By Allison Mondell, CBS Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) –  Tampa teen Shannon Magrane’s advancement on American Idol is too close to predict, according to

The website, which got its start during Idol’s fifth season, measures the busy signal on each Idols’ phone line to predict who is getting the most votes. claims an 87 percent accuracy rate.  It ranked Magrane in sixth place behind Skylar Laine.  Although this would mean Magrane is in danger of being voted off, the site states that the scores are too close to call.

Magrane sang Chris Rice’s Christian ballad “Go Light Your World” and received praise from all three judges.  Jennifer Lopez told Magrane she gave her “goosies.”

“You sing with such passion for a 16-year-old,” Lopez said.  “It’s not something that you see everyday.”

Randy Jackson referenced Magrane’s father Joe Magrane, a former major-league baseball pitcher and Rays analyst, as her source of maturity.

“You’ve got so much promise, you’re so mad young, but so calm and cool and collected.  Man, you must have got that from your dad,” he said.

Steven Tyler, who told Joe Magrane that his daughter was “hot, humid, and happening” during her audition, said that her performance took it up a notch.

“Shannon you started out real low and ‘gospelly,’ and then my reality check bounced,” Tyler said.  “You took it upstairs and it went beautifully.”

After the performance, Magrane told Idol host Ryan Seacrest that she thought her song choice was risky because it was not familiar to many viewers.

“It was in my soul and it was in my gut,” she said.  “Hopefully everybody got the message that I was singing.”

In an interview before her semifinal performance, Magrane told CBS Tampa that she controls her nervousness with a quote from her dad.

“This is my favorite quote from my dad. ‘I know you’re nervous and you have butterflies, but it’s a matter of making the butterflies fly in formation,”‘ she said.  “You should make your notes come out and feel the song so your singing and your message comes across – to not only yourself but to everybody else.”

The 25 semifinalists will learn tonight if they advance to the top 13 next week.  The top 10 male and female contestants with the most votes will advance, along with three wild cards chosen by the judges.


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