By Allison Mondell, CBS Tampa

SOUTH PASADENA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) –  Over fifty St. Petersburg police officers were involved in a standoff on Sunday because of a man who they assumed refused to negotiate.

The eight-hour standoff ended when the man, seventy-five-year-old Norman Brewster, came out of the house in a stupor, apparently having slept through calls from the police and the sound of air horns.

St. Petersburg police said the stupor  may have been the result of sleeping pills and alcohol.

The incident, which occurred at 200 Park Street South, began when Brewster’s stepdaughter, twenty-five-year-old Jessica Brewster, told police that her stepfather had pointed a shot-gun at her and threatened to shoot her boyfriend and children if they did not move out of the house.  Jessica Brewster, her boyfriend, and four children left the house immediately.

Brewster’s wife, Myrtle Brewster, had stayed in the home.  When Brewster emerged from the home after answering the phone eight hours after the ordeal began, he said he had been sleeping and did not know the police were trying to contact him.  His wife also said she had slept through the commotion.

After speaking with those involved, police chose not to arrest Brewster.  The case will be sent to the State Attorney’s Office to decide whether or not to file charges.

The police said Jessica Brewster, her boyfriend and children will probably move out of the house because of the conflict.


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