Doomsday 2012, Think Squirrel

Some folks think this is the year it all ends; some believe it doesn’t end just changes with some bad times ahead. Either way just in case we must all think Squirrel. For those who think this is our last dance, be like the squirrel and live for the moment, chase the girls (or boys) eat what you can all day, run like crazy to everywhere you go and just look real busy at whatever it is you’re doing. That way if the big event happens, you won’t even notice. If you feel that disastrous changes are in the wind but most will survive, again you have to think like a Squirrel. Collect more food than you’ll ever need, put it in safe places that only you know where it is, build a safe nest to weather the storm, put on a few more pounds and get a thick warm coat for winter. When things get hairy, hunker down and only hit the food storage when every other critter is still asleep. Now if your like me and think that the world will still be spinning the same speed come this January, Don’t think like the Squirrel,,Think of the tasty Squirrel and how the small game season runs until March!

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