Florida Drivers Shelling Out Nearly $6 A Gallon At Some Gas Stations

By Matthew L. Higgins

TAMPA (CBS Tampa) — Talk about pain at the pump! Some Florida drivers are spending nearly $6 a gallon to fill up their gas tanks.

According to GasBuddy.com, motorists are shelling out $5.89 for a gallon of regular gas at a Shell station in Lake Buena Vista, topping out at $5.99 a gallon for premium. It doesn’t get better at a Suncoast Energy station in Orlando, where drivers are paying $5.79 for a gallon of regular.

“Prices over in the Disney World area are much higher than any other place in Florida,” Jessica Brady, AAA spokeswoman, told CBS Tampa, adding that people regularly complain about gas prices in that area.

The Sunshine State is opening up its wallet, paying an average of $3.67 a gallon of unleaded gas, 12 cents more than the national average. And it’s only expected to go up.

“It doesn’t look like we will have relief at the pump anytime soon,” Brady told CBS Tampa. “I do think we will see prices surpass $4 a gallon. I think we will see that closer to spring time.”

One reason for the high prices is the conflict with Iran over the Strait of Hormuz. Iran has threatened to disrupt oil shipments through the waterway due to the European Union sanctions leveled against the country over its nuclear program, causing the price of crude to skyrocket. Trading on a barrel of crude today is a little over $106.

Another reason for the high gas prices: positive economic news. The drop in the unemployment rate and improved housing market numbers have caused gas and oil prices to rise.

“I know it frustrates quite a few consumers why positive news will lead to higher prices,” Brady told CBS Tampa. “It really just comes down to speculation.”

A third culprit behind the gas price boom is Greece. The EU’s bailout for the indebted country only adds to the global fuel demand.

And because of these reasons, Brady believes that Florida and the rest of the U.S. could see historic gas prices.

“I think this year we will see much higher highs.”

Believe it or not, those prices aren’t the highest in the nation. According to GasBuddy.com, motorists in Alaska are paying a whopping $6.34 for a gallon of regular at some gas stations. The cheapest gas can be found in Wyoming at $2.75 a gallon.

  • Eric

    To quote Barack Hussein Obama before his election… “Gas prices will necessarily skyrocket”.

    • Stev

      Welcome to the recovery… Gas Prices rising is just going to be another hit to the economy.


      • obozosux

        Welcome to Obamaville.

    • Chris

      Ha ha.
      Here’s the funny part for all the greeniacs. When you spend a bazillion dollars buying your insanely overpriced Chevy Volt, minus the huge taxpayer-funded subsidy you take for the privelege of buying one, remember this.
      Most plug-in hybrids get their electricity from COAL!

      • K. Hjorth

        Your point being?

        The reason for using electric cars is not that they don’t pollute, it’s that they don’t pollute in the big cities.
        In my tiny country we have hundreds die every year in the big cities because of pollution.
        In your country, where the big cities are 10-20 times as big as ours, I can only imagine that number being in the thousands.

      • K. Hjorth

        Bah, that was for Chris further up.

    • kjmta

      What he will do now is push the “green energy like a crack addict also on meth”. starting again with California. In fact old moonbeam is meeting with him on this issue soon. which will cost you billions. What they leave out is the HSR is being built in a area that basically consist of cows and getto (fresno). Which he also leaves out is his team has been meeting with CSR and GE in Fresno off and on now for some months. You seriously do not think if he could he could push the saudi mores? Of course he could. Basically he is tanking us (no pun intended) into a deep pit for his own agendas.

    • J.D.

      I really dislike Odrama but get the facts straight next time. What he said was “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” — Not GAS prices.

      Not that I don’t blame him for that, too, but when you “quote” someone you ought to at least get the quote right.

      • A. Levy

        Actually he said, “energy prices”. Pay closer attention.

      • djm159

        Let’s not nitpick. Since Obama and the other Marxists in our government when Obama was a senator blamed Bush for cronyism and raising the prices to benefit his friends in the oil industry instead of the truth that the same situation of unrest in the middle east, Iraq and Iran, caused the problem. When does Obama, the Marxist in Chief start getting the blame – the question is rhetorical, I already know the answer. When the state run Media of NBC. CBS and ABC start telling the truth. The unrest in the middle east can be laid squarely at the feet of B. Hussein Obama, the community organizer extraordinaire who instigated the Arab Spring in Egypt which by the way is now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood which was Obama’s ultimate goal.. His purpose is to destroy America and our way of life. If we are dependent upon the government for everything he can be dictator for life, another goal of his. This guy could have taught Hitler who was a novice in comparison to the current occupant of the White House.

      • livininalabama

        If you recall during his primary race when gas soared in July he also said”I dont mind that gas prices went up so high,,,,,I just don’t like that they went up so fast”
        Obama is diggin this……they are gonna bring it down

      • erv

        In another interview around the same time he stated that gas prices need to increase but not at the right they have been.

      • Marlene Klim

        What do you think produces electric. Oil. The same thing that produces gas. This is not rocket science.

        Think though. Just which aircraft runs on something other gas, I am thinking fighter aircraft. Also, military jeeps, trucks, APCs, refrig. vans, all the equipment that would be necessary to defend ourselvs in a combat situation. Add to that how much fueld 0 burns each month just flitting around the country. AND, HE WON’T DRILL ANYWHERE.

      • obozosux

        His energy secretary, Steven Chu, DID say exactly that. He wants gas prices at European levels, which are right now at 9.00 a gallon. This man is in charge of regulatory policy and his views are obviously shared by Obama, otherwise he would not have assigned him to that position. Open your eyes for Gods’ sake. You, and those like you who refuse to see what is happening right before your eyes will be the death of this nation. I found the story on the left leaning site the Politico.

      • Jon

        It was Obama’s Secretary of Energy Steven Chu that said they wanted gas prices to resemble those in Europe, which at the time was $8-10 a gallon.

      • Allhaildagreatleader

        Only a Republican would worry about such minor details as “TRUTH” and “FACTS” to make a point. Liberals just make Sh1t up at will.

    • tim

      You got it. He’s delivering on his promise. Home heating is next.

    • Jeff

      Actually that quote is false. Look it up.

      The President has no power over gas prices. The US believes that free markets should determine prices. We do not have a nationalized oil industry like most of the world. So you pay whatever the market will bear. You don’t have to drive. It’s your choice.

      • barney fife

        Sorry, but the Dimocrats set the ground rules by blaming Bush for high gas prices. His Majesty has the blame on this one.

      • Sick of this carp

        RU kidding??? He will blame Bush for this you watch!

    • Brian

      If you are going to quote some get it right. He said “energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.” That entails a whole lot more than just gas prices.

      • Blue

        Anyone with a brain would say that “energy prices will necessarily skyrocket”.
        Developing nations are gobbling up more oil than before, the world population is growing, Indians are buying cars…

        Oil, gas, any kind of energy, will of course rise due to simple supply and demand, regardless of who the president happens to be. At least he didn’t lie and claim he could control it.

      • Bud

        You miss the point Blue… what the President did was explicitly state on many occasions that Evil Republicans (Bush) controlled prices to enrich their Oil buddies… It was a common line in the media and from the left that has magically ceased now that Obama is in office. Coincidence? Classic Obama politics: act like the other guys control the prices when they have the power but now that he is in charge… somehow he is powerless (more excuses). Obama is just another politician and because of the environmental extremists in his camp is spending Billions as a Venture Capitalist to enrich his Green Energy buddies while at the same time stifling domestic energy. He: Rejected XL pipeline, impeded drilling in the gulf and on the coasts, all but killed drilling in ANWAR, and decreased by 75% the amount of Federal land available for Shale Oil development. He has also massively increased regulations on coal power – the inexpensive and primary energy source in this country. Now with gas prices skyrocketing again all should recognize the politically effective but disingenuous pack of lies this president espoused in the last campaign.

      • Allhaildagreatleader

        True, but Gas is a part of it, and what difference does it make in any case? All energy is essential, and paying more for any of it affects the way of life and freedom of every American. Which is exactly what this dude is all about.

    • A. Levy

      And i’ll bet, the gas station is owned by someone with a middle eastern accent.. Here in NYC, we’re already well above $4., (AND IT’S ONLY FEB.!) and you can’t buy gas from someone (who doesn’t) have that same accent. Just how did that happen? Apparently, we the only people in the world who don’t realize how weak and stupid we are.

      • Marlene Klim

        You are aware those station owners with middle eastern accents don’t pay income taxes to the US. They are taxfree for 7 years. Then they sell the station to a relative and are good for another 7.

        If I run short and have to buy enough to get to an American station, it is $1 worth. It does tick them off.

    • CHUCK

      Republicans are a set of loosers, aren’t you guys suppose to love the free market, and capitalism and all the good and bad it produces? Well this is one of them. If you read and studied the markets you would know that there are lots of things that contribute to the spike in gas prices. One such thing is the threat of going to war with Iran. Now what’s your policy on this? Most of the Rpubs want to go to war with Iran. I guess this might lower gas prices tremendously, we just take their oil, wonderful isn’t it?? Imperialist!! It’s the blame Obama crowd, the hate crowd.. my wife left me blame Obama..

      • Baja Bert

        Actually if she left you, she’d probably be doing you a favor.

      • Loser Republican

        Dear Chuck,

        You misspelled “looser.”

        A Loser

    • Pookie

      Drill baby, drill!

    • bosh

      Hey “Leaking the truth”…seek phychiatric care. Your ramblings look like a cry for help.

    • bumpkin

      Hm. He was actually HONEST??? Gee. He also said that about electricity prices, IF I recall correctly. His point: One simply CANNOT destroy the USA without destroying her economy! Bring on those virgins!

    • kjmta

      Actually Jeff the president does have a lot to say with the saudi (And it had already been proven in the past when presidents have pressure them on production. And yes people do work (Not all live on welfare) and have to drive. And you might be surprised by this but food production also requires fuel, including trucks.

    • Leigh

      Yes I remember him saying that, specifically about 7 to 8 dollar gallons….but this story up above is so biased in stating, “Another reason for the high gas prices: positive economic news. The drop in the unemployment rate and improved housing market numbers have caused gas and oil prices to rise.” This could be no more honest than Madoff!!!!!! The reason WHY gas is so high is that AMERICA’S NUMBER ONE EXPORT IS REFINED OIL!!!! WE ARE SELLING THE MAJORITY OF OUR OIL PRODUCTS OVERSEAS, TO PLACES LIKE ASIA, SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE…..Everyone sends us their Crude to refine and we send it back to them because we have the refining capacity!!! The reason why exports of oil products are so great is that AMERICAN DEMAND IS THE LOWEST IT HAS BEEN IN YEARS!!!! Why? Because 20% of our population is unemployed or underemployed and they don’t have the money to drive all over the place…..they are self rationing…..because demand is so low, the oil companies are selling most oil products overseas to make money, which is fine…..the problem is that they are exporting too much, and it is affecting what is left for Americans to divvy up amongst ourselves…..we need a little more oil to stay home so prices will go down….Exporting refined oil is not a crime and the speculators are driving up prices because they know what america is using and what the middle east is doing and they are driving up the prices on purpose…..I DON’T BLAME THE OIL COMPANIES FOR TAKING SO MUCH SUPPLY OUT OF AMERICA….LET THE PRICES GO UP SO OBAMA GETS THE BLAME. THEY DON’T WANT HIM TO BE PRESIDENT AS HE HAS BEEN AT WAR WITH THE OIL COMPANIES SINCE HE TOOK OFFICE….HIS BUNGLED HANDLING OF THE BP OIL SPILL IS A PRIMARY REASON…..NUMEROUS OIL RIGS HAVE LEFT THE GULF OF MEXICO AND THAT IS ALSO AFFECTING OUR SUPPLY…..Wake up CBS and quit making excuses for Obama…..he is a joke.

      • Dredd

        B. Hussein is not only a joke, he is a threat to the security of this nationi AND my family! He has purposely done away with any programs that wold actually produce jobs, as in the pipeline and oil drillng, while EXPORTING more gasoline than EVER! And yet, we have cBS and the other state-run media trotting out BS like this blaming the gasoline price gouging on their own pathetic lies! Unemployment has NOT gone down, but cBS is actually tyring to tie gas prices to it?! WTH?!! The American voter is NOT as ignorant as the state-run media thinks they are and this will all end come November. But by then, it may be too late. The Donks are DOOMED.

    • RonniBlueEyes


      I am at Disney World right now….$3.63 a gallon on property. It was over $3.70 on the Florida turnpike on Friday……AAA is incorrect!!!

      I work for Disney, Roberto. There are no Shell stations on property here at Disney, only Hess stations and that is the price you’re talking about. The Shell station and the Citgo (at the 7-Eleven on 535) are probably the gas stations they’re referring to. They ALWAYS charge at least a dollar a gallon more than the 3 Hess stations on property.

    • SetTheRecordStraight

      As an Orlando resident, I can tell you these particular stations are notorious for hoping unsuspecting tourists don’t notice their high prices. They have been battling with the city of Orlando on whether they should have to post prices on signs as most stations do. If regular gas elsewhere in Orlando is $3.50 a gallon, you can guarantee these stations in the tourist areas will be $2 a gallon more. It has nothing to do with Obama. The stations have been the subject of several TV and newspaper exposes.

      • stace

        correct, if you are to get ensnared by these cretins as a tourist near MCO, go into the bathroom and take a dump on the floor or in the toilet tank…if they store cleaning supplies like many do in the bathroom, urinate all over them…I did that at a Chevron Station in GA on 95 that was 1.20 higher in a location htat was at least 10 miles from another exit, after buying 2 gallons to get me somewhere else…makes you feel better

      • 2012RonPaul2012

        Yes, you are correct. Those two are notorious for charging way more than average for this area.

    • JustAGuy

      Welcome to the Obama Economy. Now grease up because it’s going to get worse!

    • Jim Smith

      LOLOL…there’s that guy peddling his anti-Palin website again who says all the comments on these boards come from computers! LOLOL…what a nutjob.

      *beep* *beep* *beep* I’m a robot. LOL…idiot!

    • DeusVult

      You’re DAMN right!
      Whoever runs againest “resident”(thats NOT a typo!) obama CAN DEFEAT the SOB using his own words/soundbites…take the damn gloves off and SAVE THE REPUBLIC in 2012!
      2012 ABO= “ANYBODY” but obama! (for the LOVE of GOD!)

      • Blue

        None of the republicans running will be able to defeat president Obama.
        The GOP is more corrupt than people know.
        “Big govt intruding into our lives?” – hard to beat the vaginal ultrasounds MANDATED in Virginia. The definition of rape is “penetration without consent”, so in effect, the State govt of V would be raping women.
        Romney flip flops every day and can’t be believed.
        Santorum wants to merge church and state.
        Gingrich is only in it because Adelson keeps throwing money at him to keep Santorum from gaining even more on Romney.
        And Ron Paul hasn’t a chance because he’s too radical.
        They’ve taken they’re gloves off, and they’re making a hell of a mess of themselves.
        Not only is it entertaining, but we’re seeing how evil they really are, and how THEY will push big govt right up all our ***es.
        You pick – either you can have Obama redistributing the wealth to average Americans, who drive the economy, OR you can have a republican redistributing the wealth to corporations that are already wealthy, and don’t drive the economy.
        It’s not rocket science.

      • maroonvee

        Blue … a fetus is a person.. sorry you think the possibility that a woman would decide not to kill her child.. is evil. Liberalism .. a mental illness. and sick sick sick. Santorum is right, the left’s policies are satanic.

      • max

        Hope all americans feel the same and can see the total destruction of our country and our freedoms if this marxist gets in again.

    • passerby

      Well there goes the media again. Look at the picture. Shows $3 and some change on the gas pump not $6.


      • Robert M

        File photo. You’re probably one of those people who think fast food burgers should look exactly like they do on the menu pictures, or think the models in Maxim/FHM aren’t airbrushed and photoshopped.
        Had the story claimed the photo as evidence to back up their story, then I would take issue with it’s use, but it’s rather clear that whoever formatted this story for web publication said something like “A story about gas prices. I better google a pic of a gas pump so casual readers will know this is a story about gas prices.”
        It’s really no different than the evening news reporting a shooting with a box in the upper corner showing the silhouette of a Glock handgun…should you cry media bias if that shooting was perpetrated with a Colt instead of a Glock?

    • http://allroadsleadtofema.wordpress.com allroadsleadtofema

      Yep. He sure made good on that. And yet the sheeple still deny while the evidence continues to fly in their faces. Oh well, we get what we deserve.


    • Jim

      Gas prices aren’t skyrocketing. This is a case of extreme demand in a very popular vacation area.

      • Marlene Klim

        Gas prices are double what they were when 0 took office. That qualifies as skyrocketing.

    • Rusty Pietrzak

      It’s because you’re in Florida! I just paid $3.39 .gal in Dayton, OH Ha ha!

      • Richard

        Yeah well, I’m in California and today paid $4.21 gal.

    • john k

      song about gas cost,

    • jeff

      energy prices

    • SPB

      @Jeff – How kind – would have been nice if “W” had received such sentiment instead of the “It’s his fault – he’s in bed with the Saudis” – what a difference a few years make – ;)

    • Jeff lies

      Jeff, bzzzzzt wrong…

      Who sets standards? EPA. Who leads the EPA? Odumber appointment.

      1984 called, they said you are doing great.

    • Wil

      Please don’t forget to mention that he also mentioned under his system of a “Cap and Trade System”, which by the way is another scheme to redistribute wealth from the USA to other countries who have it so bad.

    • Clint

      Almost, this is what he said, “Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.” Look for these types of increases to eventually impact every source of energy you use…electricity, natural gas, etc…

      • Eric

        I was using Energy as a ‘put your own word here’. Coal, Gas, Electricity, etc…

      • Lawrence

        Clint: You are correct. Obama promised he would redistribute our wealth and create higher gas and electric bills. The fools who voted for him did not understand plain english he spoke. America is headed to total failure and will become another Greece. Obama is killing off what others died trying.

      • republicrat

        Clint, you can’t reason with the unreasonable. Global economics, domestic economics, finite resources crucial to the way the world works…all these factors will not meet intelligent argument so long as Matt Drudge posts it. All Drudge’s minions know how to do is blame Obama. Tell them we have the most inexpensive energy in the developed world and they will argue that it is Obama’s fault that we are not making as much money as we should for it and then blame Obama that it is too expensive. Arguing things of this nature with these people will lower your IQ.

      • teaisstronger


        Red means they don’t have any gas for sale and green means they have gas. Yellow flags mean 4 gallon limit.

      • teaisstronger


        Very soon there will be Gas Stamps for Blacks and Tans so they will not suffer over gas prices.

      • Prof. Carroll Quigley

        Gas prices would not be that bad, if Americans bothered to read their income tax law.

        Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

      • erv

        But Clint, the article listed three reasons why the price of gas is up. I did not see any mention of Obama and his energy policies. You need to get back in line before you are reported.

        Four years ago the media was all over the President when gas prices spiked. Now that we have just been through last year with the highest anual average gas price and started this year with even higher prices we do not hear anything from the media abut the President being at fault.

      • joe

        Even more important, higher energy prices will cause FOOD prices to go up.

        Bin Laden and his friends thank you, Øbowmao, for further destroying America.

      • Marlene Klim

        There is just one good thing about $5 or $6 a gallon gas. The higher that price goes, the better the odds that the Kenyan traitor gets tossed out of The White House come November. It’s probably the best indicator at the moment. Congress has done anything to charge him with crimes. SCOTUS hasn’t stepped up. DOJ is on his knees, with his head in the crotch.

        It’s better than making a donation to any political campaign. Every time I pay for gas nowadays, I tell myself this should take out the #1 enemy within the country.

      • DJM#

        Barry needs to have other types of energy so he can bring his buddies and donors “green” technology. Does anyone realize that “big oil” pays 40% in taxes? The Government makes 6 times the money that the “big oil” companies make because of taxes. Let me ask you, what company paid 40% tax on 7 billion in profit and what company paid NO TAXES on 142 BILLION??
        Answer, ALL OIL COMPANIES paid and GE paid NOTHING

      • LeakingTheTruth

        No one is paying $6 for gas in America. Just another made up story to take attention away from the truth leaking out.

        The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.


      • thomas hunt

        Natural gas is at a historical low level, under 3 dollars per millioon BTU.

      • Stev

        Its all part of it for sure.

        Gogle/Yahoo: Layoffs 2011 or 2012
        This time around the energy prices are going to hurt that much more.

    • URAP-nis

      How stupid can you people be? Do you really vote and possibly even breed??? The avg price in FL is $3.686. If you’re paying $6, you’re an idiot. This is just alarmist BS to make speculators richer. Seriously, how do people dress yourselves in the morning???


    • Sue

      They had to find the dumbest person in the state to get a positive spin on high gas prices??

    • JohnDave

      Frankly, I don’t give a hoot what BHO – The Traitor/Liar/Poser/Socia
      ist-in-Chief says or thinks. He is worse than worthless as a leader.

    • steve

      I like the part where they don’t mention the fact GOLDMAN SACHS admitted that the reason for high has prices was investment SPECULATION.

      Iran? Nope.
      Unemployment? Nope.
      Greece/EU? Absolutely nope.

      CBS must think everyone is an idiot.

    • Richard

      Obama was quoted (it’s on tape) that he “wouldn’t mind if gas prices rose as long as it happened slowly and over a long period of time.” Obviously his policies have contributed to the dramatic rise in prices. In December of 08 gas prices averaged $1.69 but by December of 2011 that average jumped to $3.42. (source: BLS)

    • Americanius

      Remember though, Obummer said he gave us the largest middle class tax cut in history. Well there goes my $15 from the payroll tax cut. And the $40 from making work pay. Watch out his other hand is carrying a big hammer. Not the one redistributing the wealth.

    • Falconexecs

      I only hope the Attorneys General are keeping an eye out for Price Gougers… if one place can be 2.79 and another 5.99 who is making the difference…. hmmmm and it all comes from basically the same place at the same price… follow the money…watch your local prices…and report.

    • OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY... google it!

    • Bill

      Who really believes that the “economy getting better” is the reason for higher gas prices. Do a little more investingating and look at Saudi Arabia is reducing oil production because of less need. OPEC wants more moeny, so they are going to reduce production to keep prices higher.

      • DJM#

        We are producing more gas now than ever. The problem is that Obama and the regime taxes theoil companies for any gas they sell in the US over a certain amount.

      • Blue

        See this article, “Saudi Arabia Will Not Let Oil Go Above $100; Prince”

      • Seriously!

        Thank gawd gas prices are so high. Being such a great indicator of how well our economy is doing. Unfortunately, the “recovering” economy has not put any extra dollars into my pocket to pay for the high gas prices.

        I’ve got to go back to school because I don’t see how high gas prices means a great economy. Seems counter-intuitive to me

      • Byron Winw

        There are solutions to high gas prices. Visit http://www.byronwine.com

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Actually Ohio is the state to watch out for. Of all the red states McQuisling gave away in ’08, that one will probably be the least easy one to win back. Of course picking off PA, MI and/or WI if/when Mugabenomics hits full stride this summer won’t hurt either.

    • calvin

      He actually said ” With my cap and trade Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket” He did say he was in favor of a gradual increase in the cost of gas.

    • sj

      i see nothing in this article talking about the administration not letting us drill in the gulf and the keystone pipeline being killed.. I wonder why?

      • Blue

        The pipeline hasn’t been killed, just delayed.

    • Robert

      The holiday & the illusion that we need to be going in to Iran for another war are also factors.

    • bill

      I hope Florida chokes on their gas prices because they are part of the problem .They have oil all around south Florida and they want let them drill for it. People can’t afford to go down ther before the gas skyrocketed

    • LTG

      Don’t forget that unemployment is good for us and higher taxes are great for us and the economy. If we don’t believe it we must be dunces. Convinced Yet? VOTE!!!!

    • alio

      Hey, I heard that comment and was scared out of my sox.
      Didn’t anyone else hear it? They voted for him not me.

      THANK YOU OBAMA for more than doubling the gas prices.

      • URAP-nis

        lol. moron.

    • Zach

      “There is no magic pill”.

      Baloney… open the Alaskan oil deposits… even the THREAT of opening them will lower gas prices.. duh…

      They could also stop all speculation in the oil industry and not do business with any country that allows oil speculation…. duh.

      I’m just joe blow with a minimal education and even I know these things…

      Obama is the very Satan that Santorum warned us about.

      • Duby

        Zach you are correct about obama being satan

    • YES WE CAN... AGAIN!


      I just reported you to http://www.AttackWatch.net

    • Winkycat

      The article gives one reason for the spike in oil prices and it has to do with a foreign event, in this case Iran. We have enough of proven oil in the US alone to be free of foreign events dictating the cost of gas. It is not a shortage of oil in Iran or the US but a political decision that is driving the cost of gas to unprecedented levels. Alaska alone a state that is five hundred and fifty thousand square miles is basically unexplored. The oil fields of Texas to California to our off shore deposits to the shale content that are already proven surpass all the oil proven in the Middle East. It is easy for this administration to blame foreign events for our domestic oil crisis which seems the habit of this administration by the way, without lifting a finger to open up our domestic oil production.

    • JimS

      Argg… I don’t like the man, but please stop posting stuff like the video above. IT IS FAKE, FALSE, ETC. http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2012-02-18/story/fact-check-obamas-ssn-not-same-dead-man

    • NOT BOB

      Gotta Love a guy who keeps his promise

    • Gibbs Bentley

      “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” ~ H. L. Mencken


      • Gibbs Bentley

        Thanks for sending the hits … from a mental deficient room temperature IQ, low grade moron as you, I can only expect more. BDDD, 3 d’s for being extra degenerate.

      • BDDD

        Hi nut! New nick name same old B S on your site! You make the REAL whistle-blowers look insane!

    • rick

      To quote Eric:

      “I am a racist Republican.”

      • Robert M

        The only thing worse than racism is accusations of racism based on no evidence. Isn’t basing a charge of racism solely on someone’s political leanings a great example of the same prejudice that fuels actual racism?

        Be careful: Hating someone inevitably turns you into that which you hate.

    • MadCharles

      How’s that Hope and Change Yes We Can working out ?
      Had enough yet ?

    • roger

      Prices are going up but this story is leaving out so much it’s scary. The “Suncoast Energy” prices in Orlando have been up over $5 for years. They’re a last-resort station near the airport and the prices are intentionally high, so much so that they’ve been battling new sign regulations for quite awhile. Everybody that knows about those stations goes somewhere else, and their prices hardly reflect extreme prices in Orlando or the state.

    • Maria-Erlinda

      This if from Obama’s own words: “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

      And electric cars get more than 60% of their electricity from coal-powered plants.

      Understand it once and for all, it isn’t about the environment; the hardcore-Left –i.e., Obama and the Democrats– uses environmentalism to smoother –as if possible, destroy– free-enterpreneurism, to push America further toward socialism –no matter in which form– a failed ideology…as evidenced by the monumental collapse of the Soviet Empire (i.e., the Soviet Union and its satellites) and the dire situation that Europe –epitomized by Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland– is facing now.

      Obama has inflicted –purposely and maliciously– inordinate destruction on America; he must be voted out of office this coming November.

    • Jeff

      Obviously many of your are in some way brain damaged. The quote says electricity prices, not energy prices and applied to coal under a proposed cap and trade system that was never implemented. If you want to stretch the truth into a lie go ahead.

      Obama does not say energy prices, he says electricity.

      • Me

        Obama is a low life liar and destroyer of middle-class America. Those that still support that worthless clown are useful idiots in the true Stalinist sense of the phrase.

    • Phill

      Not exact quote but not far from the facts.

    • StopSpreadingLies

      More made up news?

      Unelected officials have taken over Washington and are orchestrating the daily news. Most of the comments and replies you’re reading online are government created too. With many stories the COMMENTS ARE CREATED BEFORE THE STORY IS REPORTED. They are designed to generate a response to engage “dangerous people” in real time.

      The oldest, first, highest, best, and most popular rated comments are almost all government propaganda. They are conducting Psy-ops (psychological operations) for domestic spying. They have 1000s of user names and are determined to bury the truth or ATTACK anyone leaking it.

      Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      The biggest cover up starts here

    • mathwiz

      That’s a funny picture. $58.74 is a lot for gas, but it’s only $3.74 a gallon for 15.71 gallons – a little less than the $6.00 headline.

      • orlandoresident


        Do you live in Florida? I do. There are two asshats near Orlando International that are routinely $2+ over whatever the actual price of gas is at the time, and I believe they have a hand in the Lake Buena Vista station. They have been protested against to the point legislative action has been considered for price gouging.

        This same story has been used for years about these same stations. Don’t get me wrong, I hate high gas prices, but jesus this is lazy reporting.

      • sherri

        There is one link in the story … goes to gasbuddy.com. That link shows that, of the highest prices in the entire state of Florida, there are three stations above $5/gl., 10 or so in the $4+/gl. range, and the rest are below $4/gl. Followed the link (singular). Just because 3 stations in the entire state of Florida are charging above $5/gl. doesn’t make it an across-the-board deal. And don’t get me wrong, I think we’ll all be paying, or close thereto, by summer. And insofar as stock pictures that the media uses, they should check the pictures more closely before they utilize them, because usually they use them to make their point.

      • mathwiz

        @ landowner

        I’m sure people are charging $6.00 for gas, I didn’t read the story, but I was disputing it. I just thought a picture of a gas pump w/ $3.74 was funny for an article talking about $6.00 gas.

      • Landowner

        Better check the link offered in the story. There are 2 stations charging what the story said they were. Does no one follow the links for evidence?

    • NoFear

      meanwhile he and his entourage are driving around in an armor plated “Beast” that gets a whopping 6 miler per gallon.

      What a total hypocrit and a liar.

      Senator Wilson was right. Obama Lies and nobody calls him on it.

    • RadioRoberto

      I am at Disney World right now….$3.63 a gallon on property. It was over $3.70 on the Florida turnpike on Friday……AAA is incorrect!!!

      • astralweeks

        At one gas station in Lake Buena Vista today it was 5.86 a gallon and 5.99 for premium.

    • Allhaildagreatleader

      Why yes! Gas Prices must indeed go up, but not too quickly. Once prices are in the 10-15 dollar a gallon range, only the Liberal elite, and those living on the taxpayer’s money will be able to afford to drive. Then we riff-raff types will be off the roads, and our leader or his bride can head out on another taxpayer funded vacation and not have to deal with a bunch of cretins clogging up the traffic in front of them. As the economy tanks because of fuel prices, the Democrats will promise bigger and better food stamps and win every election. Then Pelosi can commandeer another luxury tax payer funded jet for her and her friends to gallivant around the world drinking from a taxpayer funded full bar.

    • joe

      in this case we can fix stupid we can vote him out and drill baby drill.

      • SD1

        @tiredofrepublicans – If you define “a year” as 365 days times 300, then you’d be right. There is an estimated 300 years of oil in Alaska alone.

        @Damon F. – US oil drilling has not increased by a factor of 4 under Obama. Offshore drilling may have, but then the question is, who is doing the drilling? US rigs? No. Brazillian and Chinese? Yep.

      • Marlene Klim

        As Boone Pickins said, “drill here, drill now, drill everywhere’. He pushed for natural gas and got handouts for that as well.

      • Damon F.

        Oil drilling has quadrupled under Obama. No need to let facts get in the way, though.

      • tiredofrepublicans

        Drill where? Alaska? There’s only enough oil in Alaska to keep up our habits for a year. Gulf of Mexico/Florida. We see how well that worked out with BP.

    • Common Sense

      Jeff –
      “The President has no power over gas prices. ”
      Supply and demand can determine this and the president is doing a good job of keeping supply low. He is trying to force the demand to go down…doesn’t work that way in a free society
      He can stop blocking the oil permits in the gulf and get them going again. He can approve the keystone pipeline and get some oil from Canada

    • Cookie Monster

      I like cookies

    • Jon

      @Jeff No, that quote is real. Search youtube for: Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket. You apparently didn’t look hard enough when ‘looking it up’.

      As for nations with nationalized oil industries their prices per gallon are even higher than ours in most cases. And, no, most people don’t drive as a choice. They have no choice otherwise they wouldn’t be able to get to work, do grocery shopping and other needed traveling. Not everyone lives in a city and have a short enough commute to afford taxi fares.

    • Fier Marshal

      This is for the author of the article, Matthew L. Higgins

      Please tell Angie Drobnic Holan and Bill Adair at PolitiFact Florida to remove their panties
      on fire rating for your truthful reporting


    • LMurphy

      My question to america is …Since the people heard him say this..WHY would anyone in their right mind vote for someone that already put us under the bus without a fight and demanding the eco friendly groups to stuff it and drill our own oil. This country was blessed to abundantly provide for itself and have extra to give… NOT to buy, beg, borrow, credit or whatever from other nations…Or even take for that matter…

  • Gunny G

    YEAH! How’s that HOPEY/CHANGEY treating you Obama voters in Floriduh!?

    • Mark

      Any FL voter that voted for that Marxist, bigot, waste-of-blood is a complete fool.

      • Ding Fries are Done

        I did.


    • Zach

      The gas prices are just the tip of the iceberg. Read how Obama is letting companies replace American workers (high paying jobs)… so far, this year alone, 79,000 foreigners have been brought here on H1B Visas to replace US Citizens… and 400K H1B VIsas are already here…

      Read about it at:

      • BDDD

        Until the booze, drugs, fast food and name brand sneakers get in short supply NOTHING will change.

        E-B-T! “Rome is the mob. The mob is Rome.”

    • Obamadidn'tcausethis

      just fine Dummy, I mean Gunny G

  • Yep


    • Omega 13

      I hope you change..

      • Yep

        Into something Sexier?

  • END the FED

    Sheriff Mack Supreme Court ruling states rights up holds citizens rights against federal Government oppression .

    Obama is Wrong on economic and tax policy, and Obamacare is no different . We need more supply not Higher taxation which is without fair representation because the supply side markets are not expanding to bring down the Economic hardship price that a Lack of a Federal Policy is causing we the people then we need to employee the states rights to succeed the federal Governments lack of will to do Nothing !!!!! This is the Answer to USA Citizens Rights !!!!! http://www.henrymakow.com/the_states_can_tell_the_feds_t.html

    • W

      “. . .then why does the majority of all US oil produced end up being sold overseas at a higher price?”

      Because the “cleanness” of the oil isn’t up to snuff for our EPA standards. . .courtesy of Obama and his appointees. Compared to companies like Walmart, Apple or Microsoft, oil company profits are peanuts. Did you really state that more product sold would result in less profit? Wow. I’m. . . speechless at that one.

    • Mike Bingham

      Since you are willing to beat up the oil and gas companies for their profits and call people idiots like a little child, are you willing to do the same for your government who gouges at the pump on the tax rate or are you not willing to take aim at your God Obama.

    • END the FED

      I am sorry you feel I am a dumb a$$ but if the Monetary policy was back in the hands of we the people we would be directing all those Trillions of dollar they have spent towards Our USA productions to creat a expansion of supply and that would make more Jobs .

    • Bill

      First of all, if we produced and refined more gas and oil here, prices would go down. Its basic economics. Oh yea – Just call people a dumb ass rather than have a conversation.
      Second, the problem is OPEC not the US is defining our prices, and our fed Obama Admisistration) is letting them do it. Why? because we have to go green (says the same fed). Look at history when we had strong Presidents and Leadership. Not like the Jimmy Carter or the Marxist that currently resides in the White house.
      Finallly, I agree with you that we should get rid of the Fed (Federal Reserve) Talk about stealing from us in daylight.

      • PO'ed in Maryland

        Bill – I have a YouTube clip of Maxine Waters saying EXACTLY what she want to do – and that is have the Fed take over the oil companies. If the clip doesn’t make it, go to YouTube and search Maxine Waters Slip of the Tongue. She is a liberal socialist and admits it here.

        Remember that politics is ultimately about control at every level. The shame / sham is that Democratic politics is about getting and staying in power for the sake of staying in power – they usually do not have a plan for what they plan to do once they get there. Barry has no other plan than for trying to get elected, and if he does win 2012 then you will see his true nature really come out – just like our lovely governor in Maryland – he cannot get reelected, so you can now really see what he is all about, and that is for taxing Marylanders to death.

        Here is the Waters clip:

      • New York Nick

        Watters should move to CU BA and be Fidel’s beeeeech…..she might not even make the cut she’s so naaaasty….

      • daveca

        Heres another of Maxine Waters:

      • max

        love it.

      • stace


    • TryReadingSometime

      Oil and gas companies are getting about 8% ROI, on average. Compare this to Apple’s much higher ROI and some other industries with higher profit margins that nobody ever chastises for making “record profits.” Oil and gas company profits are in big numbers because they spend hundreds of billions on exploration and production each year. If you want to learn something, look at Exxon’s annual SEC filings and see how much money they spend to make the profit they make.

      nerobama’s energy policies are designed to increase the cost of energy, he said as much himself so let’s not pretend that he isn’t using the federal bureaucracy to increase the cost of producing energy through regulatory action, red tape, fees, and unnecessary limitations on oil and gas producers.

      Oil and gas companies are always looking to increase production for several reasons. First, increasing reserves (discovered oil or gas which can be recovered) grows the value of the company. There’s only one way to discover producing areas: drill. 9 out of 10 exploratory wells are dry holes, so a lot of drilling is necessary to find new reserves. Second, oil and gas leases have a defined term, usually 5 years. If one does not drill and obtain production within the primary term, the lease expires and somebody else may lease the lands before you can obtain a new lease. Nobody wants to lose a lease, it’s expensive and unnecessary. Third, oil companies need to replace those depleted reserves. Because wells do not produce continuously at the same rate, it is necessary to replace the depleted production at a rate equal to the aggregate decline of production, in order for the company to grow. This takes a lot of drilling.

      A commodity or fungible good is sold for the same price everywhere. Transporting crude overseas will add to the cost of the crude delivered. Because it’s a commodity and the price cannot be increased above market price, one makes less profit by exporting crude. The only reason to do it is if there is not sufficient refining capacity in the US to handle it.

      Part of the high price component which was omitted by the writer here is that crude is priced in dollars, worldwide. As the federal government has pursued policies which are devaluing the dollar, crude becomes more expensive because it takes a larger number of depreciated dollars to buy a barrel. What we see at the pump is that it takes more depreciated dollars to buy a gallon of refined gasoline. Diesel is more expensive because the EPA mandated that its sulfur content had to be reduced 95% (glowbull warming nonsense). What was once a byproduct of refining gasoline now has to be refined itself. This increases the cost of diesel and reduces refining capacity for other petroleum goods like gasoline.

      The writer is dead wrong on his reasoning for the high cost of crude. The unemployment rate was artificially lowered because record numbers of unemployed people were scrubbed from the workforce and no longer counted in the statistics. The conflict in the Strait of Hormuz only popped up in the last couple weeks. How could it have caused the run-up in crude prices over the last 3 years? Easy, it couldn’t because it hadn’t happened yet. So there has to be another reason. Hint: it’s not the Greek bailout. The Greeks aren’t suddenly driving more because their country made a bond sale. It simply doesn’t work that way. If anything, their crude demand has softened under austerity measures and decreased governmental spending. Per the most recent figures I could find, Greece is ranked 33rd in the world (just above Pakistan) in crude consumption, ising 409,000 barrels/day, compared to the 18,810,000 barrels/day in the US. A country that consumes only 0.00454% of world crude consumption just doesn’t have the purchasing power to increase the price of a commodity by much.

      In short, The writer has no idea what he or she is talking about, and neither do you.

      • I P Standing

        blow hard psuede

  • oun temora

    Isn’t it Obama’s job to set the gas prices so we do not see pain at the pump? Oh wait, this is just the free market working.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Free market?? LOL! It’s primarily 3 factors. First, HIS policies are destroying domestic production, not to mention the EPA practically requiring a different blend for every freaking ZIP code, enormously increasing distribution costs (and pollution to deliver it, btw). Secondly, the part of the world where we’re forced to get it from is spiraling out of control due to HIS total lack of serious leadership. Third, with HIS insanely reckless fiscal policies we’re forced to PRINT UP OUT OF THIN AIR a large part of what we’re currently “paying” our bills with, destroying the purchasing power of the dollar. If we weren’t in such a severe DEPRESSION right now with incredibly weak demand it would actually be far WORSE.

    • Gaffer

      But it was Obama who emptied the Gulf of oil rigs after neglecting the spill for 4-6 weeks, who continues to keep ANWR from development in less that .1% of its acreage, who refuses to allow the Canadian pipelines into the use to process shale oil, who continues the long-standard Democrat/Liberal treehugger process of denying new refineries, etc, and who encourages lawsuits over new and old nuclear plants? That Obama?

      If you mean “free market’, do you mean the oil market we are relegated to participate in in the mid-East now that Obama stopped all development here? The same mid-East where he fomented unrest in Egypt, Libya and now Syria (curiously ignoring the Iranian protests a year or so ago?)….

      Get YOUR facts straight, a$$hole.

    • Reginald Winthorp

      It’s the free market working because of his misguided policies. Don’t forget when he campaigned he railed that higher gas prices were the basis of benefiting Bush’s pals in the oil industry. It seems he has some friends in the oil industry I guess.

      • WingNutJobs

        You idiots have no clue how this works. It is oil speculators and Big Oil sending prices through the roof with the over paranoid Fox news contributing with hand wringing over Iran. It is causing a non-issue event to be able to drive the prices. Do a little research and look at the recent speculator activity. We get over half of our oil from this continent and the real price should be about $75/b. Speculators are making a killing off of us. Historically, financial speculators accounted for about 30 percent of oil trading in commodity markets, while producers and end users made up about 70 percent. Today it’s almost the reverse.

      • Phil

        @oun temora The policy of not increasing the supply of crude oil. See, even in your own tofu-eating, tree-hugging, and head-in-the-sand world, two principles govern the world: supply and demand. Because the supply of crude oil is low, the demand, according to 260+ years of economic theory, will rise, as will prices. This is not Fox News, this is not the “crazy, Christian Right,” these are facts, irrefutable facts. Had you taken the time to put down “The Audacity of Hope” and pick up an “Econ 101” book, you would have the cognitive ability to comprehend.

      • oun temora

        What misguided policies exactly? Oil prices are no higher than they were in 2008. These gas prices are a result of a recovering economy.

      • FinalIssue

        You’re all missing the point. If you print $2 trillion in “liquidity” you wind up devaluing the dollar and inflating the price of oil (which is priced in dollars). And because the fed has now become the largest buyer of treasuries due to an inability to address unsustainable spending levels, we can now expect oil prices to rise indefinitely. Wake up, this is what the erosion of your purchasing power looks like.

      • Landowner

        There is no lack of oil. Tankers sit in the water waiting to unload to overstuffed storage facilities. Refineries shutdown to become storage facilities. Do you folks not read? We are net exporters of gas, sheesh it’s been all over the news. Open up another pipline, drill baby wahtever. Till you get the gamblers…I mean speculators out of it this is where we are.

    • nmspoke

      I’m sure that’s exactly what you said when bush was in collusion with his oil buddies – hypocrite

      • oun temora

        Well, Bush was trying to get oil prices lower—securing the middle east supply. It didn’t work out though.

    • Texashorseman

      That is correct except when prices rose during the bush admin.the stories ran on a daily basis that he was to blame. Yes it is Obama’s problem. Remember he stated “under my plan energy prices will skyrocket. His energy sec. his word not mine. “we need to get our gas prices more in line with Europe”. He doesn’t set prices just policies which affect prices.

      • PO'ed in Maryland

        He does want to make us look like Europe. How is that Euro thing and the EU doing? Not so good? Greece? Looking like it needs a bailout?

        This guy is a muslim shill that has no love for the US of A

      • Chris Edens

        Oun Temora: How about killing the pipeline deal and the kowtowing he does to the environmental wacko’s and the EPA? Just 2 right off the top of my head. Yes, the pipeline deal doesn’t mean we would see lower prices because they would sell the oil at a higher price on the open market but that is a policy issue and one of his to fix.

        Americans are using less fuel than ever and we have a stockpile yet prices are climbing. We are outside of normal market conditions here and the rule of supply and demand as it applies to the US is broken. We have one of the largest oil deposits in the world and we sit on it while making the OPEC cartel billions.

      • Chris

        What can a president, any president, do about gasoline prices?
        Quite a bit actually.
        The Obama administration has choked off deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The Obama administration, and previous ones, have choked off shallow water drilling too. The Obama administration nixed the Keystone pipeline and has done nothing to open up America’s huge oil resources in ANWR. Do those policies immediately affect short term oil prices in a global oil market? Not much but, at the margins, they certainly can make a difference. And in the long term, they can make a big difference.
        More immediately, the White House can issue executive orders suspending or abolishing the ridiculous requirements for refiners to constantly retool and re-retool, at great expense, to make different recipes of gasoline depending on the state and the season. All that expense adds to the numbers at the pump too.
        “Drill baby drill” may sound simplistic, but the prospect of significantly increased amounts of crude coming to market soon or eventually can bring down prices overall. The fact that there’s no comprehensive committment to increasing America’s domestic oil production means there’s not expectation that there will be much more oil coming from the U.S. …which is part of the market process that pushes prices higher. Making such a committment would make a big difference and could do a lot to cool down a hot global oil market.
        Blaming speculators for the market’s direction is just silly. Speculators buy into commodities they EXPECT will go up in price. They’re like the stock market, responding to market forces already in play. No speculator has the market moving power of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world gassing up their cars. …or of a few Middle East kleptocrats with their hands on the shutoff valve.

      • oun temora

        Which policies? I guess he could force high gas mileage requirements so less gasoline is purchased.

    • Dbblaine

      Get informed and stop drinking the cool aid

      • oun temora

        I am trying to get informed, please inform.

      • Dave

        tempora — read at financialsense.com; lots of perspectives there that you won’t get here, and it’s not about party politics. Puplava has excellent interviews and guest editorialists, all qualified in their fields. There is way too much to discuss in these noisy forums

    • Skep41

      The Free Market would have built the Keystone Pipeline, promoted offshore drilling and let coal and nuclear expand. We are headed for poverty because of the energy policies of the Democrats and Obama.

      • oun temora

        Keystone may have a small impact, sure, but the cost of producing oil from oil sands is such that the prices of oil will always be this high. Plus, I don’t think the other big oil producers will let the oil prices drop—Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria—you get the picture.

      • krp

        @oun Keystone would enable oil to be purchased in US Dollars to people that would willing accept US Dollars – instead of people that would want to be converting them into Euros.
        Regardless of the high price of retrieving oil from oil sands, it would still provide an alternative source for oil which would indeed put downward pressure on oil prices globally.
        Producing oil closer to home would reduce the need to maintain good relationships with places like the Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, etc.
        We saw in December, when it seemed imminent that the pipeline would be approved, that gas prices dropped but as soon as the pipeline was nixed, gas prices started rising again. We have just experienced the impact of even the speculation of the pipeline on the price of, if not oil, the end product.

        You could cook dinner over an open fire, and it would be cheaper than buying a stove and installing it in your kitchen, but you still have a stove in your kitchen, right? Just because one option is cheaper, doesn’t always make it the best option.

    • Alex Westland

      Actually, Obama explicitly stated that he WANTED gas prices to rise. Its part of his ridiculous utopian vision for the rest of us (ie, not his friends and allies, to whom tax payer money is shoveled).

      What, you didn’t believe him? How dare you ignorant twits get on here and try and deflect blame…

      Ever heard of supply and demand? 10 years ago, the Dems denounced opening up new drilling because it “would take to long to help.” Well, its now 10 years later…

      Unfortunately, you silly leftists never, ever learn…


      No that is not his job, his job is to block pipleines and drilling in the Golf so the Free market is forced to raise the price..

    • The system Stopped Woking

      100% BS! The frre market stopped working in the late 80’s, the system switched to price manipulation and it will never go back! Free market my ass!

    • biff malibu

      We don ‘t have a free market in this country. That’s the problem. The oil industry and it’s allied industries are among the most heavily regulated industries in this country. Over taxed and over regulated from the well head to the gas pump.

    • v. wheeler

      When G. W. Bush was president, you lie beruhl idjits blamed him for every penny increase in gasoline prices as if he was spending his mornings dictating the price. Now that your favored Marxist is in POWER, it is the free market. I suggest you butt out when the adults are in conversation, Junior.

    • Jeff Trib

      Obama has shut down some of the free market. No drilling in the gulf. He closed down areas in the west for drilling, he shut down drilling research of the east coast unless it is 200 miles out, and he shut down the pipeline from Canada. Sometimes prices go up, and then they go down. Things in the middle east do cause prices to spike. But, they would not spike as high if we would drill here. If this administration, would stop always saying no to the things I mentioned above. To say Obama does not have something to do with this is just like you not blaming bush for the high prices when he was in there. Ohhh, and by the way, when Bush left office, I was paying $1.61… Hope and change?

    • robert

      No, this is NOT the free market working. You can’t possibly be that stupid. If this were a ‘free market’, Obama would not be preventing us from meeting the demand with a more ample supply, which would absolutely result in lower prices. The gov’t, led by Obama, has stalled drilling and refining in the US since he got elected. We are now seeing the results of that. In a free market, businesses that want to address this problem by creating more supply would be allowed to do so.

    • devilpup

      Obama has done everything possible to ensure gas prices go through the roof. We have a proven filed in Montana called The Bakkan Field, it has more oil than ALL of the middle east combined. The environmentalists have congress by the short hairs and won’t let us get it. We could have gas at the pumps for a little over a dollar a gal. The middle east could go eat their sand.

      • Still unemployed in FL

        Was supposed to go to the Bakkan and work. That area was paying huge..would have solved soo many different problems in this country. But now, here I sit..STILL unemployed. I’ve lost everything..houses, cars, you name it. This country is going to hell. If obama or romney get elected..I’m seriously considering leaving the country. I can’t take much more.

    • Just Goofin Off

      The energy market is not free, it is regulated by the EPA. A free market would not have multiple blends of gasoline. A free market would allow new refineries to be built. A free market would allow drilling. Free, my behind.

  • tucsondon

    What a great time to throw a blues party at the White House! Impeccable timing Mr. President! How about following it up with 18 holes and a vacation?

    • jubalante

      Michelle just got back from Hawaii and now is on the slopes in either Vail or Aspen (can’t remember which). I don’t think the Queen Bee is ever over vacations.

  • Jimmy Danger

    get obama back in again we can pay $10 a gallon thanks dems i love you all

    • George W. Axl Rosebush

      Or start siphoning from the tanks of cars with Obama stickers…heeheehee.

  • Allie F.

    Thanksk Obama….you are succeeding in destroying our entire economy with your egregious and corrupt policies and agenda.

  • Nothing

    Thank you King Obama for allowing us subject to pay more for the needs in our life.

  • http://revoltofthepatriots.wordpress.com revoltofthepatriots

    Just wait until we strike Iran. It will be $9 a gallon.

    • Robert M

      Just imagine how high it could go if Iran kept their word, nuked Israel, and began a region-wide conflict involving the entire OPEC region, not to mention a military response from the rest of the world.
      That is a much bigger threat. No oil from Iran would be insignificant next to losing all supply from the entire Middle East.
      Also worth considering is that while Iran has large crude oil supplies, they have little to no refining capacity and import the majority of their gasoline, so much so that they have chronic shortages. The world can keep moving without crude from Iran, but Iran comes to a near halt without gasoline from the rest of the world.

      • http://revoltofthepatriots.wordpress.com revoltofthepatriots

        Bwahaha!!! Your comment sounds like a copy and paste job from Bill O’Reilly himself.

  • JPG

    Useless photo – it also shows a price of $3.739 per gallon.

    • Long Island Foodie

      Exactly my thought. Someone is asleep at the wheel.

    • Meghan

      $3.73 is a more accurate depiction of gas prices in Orlando than $6.

  • graz

    you can thank the food stamp prez for this one

  • earllutz

    This is a red heiring by the MSM.

    These stations have huge costs because they are the only stations near rental car returns.

    They rape people trying to get to the airport on time. Frankly.. I like it!

    • earllutz

      by costs I mean prices.. They dont post them and people just drive up and start pumping without checking the price (so they deserve the price)

      This is just an attempt to make you feel guilty about NOT paying $6 so you’ll not blame obama for gas prices

      Typical Liberals… Blame Bush not Iraq then blame Iran not Obama. When will the “redistrubtion” obama promised stop? Nov 2012…

  • JStrange

    where are the daily news reports on the working man from the pump on the local morning news – we got to see those 24/7 when bush was in office, but since Obama is a stinking democrat, the press gives him a free pass! What a JOKE! Go have another party Barry or Go on vacation, spend and take all you can.

  • Dbblaine

    Now, that’s Hope and Change that you can believe in. Barack Hussein Obama- MMM, MMM, MMM!

  • Bob

    Hope, Change. Rinse Repeat all you sheep

  • American Heretic

    Another reason for high prices is the stifling of supply. Canada is sitting on 1.5 trillion barrels of Oil and we cannot get it to the U.S. America has another 1.5 trillion barrels under the Green River Formation of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. There is almost no oil production coming from there. Obama wants to drive up the price of gas to make his alternative energy, like Solyndra, affordable. Thank you President Zero.

  • The Man from Scene 24

    Obama cannot set pump prices, but he CAN create conditions favorable to less expensive gas and that’s what he doesn’t want to do. So yes, he IS responsible for these prices. His own energy sec. says that he wants our prices to match those in Europe. Kick tese %^*$#’s out in 2012!

  • Gary

    obama seems to enjoy poking the American people with his stick. We are going to turn the tables on him 11/6/12 and EVICT him on 1/20/13.

    • Dope and Chains

      And then the next corporate banker puppet steps in and continues the agenda, but perhaps at a slightly reduced pace in the hope you stop paying attention. These people think in generational time frames. The goal is control of all resources, including people by a brutal world government while getting rid of a few billion souls. They are pure evil.

  • B B

    Stop the speculation

  • Srd

    When gas prices hit $4 a gallon in 2008, candidate Barack Obama said it was due to previous failed energy policies. Now that prices are heading still higher, President Obama calls it progress.

    • O'Biden Ben Drinkin

      It is progress…..

      If you are an OPEC member.

  • Joe S.

    Where is the outrage at Obama? I remember when gas inched up during the Bush administration, the Dems and media where throwing fits. Now you can hear crickets from the Dems and more noticeably, the main stream media. How predictable.

    • Dave LCAC

      Thanks Joe, you are right on target. The Demorats screamed bloody murder about GWB being in bed w/ big oil and how we were paying for the fat cats lining their pockets. So now time to replace GWB with Obozo and see how it fits. Of course I know no prez can do this and in reality it is an international issue but failed domestic policy combined with failed foriegn policy equals $6.00 a gallon gas.

  • Eric

    What BS…the price of gasoline has to be decoupled from the speculation buying of crude oil. Along with that, the speculation buyers should be mandated to take possession of the oil they purchase. These two ideas, if enacted, would lower the price of gasoline in half immediately. Gasoline should never be priced on the speculation market, it should only be priced on the actual cost to bring it to market. We need a one week moratorium from driving, then we can see the oil gougers swim in excess inventory. And why are we shuttering refineries?….

    • B. Samuel Davis

      Good idea but impractical. You decouple it and you have what happened during Carter’s time – lines at the pump. The way to get cheap oil and gas is to have more of it – off California’s coast is five times the size of what’s in Alaska. And yes we need to build more refineries. Most important, we need to get rid of the idiot in the White House.

      • krp

        Actually, the weak economy has reduced demand for gasoline that we are now exporting refined gasoline, because we have a surplus of it. But yes indeed, we need to get rid of the idiot in the White House, as well as a large number of the idiots that put him there.

  • B. Samuel Davis

    If we had a Republican President the major media would be screaming for his head over this.

    Don’t be played by these people! Avoid major media and maybe it will go away. It is all poison anyway – ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC – major newspapers – look what these people have done to African Americans in this country. You want that happening in your community? AVOID DEMOCRATS!

  • ErinF

    As I recall, Florida voted for obama. Elections have consequences.

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