Cops: Teen Stabs Boy With Fluorescent Light Bulb For Calling Him Names

OCALA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A local teenager is facing attempted murder charges after he allegedly attacked one of his peers in a behavioral health center with a fluorescent light bulb.

According to an incident report provided to CBS Tampa by the Ocala Police Department, authorities arrived on scene at The Vines Hospital on Wednesday afternoon to find a boy with his wrist wrapped in gauze and his arm hooked up to an IV.

“[The victim] advised that he was on his bed and [a boy] started stabbing him in his back,” the report states. “He turned over to fight him off and then he saw what he thought was a white fluorescent light … [the boy] got his arm when he turned over.”

When the bulb broke, the perpetrator allegedly resorted to hitting the victim in the face.

The aggravated teen told authorities that he was angry with the victim for calling him names. To exact revenge, he sharpened the bulb to a point and attacked the boy with it.

“I asked what he was thinking when he was doing this and he said that he wanted to kill him,” the report continues.

The boy also allegedly tried to stab staff member Edward Porter with a pen. Porter did not press charges, and instead spoke with the boy further about the attack.

“Porter also indicated that after [the boy] attacked … [he] said that he was ‘bored’ and he wanted to hurt [the victim] so he could go to prison,” the report indicates. “He wanted to go … so he could see his boyfriend ‘Jim.’ When I asked him why he was in the program at the Vines, [the boy] stated that he stabbed his step father because he put Jim in prison.”

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