By Allison Mondell, CBS Tampa

SEFFNER, Fla. (CBS Tampa) –  According to police records, a Seffner Checkers employee used her cell phone to record her manager sexually assaulting her, which led to the man’s arrest.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department said the woman was attacked twice last week while at work.  The first incident happened after the manager, Vongkoth Lay Vorasan, allegedly followed the victim into the bathroom and sexually assaulted her until someone knocked on the bathroom door.

The second incident also occurred at the Checkers restaurant located at 603 Martin Luther King Boulevard.  This time, the victim used her cell phone to record Vorasan’s attack.  In the recording, Vorasan is heard threatening the victim and she is heard telling him “no.”

On March 2, deputies arrested Vorasan, 30, while he was working.  He admitted to sexually assaulting the victim.

Comments (7)
  1. John says:

    this is awful…but someone explain to me how it happens twice.The man should have been arrested after the first assault…Why weren’t the police called?

    1. Jen says:

      I’m sure she knew that if she didn’t have proof, nothing would happen.

  2. dee snuts says:

    why are so many of these third world aliens in the USA?

    You are telling me that in a time of 20% real unemployment we need to import drive-thru restaurant staff from the third world?

    STOP all immigration and kick out aliens, until we have full employment. We would also end a lot of rapes and crime that way.

    1. Joseph Smith says:

      Unless you are a Native American, you are an immagrant also. Idiot. I hope your immagrant boss fires you, wait you might not have a job.

  3. claude says:

    hello dee snuts, please don’t confuse the idiots of the world with facts!! after all the illegals only came here to better their self.

  4. Pedro says:

    Dear CBS Personnel: I realize, sadly as a Spartan fan, that we don’t deesrve to be on Nat’l TV the way we’ve played. How you divide up the country regarding who gets what game is likely beyond the understanding of the average fan and based on some information that TV people like yourselves possess; and I respect that.My issue is this: there are many CBS TV affiliates. Why not show the MSU/UM game on an alternate CBS station in states close to Michigan (such as NY, where I live!), since there may be people interested in seeing that game?Cordially,Dr. Green(Trivia: One of my brothers went to High School with Leslie Moonves)

  5. SHORTY says:


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