primarily Arab, not African.
    “Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother’s side. He is 43.75% Arabic, and 6.25% African Negro from his father’s side.”
    Making Obama the first White Arab President.
    So sorry Sharpton and Jackson, you were hoodwinked.

  59. ahoy polloi says:

    lowest common denominator

  60. musimann says:

    It is clear Obama’s reelection campaign kicked off with a false flag race war. This is a coordinated national attempt to start a race war and divide people and racial and political lines. Only problem is Zimmerman is not white. It appears he shot Trayvon in self defense. Trayvon was Juv Del on his way to life of crime and jail. Nice son for Obama to have. If he was a good kid he would not have got shot.

    So the race baiters chose a real bad incident to try to portray this as some white on black hate killing. The real problem in black communities is black on black hate crimes. Lets hear Obama and his lynchers talk about that.

  61. leeuniverse says:

    Liberals are stupid…. Obviously he would have received basic medical attention before leaving the scene, cleaning up any blood etc.

  62. Juan Pablo says:

    If Latino culture in the USA weren’t given TV shows that celebrate the funny side of racist humor, then we be better off. Look how Mexico has turned out. Thanks to UNIVISION and TELEVISA we have immigrants learning to be racist with shows like these:

  63. Terry Rohan says:

    i saw an article indicating Trayvon had actually disarmed the racist, but when trying to detain him for arrest, discharged the firearm striking himself, and expiring.

    1. The Bruce says:

      Yeah, another “news” site stating what happened based on nothing, no eyewitness to back that up, and not even based on Zimmerman’s account.

    2. Kevin says:

      Disarmed the racist? I saw an article that said the innocent little Trayvon is a gangster…

  64. RD says:

    IMHO Obama is going to get slaughtered in the election. He knows it. He and his Marxist/Globalist cronies, who want to destroy this country, so they can bring in their “Hunger Games” NWO regime, always held the race card as a last resort. Their plan is to try and get racial division stirred up to the point where they can have an excuse to declare martial law because of race riots. This needs to happen before the election. Then Obama will come in as the “man of peace”, lift martial law, and “save America from the angry mobs”. Then people will say we better vote for Obama or more riots etc. when a Republican takes over. Will it work, I don’t think so, but stay tuned. Do expect a lot of ugliness. But more than anything, walk close to the Lord if you are a Christian, because the “time is very evil and short”.

  65. John Berchert says:

    -From what I read, not being deseminated on major media, is Treyvo ofn has a history of violence, has been arrested before (all juviile of course) is 6 foot 3 inches tall and quite intimdiating. Furhter, Mr. Zimmerman’s superficial wounds were cleaned up at the scene by first respoinding police officers. The idea that he could not have been injured because he did not go to the hospital is typical liberal B.S. I’ll tell you clearly I’LL TELL YOU CLEARLY, IF TREYVON WERE IN MY YARD AND I FELT THREATENED I WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME AS MR. Z.. Frankly, if blacks want to wear hoodies, masks and other clothing that makes them hard to identify–I’d say that is intent. Then doing a criminal act is easier to prove. You go Mr Z. Have a good life even tho I think you might need to move to Idaho to get much sympathy. John Berchert, AIA and God Bless the USofA.

    1. The Bruce says:

      I”d normally agree with you on the issue of personal dress, but in this case it was raining. Wearing a hood would be perfectly expectable to keep your head and face from getting wet.

  66. duh says:

    for all your “stand your ground”, we have the right to defend ourselves if we feel threaten even if it means you have to kill people….

    Martin was being followed. From the street to the backyard. By a stranger.
    Stand your ground would apply to Martin!
    He had the right to defend himself against an immediate threat. In fact, its impossible to say his life was not in danger once this stranger (with a 9mm) followed him.

    1. Kevin says:

      Not when Martin jumped Zimmerman at his car… Stand your ground applies to the one BEING assailed…

      Trayvon Martin was a punk gangsta wannabe and paid his dues for being a punk and an amateur….

  67. PMT says:

    Z followed M. He lost him. He never identified himself. Martin might have been in fear of his life by being followed. Z should have stayed in the truck.

    1. Kevin says:

      OR, just maybe, Trayvon Martin is a criminal, and Zimmerman was right to suspect him, AND Trayvon jumped Zimmerman, AND Zimmerman fired in self-defense….

      Just sayin’

  68. Andre' says:


  69. Prime Minister Harper says:

    LOL America thought it would solve its racial issues with politically correct language and electing a black president. Get real man; this is no different than a shakesperean comedy. Merchant of Venice. Zimmerman was in the wrong and so was trayvon martin. Its funny that Americans are conditioned with the belief that when two sides go to war there must be a good and a bad side. Must be from all your ill advised wars but the world hates you and you people hate each other. Just revolt already and let those who remain stand among the ashes of the fallen.

  70. Hepcat says:

    Once again, the media gets it wrong. The police didn’t order or tell Zimmerman not to follow Davis.

    This from ABC News: “Zimmerman, who had called 911, was asked by the dispatcher if he was following the teen. When Zimmerman replied that he was, the dispatcher said, ‘We don’t need you to do that.’ ”

    That’s a whole lot different than telling him not to follow Davis. Also, even if they did, which they didn’t, it would not be against the law. And it doesn’t mean that Zimmerman was “aggressively” following Davis. In fact, Zimmerman reports that he lost sight of Davis and that Davis came up to him when he was near his truck. Is that what happened? Who knows? Evidence shows that Davis was shot near Zimmerman’s truck.

    Do I know what happened? No. Do others? No. People and the media should shut up and stop making stuff up.

    Did Davis really say, “you’re going to die tonight”?

    Again, nobody knows.

    Why don’t we all just wait and see what solid evidence comes out.

    Three last words: Duke Lacrosse Team.

    1. Ditrot says:

      “Trayvon Martin said something to the effect of ‘you’re going to die now’ or ‘you’re going to die tonight,’” Zimmerman told the station.

      As a high school teacher, this quote troubles me. Kids have their own language that doesn’t follow English language traditions. Students with agressive tendencies do not use contractions and the appropriate verbs.

      1. Ditrot says:

        I’m sorry. I should have said, “I am troubled by this quote.”

  71. temi227 says:

    Since when do citizens get to call for an arrest when the police have already investigated the incident? So now I can just say I don’t believe a story and I can have someone jailed based on just my word?!

  72. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    If anything good can come out of the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman event it would be the discrediting of Sharpton, Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus, individual members of congress, Spike Lee, Rosanne Barr ABC news the MSM and the list will surely grow until this sorry state of affairs is concluded.

  73. picomanning says:

    The people of color are going after each other and going after democrats too. Scape goats for failure.It’s the best they can do.

  74. RICARDO says:

    Mr. average dude


    > “the ravings of total lunatics.”

    the sentence fragment of Alinsky tactics.

    Rather than engaging in legitimate debate, Isolating someone and calling them names like “extremist,” “racist,” or “lunatic” is a classic Saul Alinsky tactic. The person then has to stop and defend against the accusation before resuming any legitimate conversation. Do you have something of value to say, or are you just going to call people lunatics?

    Once you recognize this tactic, you’ll notice its widespread use throughout politics and media. Call it out when you see it – the more people that recognize it, the less it will be legitimized.

  75. cls says:

    Okay people, black, white, and brown follow along for a few minutes,

    1) We know Zimmerman shot Martin (that’s a fact).
    2) The 2 fought (that’s a fact, multiple witnesses).
    3) The only real question to be answered is , who was on top/ bottom. the
    following scenarios will provide the final fact and it will find Zimmerman
    either innocent of guilty.
    A) If Zimmerman was truly on the bottom and Martin was on top the bullet
    entry angle will tell the story. If your on the bottom and a 6’3 person is
    facing you (cow girl stye for you mature folks) and you pull your 9mm from
    your holster and shoot, Martin should have a entry wound in his left fib
    cage area that probably entered into the heart. If Zimmerman is left handed
    the hole should be on Martins right rib cage.

    B) If Zimmerman is on top, the bullet should have entered Martins chest
    between the nipples

    All the rest BS info about either of them is opinion

    1. Kevin says:

      Fancy youself a CSI, do ya?

  76. George Wilson says:

    Obama is a racist. Why am I the only one to see this?

  77. mobley says:

    If Zimmerman is a white-hispanic then Obama is a white-negro.

  78. Another4yearshonkies says:


    1. Chimp O Rama says:

      So your IQ is what? …. 63?

  79. Another4yearshonkies says:


  80. Another4yearshonkies says:


  81. Another4yearshonkies says:


  82. Another4yearshonkies says:

    White men get off of this forum and go molest someone kid or your own, whatever floats your boat!!! LMAO!!!!!

  83. Another4yearshonkies says:

    Posters know so much……how dumb can people get!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Another4yearshonkies says:

    I want a meth lab too!!!!!!!!!! White people have them i want one too!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!

  85. Another4yearshonkies says:


  86. Jimenez G says:

    I live in Florida and have a lot of hispanic family. I can tell you word on the streets, in the schools, in the families, and in the Church is we have been dumped on by the democrat party once again. We will not be voting for Obama come this November. YOu can better believe, we will now be joining the rest of the latinos in Florida who support Rubio and will be voting republican.

    1. mayarb says:

      what are you talking about? you sound dumb! as a matter of fact everyone on here that says something about race sounds stupid. you sir cannot say that no latino is going to vote for him just because of this guy. I surely will and so will alot of my latino family members and friends. unless you personally know the whole state of florida and every hispanic in america…shut the hell up. you can go ahead and vote for a republican trust me they will throw you in a category and little hole that they put all the “mexicans” (that’s exactly what they think all latinos are) in a slot. they do not want us here so vote for them and row your ass back home.

  87. Kevin says:

    Once the Black Panthers, and their “demographic” get prosecuted for the terrorist threats they are making, and good ole Trayvon finally gets outed for his gang affilliations, then we can prosecute Zimmerman…

  88. Kevin says:

    Other commentors have said it, but man, it is not helping the “cause” for a bunch of clowns to be wearing hoodies… All they are doing is pointing out that little innocent Trayvon was a gangster… LOL

  89. Kevin says:

    Again, I say this is just like that story where the mother in law shot the guy picking up his kid (she was planning the ambush to look like he started something). His phone was rolling video so he had a record of the real story…

    BUT, the cops and the media almost bought the lady’s lies…

  90. acrscout says:

    ““This certainly doesn’t look like a man who police said had his nose broken and his head repeatedly smashed into the sidewalk,” Ben Crump, an attorney for Martin’s family, said in a statement.”

    Nice job Mr. Crump, why bother with allowing the Doctors medical reports to be revealed in court? Or, for that matter why even have a trial, when your cursory examination of a grainy video is so much more convenient for a rapid conviction in the court of public opinion?

    But just for the heck of it why don’t we let the courts have their say, that is why you got a law degree isn’t it?

  91. masterblaster says:

    I can’t get over the fact the black panther party can openly set bounties on american
    citizens. Why is ok what about people at ruby ridge or the people of waco why did the FBI step in on those people and do nothing about the black panther party. What if the kkk put a bounty Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. You can bet dollars to donuts the FBI would be wright their not that i support the kkk nor do I support the black panther party they are nothing more than home grown teariest and should be investigated and stopped. .

  92. BLACK POWER says:


  93. Dave says:

    Two words, “Trevor Dooley “. Where was all this fuss over that case?

  94. Debra Randolph says:

    Treyvon ,did nothing wrong was not committing a crime.Zimmerman, went out of his way to confront or attack him. When did this become okay? I’m outraged that someone who is supposed to be protecting the community would think it’s okay to take the law into there own hands. This kid was murdered. Because Zimmerman didn’t follow him at a safe distance till the police arrived. He was in such a hurry to confront this kid or just wanted to shoot someone. Either way that’s murder in my book.
    2 minutes ago · Like

  95. Debra Randolph says:

    Picture this as one of your teenage relatives. Don’t matter the color of there skin just close your eyes and picture your loved one gunned down.

  96. solid citizen says:

    Isn’t it great how Sharpton appears to be inciting a lynch mob?

    Did Trayvon actually pay for the Skittles? .. what does the convenience store security camera show? If he actually paid for the merchandise, it would be a good example for the flash mobs that periodically descend on small businesses

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  97. email marketing lists says:

    I cherished as much as you’ll obtain performed right here. The comic strip is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. nonetheless, you command get got an nervousness over that you want be delivering the following. sick surely come more before once more as exactly the same nearly a lot steadily inside case you shield this increase.

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