10,000-Mile High Club: Playboy Draws Up Plans For Space Club

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — Bunnies in space? It could become a reality if Playboy gets its way.

In its March issue, Playboy released paintings of its space station, or what they dubbed the ultimate club in space.

Playboy reached out to Virgin Galactic’s head designer Adam Wells and futurists from the renown DaVinci Institute to envision the pleasure station.

The club is equipped with a zero-g dance club, restaurants, a game room, and the first zero-gravity sex suites called the “pleasure orbital dome.”

The sketches also include an external view of the space station. The station itself could do a stationary orbit around Earth, but Playboy imagines that its club would work like a Carnival Cruise line in space and travel from one celestial body to another.

Passengers would arrive to the sci-fi bawdy house via rocket, and their luggage would be fired into space by a form of a giant gun.

“Humans couldn’t withstand those g-forces, but it would be ideal for supplies,” Thomas Frey, director of the DaVinci Institute, told Playboy.

The restaurant would have gravity and as the article states, vats of organic material will be connected to organic printers to make food.

However, what sort of Playboy club would it be without Bunnies? The club section of the space station will have Bunnies equipped with jetpacks to serve drinks as floating globules.

Although the Playboy club in space might sound like the dream vacation, you can’t book a trip yet. The whole station exists only as conceptual paintings.

But with advances in technology, perhaps your grandkids could go there for spring break.


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