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The battle between conservatives and President Obama over his recent demand to require contraception as a part of the insurance plans of  faith-based organizations (even if they oppose such coverage based on religious principle)  should cause all Americans to ask an even larger looming question: 

“Why is President Obama and our government so concerned about providing contraception to everyone, when those who cannot afford contraception in the first place already have alternatives such as Planned Parenthood?”

Does President Obama REALLY want everyone to have free condoms?

This legislation has absolutely nothing to do with providing resources to women “so that they don’t have to choose between birth control and a rent payment” as President Obama was quoted as saying last week.  If this were truly the case, perhaps the Obama re-election campaign team should produce some billboards showing the image of a smiling young single woman holding a bag of groceries in one hand and a box of Obamacare brand condoms in her other, with the slogan “Yes, we CAN!” printed boldly across the bottom of the board. 

 According to Planned Parenthood, the cost of birth control pills or the patch for women range in price between only $15 to$50/month depending on the womans health insurance coverage, while condoms range in price from only 20 cents to $2.50/each.  A multitude of other options also exist including a cervical cap, diaphragm, or the depro-provera shot and have a similar monthly cost.  These out-of-pocket expenses hardly seem to be burdensome to the average American adult couple seeking to engage in regular sexual activity. I mean, for pete’s sake, even Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania has been selling “PLAN B”  (the emergency ‘morning after’  pill) from a vending machine for only $25, so why is President Obama pushing this issue right now?

Furthermore, since when has ensuring birth control availability become the responsibility of the U.S. Government anyway?  I understand that other nations such as China have already instituted legislation regarding birth control, but this is America.  What is REALLY going on?  Is sex without fear of childbirth really what the founding fathers meant when they said “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness“?   What is next, Liposuction? European body waxing? Really?  Is Obama seriously that concerned about saving sexually active women from having to pay for condoms or does he have a much bigger ulterior motive?

Under the guise of ‘improved and complete health care’, Obama and his liberal re-election campaign machine are strategically attempting to marginalize people of moral religious convictions in an effort to further divide America for the democratic party’s political gain with no regard to maintaining the sanctity of the family, womens health, or religious freedoms protected in the Constitution.  

Introducing and pushing this issue less than nine months before the November election is simply a pathetic attempt to cause an emotional uproar and debate among Americans surrounding this very hotly debated social issue, in an effort to remove the focus from Obama’s lackluster 3 year record.  Unfortunately, Obama would prefer to NOT have to deal with or address the more important major domestic and international issues that deserve a public conversation such as the extremely fragile housing and jobs market, boiling tensions with Iran, rising oil and gas prices, out of control national debt and deficits, and crumbling international economies.

Obama and his team are savvy enough to recognize that contraceptives are not cost prohibitive to sexually active adults, yet,  by creating a  firestorm of an issue out this topic, where no issue actually existed, he benefits from the distraction that it has caused, without suffering any possible negative downside repercussions. 

Simply stated, Obama’s interest in contraception is nothing more than a political diversion tactic with the hope that YOU as a voter will remember him every time you climb into bed with your partner.

Comments (2)
  1. tim says:

    I would think one look at the teenage birth rate in the U.S these days would point out why free condoms should be available. There is no excuse for the stupidity of teenage pregnancy.

  2. Darwin Phillips says:

    There would also be no excuse for those that are so invested in their own greed and pitiful lives that they see no need to help their brothers and sisters, the ones who feign concern over zygots but refuse to acknowledge a toddler

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