SANFORD, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A neighborhood watch captain is accused of fatally shooting a teenager walking home from the store.

Trayvon Martin, 17, was reportedly shot and killed by George Zimmerman, according to Sanford police.

At present, Zimmerman has not been arrested.

Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin, says his son was walking home from the store on Feb. 26 after buying a bag of Skittles for a younger relative.

It was then that Zimmerman reportedly called local authorities to report Trayvon as a suspicious person. The reason why is unknown.

“We can’t get into the mind of George Zimmerman, but he was stereotyped for some reason,” Benjamin Crump, an attorney for the Martin family, told WKMG-TV.

The family is especially frustrated by the lack of action taken against Zimmerman.

“To have his life taken away from him by this guy and nothing is being done about it, we just don’t understand,” Martin told the station.

Trayvon sustained wounds to the chest that ultimately led to his death. Zimmerman reportedly said he fired in self-defense.

Many, however, want to know why he was carrying the gun at all, even if he has a legal permit to do so.

“Why do neighborhood watch captains or patrols have guns?” Natalie Jackson, another Martin family attorney, told the station. “They’re not the police.”

Police told WKMG-TV that they could not release any information, due to the ongoing nature of the investigation. They did say, though, that they don’t believe it was a racially-charged crime.

Comments (25)
  1. jimbo says:

    Why did the shooter get out of his vehicle if not to confront?

    Even if there was a fight, was the kid defending himself from the adult, that he may or may not have known was armed with a gun?

    Did the cops get a search warrant for the shooters vehicle, home, computer, phone?

    Would like to know more about the shooters arrest for Battery on a Cop and why it was dismissed. Did the kid have a record?

    Is there any news agency out there that actually knows how to invesitgate a story?

    On the surface, this whole thing stinks and the police no smell so good either.

  2. BKM says:

    The main point of all this is just what made the kid a suspicious person other than his color ?

  3. Beebe says:

    If you have to walk around in a gated community with a gun, it’s time to leave the community. I guarantee he would not have confronted a suspicious white man, nor called the police. I’d sue the guy for everything he has or he think he has.

  4. feed up says:

    Black people need our own country we are killed and nothing is ever done about it.

    1. mike says:

      It’s called Africa.

    2. A Human says:

      Ummm…y’all are killing each other at a MUCH, MUCH higher rate than any white-on-black violence does. Check the stats. And hey yeah, “your own country?” Africa DOES come to mind!

      1. David says:

        This is not white people country either. You people are from Europe, Russia, and other countries so black people have just as much rights here as everyone else. Or we can say white people go back to Europe.

    3. Jamesb says:

      It’s called “Liberia.” Get the f out. Now. Racist pig.

    4. Truth says:

      It isn’t only blacks, it is all poor that have no recourse. They have no money for attorneys, so the system can treat them any way they want. To the Moron’s who say Africa. That is lame Christopher Columbus actually took people from their homes in Africa to use as slaves. So when you celebrate Columbus Day remember this is the man who started slavery, as well as converting Indians to Christians. People have thought they were better than others since the beginning of time. If they would just open their eyes and get over themselves and the racism we could have a much better world.

    5. hcharpe1231 says:

      You talk like a damn fool! Only an idiot would want to trade America for Africa and even the native African said Americanblacks are stupid for talking like that. Well speak for yourself I for one ain’t going to live in no f——g Africa

    6. Ron says:

      Typical black cry baby! You live in america you have a country here. Just start acting responsible! Instead of blaming white people! You have been given more oppertunities to progress the the average to low income white man by this country. Yet you breed and don;t take care of your children or breed for more welfare! Get the Hell off your pitty pot! And clean your own houses and stop creating getos and black youth that kill more blacks than white ever have or will!

  5. D Sanders says:

    You have “your own” continent…

    1. Ron says:

      or you predjudice white’s you can have Antartica! Yes I have been on the receiving end of black on white predjudice! but there are bad apples in every bunch! What do ya say we just stamp all your foreheads wtih a red P put ya all in the desert black and white and any others and let ya all kill each other with sticks and stones a be rid of you all for good!

  6. Jamesb says:

    Step back people – “URBAN YOOTS” have created a culture of violence and criminality that envelopes them all, a de-facto guilt by association- even though this particular kid MAY have done nothing wrong.

    Why does this area have a “neighborhood watch?” Probably because BLACK ANIMALS are running wild committing crime.

    Fix your own house black people, start being POSITIVE contributors to you community, stop BRUTALIZING white people.
    Recently two BLACK ANIMALS chased a white kid home, doused him with gas and SET HIM ON FIRE. They said he “deserved it.”

    1. Nika says:

      This comment is so ignorant. Problems aren’t always caused by black people, white people are not as innocent as you are trying to portray.
      My BLACK mother has the best house in our entire neighborhood which the majority of residents are white and yes she owns it. It’s worth more than anyone house on the block because she keeps it up.
      My younger sister 7 years old was suspended from school because a WHITE boy threw her on the ground and beat her up and she scratched him in defense (while she was on the ground, getting hit) and they said she assaulted him and he had no consequences. The same boy that stuck his hands down her pants a week ago.
      I contribute to bullying, my community, abused kids and animal shelters. I go to work everyday and get doors slammed in my face, elevators closed in my face and told I don’t belong there.

      So I think you need to rethink your comment, I am a proud black women, age 22, full time job, full time student in one of the top schools in my state, OWN my own condo and purchased my own car. So sorry I am a POSITIVE BLACK WOMEN!!!

  7. Jack says:

    OMG … lol
    “Why was he carrying a gun?” !!! Too stupid
    Why was the kid carrying skittles? Because in this country there’s freedom. To do what ever they wish! It’s legal to carry skittles also.
    And if a pregnant women was saved from bruttle rape with that same gun….
    I can just see the comments… “Thank God he had a gun”
    Tragic about the kid…. what time was it? After dark? What’s he doing out? My kid wouldn’t be!

    1. Steve says:

      why carry a gun? hmmm, lets see, crime watch?? ring a belll yet? maybe just mabe for his own protection? you think? It’s not rocket science

  8. Sirena says:

    This story is SOoooooo lacking in soooo many ways. And, people are SOooooo quick to put in all the lacking info from their racist little minds which just keeps racism burning in their souls. This is how the news media keeps us in the blame game war. Put a little love in your heart… the family of the boy is hurting. The shooter? well, not going to speculate there.

  9. Nobody says:

    Yes, it is racist, but the KKK still offers one way trips for Afircan Americans to Liberia, which is a nation in Africa founded and run by former American blacks. It’s better than most African countries. So if you truly believe blacks need “our own county” – there you go.

  10. victoria says:

    With the SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING agenda being pushed, these old geezers want to feel important and feed off the pathetic bit of drama they can get from imagining all sorts of things. One of these do gooders called the police on me because I had my car parked where I walk my dog, and it had pumpkins and motor oil visible inside. I guess the citizen assumed I was going to make a pumpkin bomb. These old farts need to stay home and watch Matlock and stop allowing their imaginations to run wild with visions of grandeur. My sympathy to the child and his family. I hope the old guy goes to jail.

  11. Jay says:

    There is barely enough information here, to have made the article. Why was the man not arrested if he just shot a kid walking down the street?

  12. Jay says:

    Why was the man not arrested if he just shot a kid walking down the street?

  13. Ron says:

    This is obviously a case of a power mad son of a “B” racial profiling and hurassing this kid untill the kid got uncooperative! And a completely corrupt local Police Dept. and District Attorney! This guy should have gone to jail immediately and his house and computer searched and all weapons confiscated! He had no right to carry a gun on duty! let alone brandish and use it! He commited out and out murder! But Oh! Ya! He’s white and a neighborhood watch captain! So What I’m white, a responsible citisen but know all about the type of hurassment these guy’s and nearly every cop does!

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