Atheist Group ‘Unblesses’ Florida Road

LAKELAND, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A local atheist organization made a splash on Saturday when they symbolically washed away a blessing placed on a major highway into the county one year ago.

The tongue-in-cheek protest on County Road 98 was meant to bring light to a bigger issue seen by the Humanists of Florida Association – an issue of seeming conflicts of interest between several high-seated county officials and their faiths.

“If it were just some church blessing a road, that’s not a big deal – churches can do what they want,” HFA director Mark Palmer told CBS Tampa. “The point of [the demonstration] was to protest the co-mingling of church and state … the government endorsement of religion.”

Their main point of contention was a billboard posted by the Christian Churches of Polk County and the Polk Under Prayer movement (PUP) that boldly displays photos of Lakeland Mayor Gow Fields, Polk County School Board Superintendent Dr. Sherrie Nickell, and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

“We simply want Polk County to realize that … there are many different types of world views out there, and they need to open county borders to all of the people,” HFA president Ellen Beth Wachs told CBS Tampa. “We understand that Christians have their way of life, and we’re not trying to take it away from them. But they need to realize that there are many other types of faith, and people of non-faith as well.”

Scott Wilder, director of communications for Polk County Sheriff’s Office, said that Judd had participated in a PUP-sponsored meeting of a more secular nature, but that he and other officials were not involved with the highway annointing ceremony.

“[They] attended a big public meeting of mainline churches … to talk about what challenges face the county,” he said to CBS Tampa. “It was a mainstream event.”

Added Wilder of the blessing ceremony, “None of them had anything to do with it – the sheriff, the mayor, or the superintendent.”

The blessing itself was performed on March 1, 2011.

“Mainly, we want this to be a safe haven for folks who want to raise their families,” PUP organizer Dr. Richard Geringswald told WFTS-TV. “Asking God’s protection from ne’er do wells and evil doers.”

The website for Frank Smith Ministries further explained how the blessing administered by PUP would work.

“It’s objective is to place Holy Angels at all roads that lead into or out of Polk County,” the blog post said. “A strip of anointed oil has been placed over all lanes of highway at the county line and a prayer has been given at each location asking God to have angels inspect every vehicle that travels into or out of this county and to bring under conviction to those who seek evil and we asked God to bring them to a state of submission and repentance.”

The post added, “If they will not submit to God’s way of living, then the prayer is to have them incarcerated or removed from the county.”

The mission reportedly took its desires for incarceration seriously. Not long after the blessing, Wachs was arrested twice within the following two months.

According to the website for the Polk County Jail, Wachs was arrested on March 3 and May 1 of 2011 — first for fraud claiming that she misrepresented herself as a qualified practitioner of law and then for lewd and lascivious behavior with a victim over the age of 18.

Wachs said the charges were fraudulent.

“I had taken [them] on in a church/state separation issue … and sent a SWAT team in [to my home],” she added. “They arrested me … and put me in solitary confinement.”

Wilder said her claims are the inaccurate ones, calling her accusations “borderline libelous.”

“[Wachs] just has a thing about Grady Judd – that’s what this is all about,” he added.

As for the blessing and unblessing demonstrations, Wachs said that both measures were symbolic at best. The aim of the HFA, though, is to make sure all feel welcome in Polk County.

“Look, we just want the world to know that Polk County is open to everyone,” Wachs said. “You can’t just draw a line of oil across the county line and say, ‘Only Christians allowed.’”

Calls made by CBS Tampa to representatives of Polk Under Prayer were not immediately returned.

  • Dana

    “We understand that Christians have their way of life, and we’re not trying to take it away from them.”

    That’s a big fat lie. Why do you think there are things like the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Christian fish with feet, etc? Atheists are constantly poking fun at Christians to intimidate them and try to make them look stupid in public. They only end up making themselves look foolish.

    • mark555

      Time to scatter the blood and bones of the non believers across all highways.

    • sickofminorityrule

      Really, Dana looks stupid? Frankly you libs out there look stupid, you do not seem to know the laws, the meaning of the laws, the Bill of Rights, etc. It’s like you just make it up as you go along to fit your scenario. And, the only ones who have equal rights are the minority of people who have a minority of beleifs. The majority doean’t matter anymore. If you don’t like the country being establishes on Judeo/Christian values, maybe you should try moving to another country. I’m sure you would like it much better.

    • progressiveloser

      ABSOLUTELY! I think every religious group should sue start dividing up the court system and each of them should sue each and every atheist group into poverty and get hate crime charges against them. It is very easy to prove.

    • Rick

      FYI, fundamentalist religious whackos don’t need any help to look stupid in public. They manage just fine on their own.

      • Dave

        Atheists attack only christians. What a shallow, insulated life you must live if you believe that.

      • Dana

        You would be wise to stop trying to represent the halfway intelligent atheists here, Rick. If you indeed do represent them, then my work is done here.

      • TheRealKingMax

        So, Rick, can we draw a logical conclusion from your wonderful statement that anyone who is religious is a “whacko”?

        Does that ALSO INCLUDE Muslims?

        Or, can we just drawn a more logical conclusion that you are an empty, pathetic, hopeless azzklown?

        I think I’ll choose Door Number Two…..

      • James

        No Atheists are the people who don’t need help looking stupid in public. They say all religions are false yet they only attack Christians. Hypocrisy at its finest. Why don’t you just crawl back into the basement you came out of for the first time in lord knows how many years.

      • rainyday

        Same applies to fundamentalist atheist whackos.

      • Thomas

        Atheists only attack Christians because they are the only religion we’re allowed to attack. If we attack Islam while in America, we do nothing because almost nobody is Muslim in America. In the MIddle East, we can get stoned for blasphemy. If Judaism, we are called Nazis. Nobody wants to attack Buddhism or Hinduism because they’ve done no harm to anybody. And, even better, they’re not ignorant and intolerant of other faith groups. Hippocrates.

      • Kevin

        No, RealKingMax, that is not a logical conclusion to draw at all. To say that the phrase “religious whackos” implies that all religious people are whackos is like saying the phrase “religious zealot” implies that all religious people are zealots. Clearly drawing logical conclusions is not your forte, though you do score well in drawing construed and fallacious conclusions and then using them as ad hominem insults rather than an actual conclusion. Brownie points for you.

      • John Smith

        Yeah, your fellow atheists go out of their way spend time and money for this publicity stunt and the religious people are the “whackos don’t need any help to look stupid in public”, you sure have incredible reading comprehension.

      • John Smith

        @ Thomas,

        What world you’re living in, son?
        You should get out more, google for some facts while you are at it.

    • jasperddbagghost

      They don’t believe in religion but go out of their way to “un-bless” something as if they believe in something….

      Sounds like the opposite of good.

    • ffakr

      def. Establish:
      1. to show to be valid or true; prove: to establish the facts of the matter.
      2. to cause to be accepted or recognized: to establish a custom; She established herself as a leading surgeon.

      Words matter, especially in the law.
      “Congress shall make no law respecting an ESTABLISHMENT of religion”

      By definition, this statement can also be expressed as…
      Congress shall make no law to cause a religion to be accepted or recognized.

      Maybe you’re hung up on “..shall make no law..” but the interpretation is settled law. The courts have interpreted and ruled, repeatedly, that the First Amendment’s ban on establishment of Religion isn’t limited to literally drafting a law stating Religion X is the official religion of the US. The law of the land is.. the Federal Government is prohibited from endorsing, or appearing to endorse a religion.. the “Separation of Church and State” as Jefferson wrote.
      When the 1st amendment was ratified, several States still had Official religions. With the 10th Amendment, the U.S. Constitution became superior to all State laws, and State Religions were made unconstitutional. Today no Federal, State, or Local government can directly or indirectly endorse a religion.

      Just be cause you don’t want it to be true.. doesn’t make it so.

      • Anthony Wood

        Sorry, but you got your 10th amendment wrong there. The 10th severely limits the power of the Federal Gov. Any power not given to the Fed Gov by the Constitution belongs to the states, not that Fed laws trump state laws. Remember the Constitution is more about limiting the power of the Fed Gov than it is about granting rights and liberties.

    • Our Noodly Master

      Christians don’t need the help of atheists to look stupid in public, I’m afraid. Their silly faith does that well enough by itself.

      I mean really. A invisible cosmic Jewish zombie that reads you’re mind while you masturbate? LOL

      • Dana

        Your grammar is horrendous. Maybe you should pray to His Noodliness to bequeath on you the wisdom of proper english.

      • TheRealKingMax

        So, “Our Noodly Master”, “Rick”, or whatever schizo handle you’ll go by next….

        “reads you’re mind while you masturbate”?

        Yep – had you pegged correctly in my earlier comment:

        “Or, can we just draw a more logical conclusion that you are an empty, pathetic, hopeless azzklown”?

        AND a jerkoff.

        I think the most humane thing to do with a bloodclot like you is placing a well swung Louisville Slugger across your face.

    • ttj

      What’s the point of “unblessing” something? Blessing is a symbolic act that presumes belief. Once something is blessed, it can’t be “unblessed.” Beyond that, it seems they are taking issue with the fact that some local politicians appeared on a church-sponsored billboard. While some people might not like that, there isn’t anything illegal about it. In fact, freedom of association is also a protected right.

    • Michael

      It’s funny how Christians are so terrified of atheists. I think it’s because deep down they know that all religions are just a bunch hooey. In reality, religions are failed theories invented by primitive people who didn’t even know the earth was round. And the only thing that keeps religions alive is fear of the high probability that life is meaningless, that we’re all going to die, and that death is the absolute end for each individual.


      • JRK

        Christians are not terrified of atheists.

      • Don B Fooled

        The last thing a Christian is terrified by is an Atheist, Probably, they are more concerned about soul of the Atheist and the high probability that it will be condemned to Hell fire.

      • Chuck Pelto

        TO: Don B Fooled, et al
        RE: Their Problem….

        ….is a matter of too much pride.

        I am the lord my god. Thou shalt have no other god before ME. — Atheist First Commandment

        With so many ‘godlings’ running around, they’ll never be able to effectively pull together. Except to murdering Christians and Jews. But that’s Satan’s way. He’s determined to stamp out the Jews….and, of course, Christians as well.


        [The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince people that he doesn’t exist.]

      • Chuck Pelto

        TO: Michael
        RE: How Very Ignorant….

        It’s funny how Christians are so terrified of atheists. I think it’s because deep down they know that all religions are just a bunch hooey. — Michael

        ….and wrong.

        It’s really a shame you have no grasp of what goes on around you. Let alone the blessing of getting timely help when your life is about to be snuffed out.

        Try plummeting out of a black-night sky with a malfunctioning parachute and hearing that still small voice screaming in your ear, “PREPARE TO LAND!” at just the last second.

        Or in a snit with an 18-wheeler on a cold Winter night at interstate speeds, and hearing that same voice telling you how to avoid being squashed.


        [There are no atheists under an artillery barrage.]

      • Dave

        Time to get back on your meds, chuck.,

      • Every Knee

        We fear no man, only the One True God.

        What is horrifying (not funny) is how you waste your life hoping you’re right and rejecting the ultimate love of Christ.

        I will pray forspecifically for your salvation, Michael – no one can ever take that freedom, nor “unbless it”.

      • hughjassol

        please just pray for yourself, don’t you worry about us

    • CJD

      “Freedom of religion” means you are free to practice your religion, not the “right” to enforce it onto other people.

      Athiest hate groups? Are you serious? We live in a country where you could lose your job for announcing yourself as an Athiest. If you “declare” yourself a Christian, you get a pat on the back.

      Read the constitution. There is no mention of “god” anywhere.

    • beelzebubba

      I don’t think anyone would have to do a single thing to make those FL county people look foolish, but you completely miss the point… which is, it is not appropriate for a government official to condone/conduct/impose a ceremony that is part of his personal religious beliefs as part of his government duties. Simple. Saying that anyone who opposes that is “trying to take Christianity out of our government” is not just a deliberate distortion of the truth (lying is not allowed by the 10 commandments that you suppose we should all follow), but it proves you don’t care about the guaranteed protection of other religious beliefs (or lack of them). Lucky for the rest of us, we are ALL protected from people like you.

    • Jason

      “Atheists are constantly poking fun at Christians to intimidate them and try to make them look stupid in public.”

      They poured what they believe is magic oil on a road to summon angels to inspect the cars for evil doers. Does that define “smart” to you?

      • Dana

        I’m not going to answer your comment, Jason, because what’s foolish to you makes sense to us.

      • John Smith

        @ Jason,
        Try to understand something before you criticize it, instead of looking uneducated and posting foolish remarks like this.

      • Jason

        @ John Smith – What did I say that was foolish? Did you read the article? People LITERALLY poured oil on the road to summon angels to inspect the car. Did you think I was making that up?

    • Doug

      Dana, in what way have atheists looked foolish? Also, Atheists really aren’t trying to take your away? We don’t care what religion you follow. Worship how you will as long as you don’t hurt anyone else or force it upon anyone else, we don’t care. Christians love to say this country was founded upon Judeo-Christian values. So what if it was? That still does not make this a Christian Nation. We have no official religion. The establishment clause was put in the constitution was put there to keep that from happening. It wasn’t until the 50’s when all this Christian stuff started to be added to everything. Christians have taken a country that used to be united under the flag and have divided it by their beliefs. When you put “in god we trust” on the money and take away “e pluribus unim” you are the ones forcing your beliefs upon evryone else. So atheists make a little fun of the fact that you guys believe in an invisible man in the sky, we probably wouldn’t if you had more respect for what others believe or choose not to believe.

      • Dana

        Finally, someone with intellect! I was really beginning to lose hope there LOL. Atheists look foolish by mocking Christians – it’s as simple as that. It’s a childish game that amuses nobody but the Atheists. I know you don’t care what religion we follow, however, deep inside you wish we’d give up this concept of an invisible entity that has always been here and created everything. Equally, Christians wish Atheists would just mind their own business and leave well enough alone. Until we can learn to respect each other, nothing is going to change. Whether or not this country is founded on Judeo-Christian values is irrelevant. The point is, do Christians have the freedom to worship, and atheists have freedom to ridicule? If someone can’t put anointing oil on a road, then that is denial of freedom to worship. Christians don’t care if they’re made fun of for doing so.

        Christian values were taught as a way of life for most families and government-run schools until things started changing last century. Atheists have made great strides in taking Christianity out as required teaching in public (tax payer funded) schools. However, Christians are also learning things in school that are contrary to Christian belief, and being taught that theories are facts. When you accept a theory on blind faith, that is also a religion, so we are equally guilty of practicing some sort of religion. Therefore, by your logic, this teaching should be removed from schools as well. Either get creation into schools, or take evolution out. That’s the way I see it.

        As for united/divided, we were mostly of one accord as a nation, but when Christianity started disappearing as required teaching, that’s when we started becoming divided. So you could say it’s the Atheists that have divided us. Nowadays, all Christian attempts to preserve traditional values in any form of government are met with fierce opposition. Granted, putting In God We Trust was probably not the best move, but really, don’t you think it was a last-ditch effort to preserve in this great nation what once was considered so sacred to most families in the US?

        If anything, Atheists should have more respect for Christians for standing up for what they believe in, regardless of outcome, and less involved in trying to make more and more trouble when light is shed on some small details of how Christianity is practiced by government officials (like this story). Doing things like unblessing a road makes Atheists look ridiculous, and do nothing to help their image. it only serves to strengthen the resolve of Christians to unite against the unrelenting attacks by unbelievers.

    • Every Knee

      Hank – your comment is a perfect example of ad hominem fallacy. It’s called logic – look it up since logic obviously isn’t a part of the atheist fabric.

      Be warned – every knee will bow, every tongue will confess

      • Abe

        Every Knee, Logic is indeed the main part of the atheist fabric. And for that reason, we are not afraid of your imaginary being. My knee will never bow to a figment of your sick imagination.

      • JRK

        No one said you had to, did they?

      • Dave

        Actually someone did. Oh and you you left the ‘e’ out of your name

      • JRK

        So I am a jerk because I think you have the right to be a Christian or not be a Christian? Did I get this right?

      • Every Knee

        So your saying ad hominem fallacy doesnt exist? You didnt seem to answer my post.

        Your knee may not bow on your own, but You WILL suffer my God – like it or not.

      • Dave

        You, sir, are insane!

      • Chuck Pelto

        TO: Dave
        RE: You Talk’n To Me?

        You, sir, are insane! — Dave

        And YOU are ‘projecting’.

        Angry atheists are, by definition, ‘clinical paranoids’, afraid of an entity that they swear doesn’t exist.


        [Can atheists get insurance for acts of God?]

      • Chuck Pelto

        P.S. No need to call me ‘sir’. I’m retired these days. And I doubt if you ever served US in the capacity of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States.

    • Dan Hillman

      Hank, (you too Joe)
      Please do not be a troll. Post on topic and refrain from name calling. You post says nothing about Dana and much about yourself. if your only argument is to call people names you might have saved the effort of posting. You also make thinking atheists look like the intolerant bigots they like to accuse other of being.

    • Joe

      Tell it, Hank. Believers are such morons.

      • Chuck Pelto

        TO: All
        RE: Joe

        Tell it, Hank. Believers are such morons. — Joe

        Talk about ‘projection’.


        [The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference. – Simon Wiesenthal]

    • jay

      hana is not stupid. It says they shall not establish a religion. It does not say they cannot participate in it. Or have religion in government. There is NO such thing as seperation of church and state, you guys know it and you use it to push your agenda through. You dont like religion go live in china. They dont believe in God and i heard its wonderful when they run over you with takes for just speaking out. Please do us all a favor and leave.

    • carl

      Nothing in her comment was stupid, nor does it make her look as such. You obviously have no rebuttal to her argument, other than to attempt to call it “stupid,” so I think you should be the last one to speak.

      • Chuck Pelto

        Specifics, please…..

    • Frank Edder

      You miss the point. This is about the separation of church and state. This is not about poking fun at, or trying to annoy Christians.

      • Dan Hillman

        Hi Frank,

        In my estimation there is more to it that that. The group felt that there were “seeming conflicts of interest between several high-seated county officials and their faiths.”

        My point would be that anyone theist or atheist is influenced by their beliefs and those can easily rile people that do not share those beliefs. So I think the original “shall not establish” interpretation was more reasonable and more conducive to freedom that the current “separation” interpretation. I must agree with Dana that
        its en vogue to bash Christians but if you mess with anyone else you are racist / intolerant etc….. Not hard to see what some are calling foul.

      • HighwayToTheDangerzone

        The news is getting more ridiculous everyday. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

      • BillCNC

        I just love the religious wackos who blesses the road by pouring “OIL” across ALL the lanes of traffic.

        Oil on the road intentionally, … yup, … had to be a religious wacko.

      • J L

        What sense does it make to undo something you don’t believe in?

      • tHE ARBITER

        NO, that’s just what they SAY it’s about. You were just DUMB enough to buy the lie.

      • Dana

        YOU miss the point, Frank. “Separation of church and state” was a phrase coined in Thomas Jefferson’s letter. It was erroneously derived from the First Amendment, which states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” What law has been broken here that respects the establishment of a religion? And aren’t you trying to prohibit the free exercise thereof?

      • carl

        You miss the point. This country was founded on the belief that people were CREATED with inalienable human rights…the same rights that athiests attempt to take away whenever they achieve power (Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Communist China, the Netherlands, etc). The church/state issue only applies to the establishment of a STATE CHURCH (as occurred in England), not to Christianity as a whole.

      • TheRealKingMax


        That is simply communist left wing rhetoric that has been pounded into the American people’s head by the media for so long that it is actually believed to be true.

        In the Constitution, to paraphrase, Congress shall not designate any ‘state’ religion, and that is ALL. No one wanted a repeat of the Church of England, where the government TOLD you who you would worship.

        The BS “separation of church and state” was started by Madedlyn Murray way back in the ’60’s in a landmark case. That was the crack that the socialist/communist left needed to bring us to the anti-religious hysteria we have today.

      • Caol

        If I am in an accident on this highway and believed in the blessing, can I sue them for taking away the blessing that could have possibly helped me?

      • siylencedogood

        There is no separation of church and state in the Constitution, nor in the Declaration of Independence. The entire concept has no place in the U.S.A. as it was never intended to be a nation where a tiny block of self-marginalized citizens could use legal maneuvers to subvert and silence free speech and the freedom of religion for the majority.

        The establishment clause protects religious individuals and non-religious individuals by preventing a “state” run religion from being created, i.e. “established” whereby the powers of the state could force worship and adherence with penalty for refusal, i.e. denies religious freedom equally under the law.

        A separation of religion “from” government would result in an irreligious, or anti-religious government/a state where no religious adherent could be a part of their own government as their faith, their values, principles and entire world view would be contrary to a purely “separated” secular government, which is blatantly contrary to the founders intention as “all” were Christians & deists who belonged to Christian congregations, meaning they would be disqualified from office if this erroneous interpretation of separation of church and state were true as no one can separate their religious faith from their actions in life if they truly believe.

        I just pray that atheists will one day realize that they only have value because God loves them, and that before they leave this world for good and meet Jesus face to face, they repent and turn away from their sins and turn to Jesus Christ so they can be saved.

      • Another 6 Letter Word For Felony... BARACK!

      • John Smith

        Do you realize that there is nothing called ” separation of church and state” anywhere in the Constitution of the USA?
        No, this is not about that too. This is about harassing Christians and a small minority trying to force its views. They took the time and spent money doing this, they should be ashamed of themselves. The should have invested that money in helping the homeless, the terminally ill, or providing care for orphans.

        This is America, the freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Constitution, free speech too. What these people did was not freedom of speech nor “separation of church and state” it is called intimidation and provoking. Look up the definition.

    • Connie Lingus

      What are you talking about? Christians don’t need Atheists (or anyone else) to make them look stupid.

    • brojer

      What fools the world makes of the church of Jesus Christ by blessing highways, animals, foods etc. Where is the scripture for such silly things. No wonder the church appears to be impotent so much of the time and why would a sinner be drawn to it. brojer Napa Valley , Ca.

    • Alex

      There are things like the flying spaghetti monster to help illustrate the ridiculousness of the belief in God not because some athiest wants to take away your ability to pray in your own home.

    • InAmerica


      Yes, genius, let’s look at the Constitution.
      It also has no mention – zero – of “separation of Church and State”.

      What the establishment clause says – the only mention – is “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or probihibiting the free excercise thereof”

      Tell us, genius, do you or your Atheist nitwits propose that a national religious law is established by nativity scenes on federal property, or that a national relighion is established by law in Congress with the blessing of a state-owned highway?

      Get over yourselves.

    • Kevin

      Poking fun at a certain belief system is not the same thing as trying to take away somebody’s right to follow that belief system, or intimidate them into not following that belief system.

  • Michael

    Just exactly how does this hurt Atheists? I just can’t figure them out. Noone is making them follow Christ. They are still free to support there lifestyles (that they try to push on CHristians). What a waste. Atheists holy day is coming…April 1st.

    • paperpushermj

      It’s their sense of entitlement. They are of the opinion that they should live a life without being exposed to something they personally do not believe in or like. Next on their hit list is Rap music blaring from cars with the widows rolled down. After the Rap Music they want ………

      • Morality iz overrated

        First they came for the DJ’s and I said nothing because I was not a DJ. Seriously I’m sure jesus was a nice guy and all but he’d probably be ashamed of most “christian” people in the US. I’m with Ghandi I like your christ but not so much your christians.

      • paperpushermj

        Christians unlike you know they are imperfect so strive to better themselves through using Christ as their storyboard. These are people who take actions to better themselves only to be Mocker by you and others on this thread.

    • stopthe

      How does the atheist protest hurt christians? Apply your logic in reverse, to answer your own question.

      It works both ways.

      • MichaelH

        There are tons of “isms” I don’t believe in. The people who do (believe in them) are welcome to their beliefs. Atheists, though, don’t seem to feel the same way. They want to ridicule and coerce Christians at every opportunity. Their ittle incustions into ridicule are everywhere (including the little fish with feet) Maybe they should show some guts and try the same thing with Muslims. Bet they haven’t got the cahones for it.

      • stopthe

        By the way, if Christians actually just followed Christ, instead of trying to evangelize the planet, no one would have a problem with them.

        I suppose you think the spanish Inquisition “followed Christ,” too.

      • Spanky

        stopthe said: “I suppose you think the spanish Inquisition “followed Christ,” too.”

        The Inquisition was basically a monarch trying to cement his control during a time of uncertainty. Parts of the Church, including Rome, opposed the Spanish Inquisition.

        And don’t accuse me of being a religious lackey, I’m an atheist – who realizes that most of the evils in this world have been done in search of power and control over resources and that religion was rarely the main cause of conflicts.

  • Jim Smith

    sounds like a religious ceremony to me. atheists are one of the most fanatic religious groups out there, despite their doublespeak.

    • Michael

      Just how stupid are you? Atheism is a philosophy, not a religion. And as for fanatics, I think Christians, Mulsims and Jews a lock on that. You hardly ever hear from atheists, but there are about a dozen christian networks on my television.

      • Winthrop 24


        Stailin, Pol Pot and Mao (all atheists) collectively racked up more dead bodies than the religious philosophies combined. They set the bar pretty high for fanaticism.

      • Abe

        Winthrop 24. Atheism was not the defining characteristic of those mass murderers.

      • slavador

        Atheists like this unblessing bunch never are willing to ackgnowledge the natural fascistic tendancies in their actions as if they are different than all the others. Thus Lenin did not consider the bloodshed by Voltaire’s people in France, Hitler did not consider what Russian Communists did, and Pol Pot did not consider what his philisophical ancestors did. Dawkin and Dennett’s new atheists look to be attempting to take over where the others left off. It is possible that the new atheistic American fascists can be neutralized before they can get a genocide going in America. If those of good will can id this danger and our many resources be deployed in unison, this wave of atheist agitators can be crushed before millions suffer early death at their hands.

      • John Smith

        You hardly hear of atheists because they are the minority, not because they are nice and articulate/sane people.
        In fact look at your post, immediately attacking someone calling him stupid just because you disagree with him, who is the fanatic now?

        And no, atheism is not a “philosophy”, you atheist don’t even know what you are fighting for. Go read about it, atheism is denial. It denies that there is a creator.

        And since it has its own rituals it can easily be called a cult.

        But thanks for proving our point.

    • Hank

      Ignorance is bliss, eh Jim?

      • jay

        atheism is a religion. What is religion? to have faith in or faith in nothing still faith. Term is religion. Athiests believe, they are just trying to attack Christians and other faiths so they dont have to feel guilty about an immoral life.

    • stopthe

      Just how are atheists “religious”? What articles of faith comprise the “religion” of atheism?

      What an uninformed comment.

      • sickofminorityrule

        REligion is NOT spirituality, religion is something that is practiced on a daily or regular basis. (I religiously brush my teeth twice a day.) Atheists are some of the most militarily fanatical religious and intolerant people in the world, other than muslims, of whom they obviously agree with or they would be making fun of them too. I am SOOOOO tired of these religious fanatics shoving their humanist religion down our throats! This country was founded on Judeo/Christian values. If you humanists don’t like it you should move to Europe or Russia or Afghanastan or someplace less Christian and more suited for you.

      • stopthe

        Wrong. All that is required to be an atheist is to reject YOUR claims about God. Nothing more.

        Rejecting a claim for which there is no proof does not require faith.

        And hopefully, Christians also have faith in humanity? If they don’t, that is reason enough to ban them from politics and everything else in the public sphere.

      • D Evans

        atheists put their “Faith” in humanity. It may not be be faith in a deity, but it’s “faith-based” all the same.

      • carl

        Atheism IS a religion, as those who proclaim in make a statement first and foremost about GOD (that he does not exist), then they set out to belittle and even convert everyone who doesn’t hold to their beliefs through secular humanist indoctrination.

      • Kevin

        You say Atheists are intolerant but then say they should move to another country? Isn’t that kinda….intolerant?

  • T. E. Hanna

    Ugh. As a person, Ellen Beth Wachs is a beautiful individual with a good heart. As an activist, however, she is little more than a divisive dramatic who seeks to incite controversy. The fact that people are praying for the safety of families within their county is hardly akin to the rejection of those with varied worldviews. From the perspective of nontheism, prayer is seen as little more than wishful thinking. So how is it offensive and harmful to offer well wishes for the community in which they live? This symbolic protest issued by the HMA is just another example of the vocal minority breeding offense and divisiveness in the name of ‘unity’.

    • EllenBeth Wachs

      First- Wachs didn’t lead this protest. I had nothing to do with it but for the fact that it was done for MY benefit. You do understand the difference? Second- these people didn’t simply pray for the goodness of the county. If they had done that, my friends would not have cared. They prayed for the incarceration of non-believers. That is not a sweet prayer for the benefit of everyone, now is it?

      • T. E. Hanna

        No, Ellen, they prayed for the incarceration of people who may be entering Polk County with criminal intent.

        And I retract my assumption that you led it. The article identified your group, quoted you, and identified you as the group’s president, so the insinuation of your leadership seemed apparent. Nevertheless, it was an assumption on my part.

        The truth is, in general I respect you a great deal. You probably don’t remember me, but you and I have had some extensive conversation on twitter… particularly when you were going through all that junk with the first arrest, and I let you know that myself, and some folks at my church, were praying for you as you went through it, and that you had our support.

        What irks me, however, is that there are times that HFA seems to do things which appear to serve no purpose but stir up controversy and further incite the ever-widening gap between the religious individuals and secular. Since the goal is presented as an attempt to foster unity in spite of religion’s divisiveness, I don’t get those activities except for the realization that controversy brings media attention.

    • stopthe

      What about the fact that the images of political leaders appear on the religious billboards?

      Does that not put the political leader firmly in the camp of the religious, in a public sphere?

      You can bet that if the atheists put up a billboard with that political leader’s image on it, claiming association with him, there would be a lot of phone calls made.

      Religion has had its free ride long enough. Now it will have to weather public criticism. It earned this treatment because it insisted on aggrandizing itself in the public sphere. If it had remained private, atheists would have left it alone.

      • sickofminorityrule

        You know nothing of Christianity, you should try learning something about it before you blast it.

      • T. E. Hanna

        The political leaders were speaking to a gathering of mainstream religious churches who invited them to provide information about the challenges the community was facing as they understood it from their area of expertise within government. The billboards listed who was speaking, and who was hosting. If the separation of church and state means that religious institutions are barred from learning anything from their government leaders, we have a much bigger problem.

        The counter-protest that Wachs led, however, had nothing to do with the speaking. It reacted to the group which prayed for the well being of families in Polk County, which the government leaders had nothing to do with.

      • John Smith

        @ stopthe
        You are full of hate. You atheists have had your free ride enough. Only few politicians are giving you support to get your votes, not because they like you. Wake up.
        I would also recommend seeing a shrink or something regarding that hate inside you, you keep posting venom.

    • Kuhlmom

      A tree is known by it’s fruit… a “beautiful individual with a good heart” does not behave in this manner… just sayin’…

    • EllenBeth Wachs

      No Mr Hanna- please go to the website and read the stated purpose of the oil anointing. It was NOT so innocent as you and others have attempted to portray it. The stated purpose was to lock up those who do not submit to a christian way of life. It is very clearly stated on THEIR website. Geringswald himself, has confirmed this orior to this event. It was only after we shown a bright light upon it that the positive spin was put on this. I get that you think they are attacking your faith. They aren’t.

      • T. E. Hanna

        Come on, Miss Wachs. You know better than that. The phrase in its entirety spoke to the idea that those with evil intentions would repent, or be caught and incarcerated. The reference to “turning to God’s way of living” was a reference to behavior, not the incarceration of anyone whose religious (or non-religious) perspective differs. They even further define it a few lines later, stating that the prayer had apparently been working, because the number of arrests of those dealing drugs or partaking of other criminal activities have increased. The argument that they are trying to lock up any differing perspective is inventive, but it has no basis in reality.

        This is what I mean. In order to further breed division, the HFA has to twist words and then look for media attention. I have a number of non-theistic friends, and I respect them greatly. Many of them challenge me in ways that make me a better person. I’m afraid, however, that groups like the HFA tend to become the public face of atheism, and thereby paints all atheists as intolerant and hateful.

      • MarkusR

        T.E. Hanna:

        “God’s way of living” means becoming a Christian.

  • Rob

    Let’s take our country back folks!

    Join the Council of Conservative Citizens today!

    • Rick

      The founders of this country were Enlightenment thinkers and deists, not crackpot religious fundamentalist morons.

      • Thomas

        You can’t possibly expect Christian fanatics to believe that. Their heads are too stuffed up with irrational mumbo jumbo. There’s no room left for reason and knowledge.

      • John Smith

        Man all that foul mouthed ignorance and venom just because you are not aware of your own country’s history?

        This country was found by devote Christians who were escaping persecution.
        Go get some education and then you’d understand you militant foaming at the mouth atheist.
        And speaking of fanatics, you and your pal “Thomas” who thinks that America does not have Muslims and the Buddhists and Hindus never committed a crime or hated anyone, both of you geniuses fit the description of fanatics.

  • MikeHenrySC

    Let’s see them burn a Koran in public.

  • ScottieDont

    Yet another group of people, misinterpreting the First Amendment. It doesn’t dictate a “separation of church and state”, but prevents the government from creating LAWS ESTABLISHING A STATE RELIGION. Sheesh. The fact that these guys haven’t been arrested, and are allowed to mock other people’s faith without federal reprisal is proof that their shenanigans are for naught.

    • c

      Asshat ScottyDont wants to lock up people for exercising their 1st amendment rights. ScottyDon’tHaveABrain.

      • fdghg

        you absolute and utter idiot – get someone to read his post to you – he actually said the opposite you mental midget – tthe fact that they are tolerated proves that there is no dictum by the State enforcing religion OR they would have been arrested for going against Religion.

      • zxcv

        Read the post pea-brain. He characterizes their protest as shenanigans. We can read between the lines.

  • RR Kesselring

    “If they will not submit to God’s way of living, then the prayer is to have them incarcerated or removed from the county.” The religious started the inquisition here. If the Spaghetti Monster insults you, maybe it’s because it’s too close to the truth.

    • Michael

      So Christians should want to leave criminals on the street? I live in FLint…..come here if this is what you want…..I wish to move there.

      • james pog

        No, they want anyone not following GODS way of living. Does that mean all atheists are criminals because we don’t follow GODS way of living?

      • stopthe

        yeah… wow, did you really just say that?

  • tadchem

    If these people were true Atheists, then the issue of the Existence of God would mean no more to them than the existence of Bigfoot, UFOs, or the Tooth Fairy. The fact that they make such a big deal about what they ought to regard as other peoples’ silly superstitions just reveals their hypocrisy. I suspect they really fall into two groups – those who are bitter enemies of God, and those who live in dread fear of Divine Retribution.

    • Depock

      omniscient imaginary sky giant, indeed. “god” as it were is the cracks between reason where complexity steps in to confuse. People are quite afraid of death, therefore are comforted by the ever after story. Understandable, but totally unrealistic. The religious have a deliriously low burden for proof. If it makes them feel better, then that’s nice. It’s unfortunate they let their delusions leak into legislation which effects everyone, but that’s democracy. Thankfully religion is experiencing a sharp decline. Soon it will be a distant embarrassing memory of human history.

      • Darwin

        hopefully as distant as the horrors of the self-proclaimed atheistic states … 70 million deaths on the altar of a box that was too small for diety.

    • gary

      If it were not for rational people I will call them atheists, then we would still be stoning kids for misbehaving, women would be considered property along with slaves and children. Yes all of this is in your precious bible. To the person that said we should leave. Take your own advice there are countries where they still hold tight to those dark age beliefs.
      Government officials should keep their religion out of public view.

    • Rick

      That’s not true at all.

      Atheists like me see a very dangerous trend in this country, with fundamentalists who don’t understand the most basic tenets of science trying to influence our government and educational system.

      Christian Dominionism is extremely dangerous, and if you think that we’re going to allow the enshrinement of a Christian Taliban in the USA you are in for a rude awakening.

      • fdghg

        methinks you think you represent more than you really do

    • stopthe

      Actually, we do not think it is safe to leave our society in the hands of people who actually believe the kind of ridiculous things you describe. That is why we oppose the continued institutionalizing of religion.

      Religion, if it were practiced in private as it should be, without the ostentatious public displays, without the doctrineless megachurches, without the TV charlatans, would have died out a long time ago. I believe this is exactly the point that L. Ron Hubbard made when he created Scientology: people are sheep. They will believe anything, if you organize it and feed it to them regularly.

      In other words, if religion behave like atheism, it would have died out a long time ago.

      Now that atheism is starting to get organized, religion doesn’t stand a chance. The ranks of atheists are already growing faster than that of any religion in the U.S. People know too much nowadays, even with our pathetic education system, to continue to believe in doctrines that were created and perpetuated only to control them.

      • Johnny Dnagerously

        We are indeed sheep. Even the Bible says so, but what’s so very dangerous to you is that we know the voice of the Shepherd! :)

      • Eve

        The reason people congregate for religion, in churches etc., is because like anything else in society, we practice our faith individually and in community. That’s the same thing in life…we are all individuals but we live in community with the rest of society. I am an Orthodox Christian. We have some pretty elaborate services especially for Easter, which is fast approaching. I love it and “live” in church for that entire time :”eating up” the wonderful services. However, that’s not everybody’s thing so…ok! But just because someone else doesn’t believe the same way there is no reason to criticize those who do. I know all about atheists. That’s not my thing and that’s ok too. Live your life however you choose to live it. End of story.

      • Darwin

        so what are you going to do with the christians?

      • stopthe

        By the way, the issue of the “existence of God,” while not something that intelligent people discuss, ceases to be a religious issue when you bring it into the public sphere.

        Once you do that, it becomes an issue of politics.

        If you don’t understand or believe this, take a look for instance at Rick Santorum, or watch any of the republican presidential debates.

        This is why atheists can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines. We can certainly no longer afford to leave the politics of society in the hands of the religious, especially those of the Abrahamic variety. They are too dangerous with their messianic, apocalyptic worldviews.

      • D Evans

        “Now that atheism is starting to get organized, religion doesn’t stand a chance. The ranks of atheists are already growing faster than that of any religion in the U.S.”

        are you finally ready to freely admit, that by your own words, atheism is a religion?

      • fdghg

        Indeed throw Obama out – he’s an avowed Christian – tee hee tee hee. He even semi quotes scripture to back his supposed “policies”

    • Hank

      Another ignorant comment. Plenty of proof here that our schools have failed us.

    • Michael

      Could not have said it better.

  • Puh leez

    In a word, Buffoonery

  • WereTurtle

    These Atheists are hypocrites of the first order. Their hatred of religion is in of itself a religion.

    If they are offended by this blessing, they have bigger personal issues to deal with. I won’t even get into the use of “Unholy Water”. They have resorted to what religious people would deem “Satanism”, which in truth is an accurate statement.

    Speaking as an Atheist, religion SHOULDN’T be a problem. They choose to believe in a god. We choose not to. Public display of religion has ALWAYS been a big part of this Country. Why should it bother anyone? So long as I am not being forced to practice a religion, they can display their faith any way they want. And, I can choose to ignore it.

    The Humanists of Florida are just a an organization of hyper-sensitive whack-jobs. They should get over themselves and their inner anger issues.

    • bing s

      We Christians get in trouble when we go beyond what is written. I can’t find a biblical example or exhortation to “bless” a highway. What does that mean? We should simply pray for drivers saftey;. then the atheists will either have to pray for their danger, or just remain silent.

      • fdghg


        exactly you just proved the point – you are against the cultural acceptance not the State insititutionalization – be honest you are counter religion and not being forced to have any religious belief. You never have been – you point back hundreds of years to the Crusades or Inquisition becasue that’s what you conider a string argument for someone not blessing a highway? Personally I don’t see the point in blessing it. Their blessing it did nothing to cause harm of any kind and you know it where the “unblessing” wasa deliberatly aimed at offending someone? who is being the boorish, forceful pushy ones now? I swear I hear more bellyaching from Atheists going out of their way to be offended then I do Christians “evangelizing”.

      • stopthe

        Exactly. And we would be perfectly happy to remain silent.

        The thing that atheist activists resist is the cultural institutionalization of any particular religion. An honest christian would resist these things also, because there is nothing “Christian” about them.

        It is the militant, evangelical, power-seeking and self-aggrandizing religious people and organizations that are targeted by this kind of protest, and rightfully so. If there ever was a false version of a religion, these people like Judd are it.

  • tom

    This is a good sign for christians for.
    1) We use free the liberal media people that how stupid they are. But for the Christians, we just try see this things in a positive way toward human beings even though these people don’t have this or even hate christians.
    2) The hopelessness, deperate, hatred toward those who trully believe and knowing wrong and right, good and evil.
    3) The ultimate goals for Christians is good oppotunities to spread the good words, work to bring hope and good news even further and larger which is the Christians have done for so long and so much good that human being around the globe have benifined from. On the contrary, tyrany, cruel, cold, caculated, and some time is really dump of those who hostile to the kind, polite, nice and have desire to improve of any human being to achieve the best for their lives. So anytime it happens like this, don’t be affraid and sad but to stand up and use it as a gold oppotunitiies do even more effective as you used to do

  • progressiveloser

    Not ONE atheist can give a rationale reason for them to continue to live. If there is nothing better than this life, then there is no use living this life. The irrationale argument to make this life better while here constitutes insanity since there is no redeeming benefit despite the horse&&&& they state. The REAL reasons for atheistic beliefs are very easy to figure out. They believe in the concept of moral relativism. That means they can do whatever they want with no consequences because it makes them “feel good”. They do not believe they must conform in anyway that society asks them to. Sure they’ll obey a traffic light because they might lose their narissistic lifestyle, BUT they believ you should have no right to tell them if they can smoke dope, dress in drag, live on the public dole, get free healthcare while living a hedonistic lifestyle. Atheism is a mental illness just like liberalism/leftism/marxism/socialism/fascism.

    • stopthe

      Well, now we know the true reason for your religious feeling. Without it, you’d kill yourself?

      I’m sorry to hear that.

      • fdghg

        Actually Lindsey if you had more brain than breath you’d realize you have no way of knowing what role that “believing in an afterlife” has in his desire to live. How can you logically assume he treats life any less precious than you do? You can’t if you’re honest. this life is especially precious because it’s your opportunity if you are a believer, to serve and to try and be altruistic. Who told you what you can and can not do? people can tell you they think what you are doing is wrong and base that on their belief – just like you can obviously decide what someone esle is doing is wrong and base it on wherever your beliefs come from. You base your morals on whether it hurts someone else and if that’s all you have for a measure that’s fine for you but why does it bother you that someone might have a different authority than the government telling them what they can and can’t do? Hwo does that hurt you? Because they tell you you will go to hell – if you dont; believe in it why do you care? Why do you have to go out fo your way to impune and denegrate and smear them for what they believe but they are supposed to accept you rlack of belief being thrown in their faces? meanwhile try not to base your logic on assumptions.

      • Darwin

        “I’m sorry to hear that”
        this lack of empathy will never ever allow for a thriving system where life is cherished. your future is dark without a rescue.

      • Lindsey

        Actually progressive, it is very much the opposite of what you said above. You think there is an afterlife, so you live this life kind of half heartedly, as it is just a stepping stone to another place. For people who have no belief system, this is the only life they get. Period. So life becomes way more precious. Every day is more important because it is all you get. Also, what right does anyone have telling me what I can or can not do? As long as I am not hurting anyone (or hurting myself so badly that it affects society) what difference should it make?

      • Don B Fooled

        If this is all you get why bother at all? When you consider geologic time you are as significant as a fleck of dust.

        Atheist, since you can change reality through your beliefs why not believe there is more for you instead of composting it in the afterlife. I choose life everlasting. Lose the pride gain eternity its that simple, through Jesus that is.

        Darwin was merely a scientist who discovered a mechanism by which evolution can occur. He did not come close to unraveling the mystery of God.

        If you have a hard time with creationism it just means that you are logical, It will serve best to think of the what transpired in the garden of Eden as a mental awakening.

        The Devil is not a pointy guy in red, if it helps you forget the word devil. Any idea that allows you to dismiss the relevance of God originates from evil and surly will alienate you from your creator.

        Just something to consider

    • Alex

      The only reason you live is because you believe in a pretend being for which there is no evidence? That is remarkable. I think it is far more noble and enlightened to seek pleasure and knowledge in this world for their own sake and not because of some delusion. and I take offense at your association between athiests and neer-do-well’s. I am no liberal or socialist but I am an avid athiest.

  • Max

    atheism: a religion for narcissists

    • WereTurtle

      Kind of a broad statement don’t you think.

      There are narcissists in organized religion, as well amongst the ranks of Atheists. Narcissism and Christianity, for example are not mutually exclusive.

    • Don B Fooled

      Not a religion just a way of sidestepping responsibility and guilt. It is a defense mechanism in my view, or perhaps the ultimate form of laziness, keeps people from stressing about that whole burning in hell thing.once you shrug off the anxiety of denying your maker your free as long as you stay alive.

      If this is all you get why bother at all? When you consider geologic time you are as significant as a fleck of dust.

      Atheist, since you can change reality through your beliefs why not believe there is more for you instead of composting it in the afterlife. I choose life everlasting. Lose the pride gain eternity its that simple, through Jesus that is.

      Darwin was merely a scientist who discovered a mechanism by which evolution can occur. He did not come close to unraveling the mystery of God.

      If you have a hard time with creationism it just means that you are logical, It will serve best to think of the what transpired in the garden of Eden as a mental awakening.

      The Devil is not a pointy guy in red, if it helps you forget the word devil. Any idea that allows you to dismiss the relevance of God originates from evil and surly will alienate you from your creator.

      Just something to consider

    • Alex

      Athiesm is no religion. Are you an athiest with regard to greek gods? or thor and his hammer?

  • GetALife

    There are people with other viewpoints and religious beliefs? And even nonbelievers? I had no idea! Let’s all thank these brave atheists for this great public service!


    • progressiveloser

      Atheism is a mental disorder. It’s belief system is evil, immoral and irrationale.

      • fdghg

        So Lindsey – why do you care – are you tryign to reverse “evangelize” no one can be religious because you find it irrational?

      • Lindsey

        Muslims feel that you are “evil, immoral and irrationale.” Maybe you are wrong and going to burn in their hell as an? Does this idea frighten you and keep you up at night? Of course not…because you are not thinking in a bigger picture. Open up, and understand that MANY people do not think the same thing you do.

      • Hank

        Religious belief is insanity. Just who are you talkin’ to there on your lnees? Invisible beings? Yeah, that’s sane.

  • Smith

    Satan has been trying to stamp out God’s people since the beginning if time, this will never happen, I have read in the back of the book and God’s people win and the devil is defeated.

    • Hank

      What about the Boogie Man? He’s the real threat!

  • progressiveloser

    Here’s a great idea for a bumper sticker……….”Great Atheists of the 20th century……….Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin, Pol Pot……….” What do they all have in common? They murdered millions (some in the 10-60 million range) human beings. Great Atheist Roll models, don’t you think?

    • gary

      you, progressiveloser are sadly wrong, none of these people did those terrible things because they were atheist, if you cannot draw a distinction. you are pathetic.
      Its the same thing as pointing out that being catholic does not make you a child molester.

      • fdghg

        @Gary or that being an Atheist makes you right and not pathetic

    • CJD

      Hitler: Christian. Idi Amin: Islamic. Pol Pot: Theravada Buddhist.

      Stalin: Athiest. Mao: “Athiestic”

      And in recent events, Joseph Kony: Christian.

      • Mikey

        Hitler was NOT a Christian. He specifically believed that “God” should be Germany and that the people should worship their country. I really do feel sad when ignorant athiests try to use him as an example….

    • Chris

      Totalitarians must, by their nature, reject any religion that believes in a higher power and follows a certain set of rules. They can allow no authority other than their own.

    • stopthe

      Oh please. Are you really going to treat this like a football game, and just root for “your side”? Do you have any idea how many people have been killed in the name of religion in human history?

      • fdghg

        really – you people typically lead with the Crusases and Inquisition because it’s your only card

      • Michael

        What he is trying to say is…..these were evil people killing for their own, individual idealism. Christians of the past were trying to cleanse evil, as a group. Christians are not people, but strive for good. The poeple named above strived for evil.

  • Harry

    You cant triple stamp a double stamp

  • Donnie

    God does not believe in atheist

    • stopthe

      How swift of you. Atheism does not require that God believe in it. And Atheism will not hold a “judgement day” to condemn God for not believing in it.

      • fdghg

        @stopthe so think on that for a minute

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  • stopthe

    Uh, no. Faith is a mental disorder. Unlike religious doctrine, the most common forms of atheism do not require faith. In fact, they are defined by a repudiation of faith — specifically, in the truth value of statements which cannot be proved.

    You Christians will see more and more of this kind of “persecution”, as you call it, because the world is sick of your bigotry and myopia. Atheists have never been organized, because we are not evangelical like you. But that is changing as we realize the need to rid ourselves and the planet of the scourge of your meme-complexes of hate, false gods, facade morality, and your messianic and apocalyptic thinking. Only when religion is gone and replaced with a healthy vision of the purpose and future of man can mankind emerge from barbarism.

    • progressiveloser

      I always wanted to know what Satan looked like. I just read his words.

      • Joe

        You must have been looking in the mirror

    • Cousin Eddie

      Everybody take a good look at this one, because your death will be justified by words such as these in decades to come.

      Once you are labeled as a “threat”, and they have their hands on the wheel of the state, you are dead.

      • james pog

        While his comments aren’t the best for atheists, he never said anyone would be DEAD, you idiot. I don’t see any atheists on the streets, proclaiming death to all the believers. Only the opposite.

      • fdghg

        Really James? Really? Are you on board with the meme-complexes of hate and facade morality of stopthe?

    • mm

      Wow. Threatening to rid (ie: kill) all believers. Notice how he only includes Christians. Not Jews or Muslims. Your IP address should be traced and you reported to the FBI. This is a blatant threat that advocates the killing of millions.

  • Nemoque

    Atheism is a religion. It’s one of the most fanatical religions of the 21st century.

    • Joe

      It’s hilarious how ignorant believers don’t even know what constitutes a religion. Get a clue, idiot!

      • fdghg

        @Joe it’s really hilarious that you woudn’t take the 5 minutes to look it up so you wouldn’t look so stupid… talk about idiots

    • Dave

      fdghg, at least Joe has a real name, and knows that atheism isn’t a religion.

  • Reality Sandwich

    If you atheists are right, you’ll never know it. But if you’re wrong……..

    By the way, if you believe that your big bang THEORY and you’re THEORY of evolution happened without any intervention, where did the matter come from?

    • CJD

      Gah, that makes so much sense.

      Gravity is a theory, too. Maybe you should jump off of a bridge and pray on your way down.

      Don’t worry; god’ll save you.

      • Abe

        Actually, gravity is a theory that attempts to explain a perceived phenomenon. No one is disputing the phenomenon. If you jump off a bridge, you ‘ll fall and now amount of praying to imaginary beings is going to save you,

    • james pog

      What if you are wrong about the 10,000 other gods of this planet? You are an atheist to each and every single one of those gods. If you believe in your god, then where did your god come from? Unlike us, you believe that your religion is 100% correct, while our THEORY is always open to being proven wrong. That’s where we differ.

    • Mallen

      Exactly. It just jumped out, like the golden calf. Aaron and Moses dealt with atheistic stupidity thousands of years ago. Some people never learn.

  • Mallen

    It would take God’s knowledge to say there is no god. Atheism is a religion.

    • Joe

      How stupid. Atheism is not a religion.

  • Hank

    Sheesh! I hope all the relifious stupidity here isn’t contagious. My computer is about ready to barf!

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Vietnam Veterans' Bond Forged Again With Kidney DonationServing together in Vietnam, John Middaugh and Henry "Bill" Warner forged an Army-brothers bond they knew was profound and lasting. A world and nearly a half a century away from the war zone where they'd counted on each other, Middaugh put himself on the line for Warner this month in a new way: by giving one of his kidneys.
Dr. Paul Bearer II Tombstone Tales | Halloween EditionOn Sunday, October 25th, Dr. Paul Bearer II returned to the Tenement Castle for an afternoon of HORRORble movies.

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