Recording Reveals Hillsborough Teacher’s Relationship With Boy

By Allison Mondell, CBS Tampa

RIVERVIEW, Fla. (CBS Tampa) –  A Hillsborough County teacher admitted to having sexual relations with a 12-year-old boy while investigators secretly recorded the conversation, according to court documents.

Ethel Anderson, a fifth grade teacher at Mango Elementary School, was arrested on February 29 and charged with three counts of lewd or lascivious battery and two counts of lewd or lascivious molestation.   Arrest records show that Anderson was released on Friday after posting $50,000 in bail.

The investigation began when the mother of the boy told police she believed her son was having sexual relations with the 29-year-old teacher.  According to the sheriff’s office, Anderson, who was not the boy’s teacher, was tutoring the boy in her home at 6623 Waterton Drive when the alleged incidents occurred.

Anderson sent text messages to the boy’s mother on February 28 and a meeting was set up for the next day.  Court documents do not disclose whether the mother or the boy met with Anderson, but the person was wearing an audio recording device that was being monitored by investigators.  Anderson admitted to the person that she had allowed the boy to touch her and performed oral sex on the boy on two occasions.

Anderson, a language arts teacher, was suspended from her job at Mango Elementary.  Last year she was awarded the Ida S. Baker Diversity Educator of the Year award, which is given to teachers who excel in reaching out to the diverse population of students.


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