Cops: 10-Year-Old Charged With Felony After Stealing Bicycle

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A 10-year-old child was arrested and charged with felony burglary after stealing a bicycle while leaving his tricycle at the scene of the crime in order to get away successfully.

According to the Fort Walton Beach Police Department, a local woman had her bicycle stolen, along with her son’s air rifle.

Responding officers found the suspect, Daryl Pitts, near the victim’s home and in possession of a bicycle whose serial numbers matched those of the one that was stolen.

Daryl had returned to the scene of the crime on his tricycle after first taking the gun, which he left there in order to ride away on the bike.

The victim’s fiance saw Daryl after he returned to get his temporarily abandoned tricycle, and was able to describe him to authorities.

“[He] eventually admitted to stealing the … pistol from the garage … then returning later to steal the bicycle,” the incident report, provided to CBS Tampa by authorities, states.

He had initially claimed the bicycle, worth a reported $400, was his.

“I read the juvenile defendant … his Miranda Warning in the presence of his stepmother,” the report adds. “[He] knowingly and intentionally committed burglary to an occupied dwelling by entering the garage on two separate occasions.”

Daryl was ultimately released to his stepmother.

  • Jeff

    Maybe the kid can plea down the case. If not, he should ask for a state prison so he can get out for good behavior. But I here the cons in those joins are a rough bunch. He’ll have to learn the ropes quick, maybe shank someone big so they all leave him alone.

    • Bill J.


      • Smokey the Bear

        Here’s the daily made-up story, to avoid asking Obamam the tough question of the day, which is this: Mr President, the House voted 414-0 today on your budget, why did not even one democrat vote for your total failure of a budget? HUH? HUH?

      • Meanwhile, the ILLEGAL Kenyan Occupation of 1600 continues

      • GovernmentAboveTheLaw

        Another made up story. Welcome to the Gestapo police state. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever.

      • Rob

        Regarding “GovernmentAboveTheLaw ” and PalinsLittleOldDirtySecret–
        Isn’t there some sort of Internet dog catcher to corral this guy and get him away from the keyboard?
        I went to that website of his and I felt like I got sprayed with LSD.

  • Defund NPR

    What a coward for calling the police on a child. Just go get your damn kids’ trike back and have a little chat with the parents. And who keeps a record of the serial number for a trike? I find that a little too weird.

    • NaBr

      Yeah, it sounds great to me. Sounds like he’s a thief. Charge him, it’ll go on his juvenile record. He stole a bike and an air rifle. Also he’s 10 yEars old riding a tricycle? What is that? A 5th grader? He may need to go to a psychiatrist too.

    • Anonymous Basterd

      Reading comprehension isn’t your strength, is it?

      • Eric Griffiths

        Spelling isn’t yours, is it?

    • FusterCluck

      @Defund, that may have gone over in the old days, but nowadays you have to call the cops. Knocking on somebody’s door about that kind of thing can get you sued, beaten or killed. It’s a sad state of affairs.

      • Jack

        Exactly…. I had a similar situation with my 70 year old mother who approached someone’s mother to tell her he was setting fires in her front yard. The mother flipped out and started screaming and called the cops saying my 80 pound 70 year old mother threatened her. I now have to get my mother an attorney to appear before the judge about the complaint. It’s probably better to lock the little deliquents up if the parents don’t care enough to raise them correctly.

      • cowboy1957

        Little Daryl is well along on his goal to be the only kid in third grade older than the teacher.

      • Steve Jones

        Especially if the parents are ghetto thug criminal types. “Whatchoo mean my baby done stole yo bicycle, cracka!” , and so begins the fisticuffs.

      • JByrd42

        Steve Jones- Thank you for the laughs. I almost spit my coffee all over my computer. Great way to start a Friday.

    • TomS

      Chat with the parents? Sure, and get shot. I’ll wager that little “Daryl” is an innocent looking little black kid, and his one parent “fambly” consists of a woman who has lots of little “Daryls” by different fathers, who TAUGHT HIM TO STEAL.

      Oh and read the damned article. Little Daryl LEFT THE TRICYCLE, AND STOLE THE BIKE.

      • Emerald

        If I had a son, he’d look just like Daryl. Minus the little prison jump suit.

      • trigger

        he was just trading up. lol

    • 31337

      the parents are Democrats, simple things like standing up like a man and talking to the parents of the thief about what happened and expecting them to discipline the young thief is just out of the question, expectations to do the right thing are way too high here. Also depending on the neighborhood the father didn’t have his bullet proof vest on and speaking to the parents might result in a beat down or worse.

      HOWEVER if it does have a serial number you want to write it down, take a picture of the item and keep it safe, not for recovery if somebody steals it (even know that is one of many reasons) but so the insurance company will PAY you the correct amount they owe you. Unless of course you don’t have insurance, but then you most likely don’t care about serial numbers.

    • Bill

      The owner had the serial number for the 400.00 bike. Which is quite understandable. And having been a cop, you never know when confronting a parent about a theft when it will turn really ugly very fast. It is actually best to get the police involved. Some parents think their child can do no wrong and it escalates into an verbal altercation or worse.

    • Ziggy

      Knowing people today, they’d have denied it, threw a yelling fit, and got into a fight. No, with the Zimmerman situation, call the cops and let them handle it. End of story.

      Oh yeah, 10 year-olds commit sexual offenses now. It ain’t the world we grew up in as kids.

    • eanmdphd

      My reading is that the 10 year old left a tricycle when he took the bicycle. One wonders what a 10 year old is doing riding a tricycle — perhaps he likes to borrow other people’s bikes and trikes.

    • Seriously?

      WOW someone with some common sense…way to go Defund

    • Lensmanct

      How is he a coward? If he had handled it himself, he could have ended up getting shot or charged with threatening the little crook’s family. If he was smart enough to keep serial numbers of things that he bought, that makes him weird? He sounds pretty responsible, if you ask me.

    • DIane

      Did you read the story? The kid took the lady’s bike and her son’s air rifle.

    • Eric Griffiths

      An idiot who doesn’t even have the courage to even use their real 1st name calling someone a coward… Ahhh the benefits of being able to hide behind an LCD monitor and act like a coward. And who cares about the NPR? I find that a little too weird, Just stop listening to it wacko.

    • Crazy Eddie

      Did you even read the headline? The kid did not steal a trike, he stole a $400 bicycle and a gun. That’s grand theft in most states which is a felony. And what if the parents ae as entitled as the kid? I’ve had that argument with parents who refuse to believe that their precious baby could possibly have done what I’ve seen them do. I have an acquaintance who was beaten bloody by the parents of a local bully who was picking on his daughter. When he approached the boys parents about it they said essentially that it was his problem and he should go away before he got some of what his daughter got. When he dared to argue the point the kid’s mother clubbed him from behind with a baseball bat and the two of them proceeded to beat and kick him into unconciousness.. Half an hour later, when the police finnaly showed up, my acquaintance was lying bloody in the street with a broken nose, split lip and as it turned our a couple of broken ribs. I have to wonder what might have happened had a neighbor not called the cops. The parents denied any knowledge of the beating until three witnesses told their stories to the cops and then they tried to clam that the victim had attacked their son and they were simply defending him. This is the sort of response one can expect from entirely too many parents in our era of moral relativism.

      • Cyriacus

        The felony was entering an occupied house as that brings about the chance of a deadly encounter.

    • Bill

      Nice job Tampa FIVE-0…… and CBS right behind them in stupidity by finding it necessary to release the childs name…….

    • NoBamaNoMore

      Hey dummy, you left the vino by the cardboard box you live in.

  • Gene

    Hey Defund NPR – Try reading the article first. The kid LEFT his trycle and STOLE a $400 bicycle AND an Air Gun. If I had a $400 bicycle I would have written down the serial number as well when I registered it. The kid is a juvenile and will have his record sealed when he becomes an adult. His slate will be wiped clean. This was criminal and needed to be handled by the proper authorities!

    • Anonymous Basterd

      Felony arrests of juveniles will keep him from a number of Federal jobs

      • SayWhat!

        george – great post. I am laughing my a** off.

      • Used2B

        Probably won’t keep him out of the TSA though.

      • TomS

        Really? Under Holder and Obama, that’s a qualification.

      • george

        You think so? I expect to encounter this kid at Dulles Airport in another 10 years or so, “examining” my packed laptop and maybe groping me in the government-approved manner.

    • moloko

      .there is a line between obeying the law and pleasuring it…..wipe your chin off Gene

    • NoBamaNoMore

      Nothing will happen to him. After all, he’s also the Prez’ son.

  • BoCefus

    Another ENTITLED idiot taking what isn’t his!

    • ???

      There’s a line between being a troll and an a$$hol3….oh wait…they’re the same.

  • LisaE

    Whatever happened to telling the parent and letting the parent discipline the child and coming to some kind of agreement with the victim as to how to make restitution. Why must everything become a police matter these days? It isn’t a small thing to be “in the system” and becoming an adult doesn’t make it better. Terrible.

  • richhenk

    When I was a child I used to pray to God for a shiny new bike. Then I realized that’s not how he worked. So I stole the bike and asked for forgiveness.

    • moloko


  • bobdog

    Is the Tampa DA terminally stupid?

    Maybe before he calls the media for a presser, he should look up the legal term “capacity”.

    • Andrew P.

      He had the capacity to know right from wrong. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have claimed it belonged to him. If he didn’t know right from wrong, why wouldn’t he have just said it was someone else’s , and he “didn’t know it was wrong to take it”.

    • DiggityBomb

      They start early.

  • Andrea Marquez

    My daughters rip stick was stolen by a boy who was spending the night with a boy down the street… I told her to come with me and we went down and asked the lady who answered the door to please check it out… She came to the door with the rip stick and apologized and 20 min. later her son and his friend knocked on our door to tell us that they had to clean our garage…Some parents do care but you dont always know what your kids are doing.

    • Tom


  • Huh?

    It says that the 10-year-old left his own tricycle at the scene. Why is a 10-year-old still riding a tricycle?

    • Bigdave

      because he was still too young to steal a car.

    • John Moser

      Because he can’t ride a bike and suck on a pacifier at the same time?

    • The Bo bster

      The tootsie roll stole the trike, too, and was trading up.

  • Carlos Mateo

    Maybe he should have donned a hoodie – then the cops and the burglar-ee would have been too intimidated to do anything about it … while he ate his bag o’ skittles.

  • Gold toofuses

    N***** stole my trike!

  • 2012

    Kids like this, older ones anyway, would steal your house if it were not so damm heavy. A nice old southern black man once told me…”watch out for these nXXXXXs around here they will steal your very breath.”

  • Al From Maine

    My mother would have killed me for commiting robbery. In fact when I was about four I shoplifted a chocolate bar from a store and she caught me. She marched me back into the store, made me hand the candy back to the manager and made me apologize. Then it was going home to have my backside paddled. Simple and to the point, and I never did it again. A good paddling can be a wonderful teaching tool, no matter what liberals say, it is far more effective than a “time out”.

  • John

    Besides the obvious “What the hell is wrong with this country” thought that crossed my mind after reading this, did anyone else notice that they printed the name of a 10 year old child??!

    So much for privacy laws protecting juveniles… ABC also did this today, naming a 13 year old “witness” in the Trayvon Martin case.

  • R from AZ

    He should get the electric high chair.

    • DapperDon


  • R from AZ

    The only racist posting here is you.

  • Al From Maine

    Nazi?????????? You do realize that stands for National SOCIALIST party correct? They were opposed to everything that the American right stands for. In fact they supported gun control, abortion, eugenics and the government controling every aspect of a person life. They were in fact a lot like the American left with their policies, but that part of the story has been scrubbed clean by left wing historians and teachers. In fact Communists are international socialists and Nazis are National Socialists. Sorry, the facts kind of collide with your venomous leftist propaganda.

    • Justin Case

      B.S. American politicians are the new Nazis. What we really need is to get rid of all democrats, republicans, mexicans and spooks.

  • truckfarmer

    Spoken like a typical, well-informed Obama supporter.

  • Gerry

    This little 10-year old boy needs to be disciplined harshly by the police and his parents and then he needs to go to church with his parents for reinforcement of right from wrong. He should NOT be tortured at that age but forcefully reminded how a good citizen should act. I am afraid they will abuse him for a minor offense to the extent he will resent authority and be worse in the future.

  • The Interrobang - Crime of the Century Takes Place...You Guessed It.. In Florida | The Interrobang

    […] more on this breaking story at Share […]

  • Martin

    It will be rather embarrassing when the DA stands before the judge and reads off the “Felony” charges while the kid is busy with his coloring book.

  • Noah Fing-Whey

    Grand Theft Bicycle. It’s a gateway crime.

  • Noah Fing-Whey

    Oh and I bet it turns out the tricycle was stolen too! What self-respecting 10 year old rides a tricycle!

  • Avoicenmany

    @Mz..Black And Proud:
    The very choice in your screen name suggest your call to racism, as you chose to announce and pull the race card.. Now lets talk hate mongers, What is your thoughts on the 6 Black young males that attacked and beat a White male in a public restaurant?? And how is Sarah Palin or Rush going after little Daryl? And on Little Daryl while the cops have went over the top here the fact remains he committed breaking and entry. Plus this if I may quote you. “acting out a symbolic reparation in solidarity witll all oppressed peoples of the world” So I am to guess it is perfectly OK to steal form another if they have something you want and do not have??? Also where did “little Daryl” learn that behavior is acceptable? I would have to say his family and people like YOU that think theft is “symbolic reparation in solidarity” and the NAZIS were social democrats, that also thought redistribution of wealth and property was a good thing. But allow me to help your limited knowledge and narrow view USSR United Soviet SOCIALIST Republic, who had control of East Germany then called the DDR Deutsche Demokratische Republik (German), the German DEMOCRATIC Republic (English)…. Vote D this fall I have faith you will.

    • SayWhat!

      Avoicenmany – He is 10 year old kid, they are not known for making good decisions. To charge him with a felony is just plan stupid. It reminds me of another story I read about a school boy kicking a bully in the sack to avoid getting beat up only to be charged with sexual assault. If you are going to treat kids like adults give them voting privileges, at least then they can lobby for laws that limit the years they have to spend behind bars for pulling little Sally’s ponytail.

      • DiggityBomb

        Is “pulling Sally’s ponytail” a new euphemism for tucking on a tranny’s extra twinkie?

      • Cyriacus

        Please read the article! Entering an occupied house to commit crime is a felony in every state due to the potential of violence should the thief and the owners meet.

  • Doss Manning

    Off to a government training facility to be a better criminal with REAL criminals to teach him how not to get caught committing real, deadly crimes.

    Good job government.

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