TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Mitt Romney oozed confidence and a defiant Newt Gingrich seemed to acknowledge his momentum had been checked, at least for now, as Florida Republicans voted Tuesday to decide who gets the state’s 50 delegates, the biggest prize yet in the Republican presidential nomination contest.

Romney is heavily favored in the winner-take-all primary, the final and possibly pivotal contest in a high-stakes month in which the former Massachusetts governor has claimed one win and two second-place finishes so far. On Monday, he campaigned so optimistically that he broke into song.

Without predicting a winner or endorsing a candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., told CNN on Tuesday: “The winner of Florida is in all likelihood going to be the nominee of our party.”

But Gingrich would have none of that talk. Outside a polling place in Orlando Tuesday, he told reporters the race wouldn’t be decided until June or July — “unless Romney drops out earlier.”

In Palm Beach, Julian Stoopler, a 68-year-old investment adviser, said he’s always liked Gingrich but ultimately decided to vote for former business leader Romney. “The condition of the country has deteriorated so badly that we need a CEO to turn it around,” Stoopler said.

In Miami’s Little Havana, car salesman Osvaldo Mitat, 69, favored Gingrich. He’s impressed by the former House speaker’s “commitment to the Cuban community,” Mitat said, and Gingrich’s marital history doesn’t bother him — Mitat has been divorced four times himself.

“Romney also has a past,” he said. “Everyone has a past.”

For a time, Gingrich reset the GOP race with an overwhelming victory in South Carolina. But in the 10 days since, the contest has turned increasingly hostile and polls have swung in Romney’s direction.

“With a turnout like this, I’m beginning to feel we might win tomorrow,” an upbeat Romney told a crowd of several hundred at a stop in Dunedin on Monday.

Gingrich admitted that his momentum against Romney has slowed in Florida.

“He can bury me for a very short amount of time with four or five or six times as much money,” Gingrich said in a television interview. “In the long run, the Republican Party is not going to nominate … a liberal Republican.”

The Gingrich campaign bragged that he had raised more than $5 million in January, more than half following his win in South Carolina, after raising $10 million total for the last three months of 2011.

Romney’s campaign canceled a Tuesday morning rally, but scheduled a night celebration at the Tampa Convention Center. Gingrich planned a series of public appearances — including visits to two polling stations and a stop at the Polk County headquarters — before gathering with supporters for a primary night party in Orlando. The last polls close at 8 p.m.

During his final event on primary eve, at The Villages in central Florida, Romney broke into song, leading the crowd in a reverent rendition of “America the Beautiful,” instead of just reciting the lyrics as he typically does.

The path to the Republican nomination — and the right to face President Barack Obama this fall — shifts to a series of lower-profile contests in February. The race for delegates is still in its early stages. A candidate needs to collect 1,144 delegates to win. Coming into Florida, Romney had 37 delegates to Gingrich’s 26.

The other two candidates in the race will not be in Florida on Tuesday. Both Rick Santorum, who’s won 14 delegates, and Ron Paul, with 4, have ceded Florida’s primary to Romney and Gingrich in favor of smaller, less expensive contests. They will spend the day campaigning across Colorado and Nevada.

Romney and his allies have poured more than $14 million into Florida television advertising primarily to attack Gingrich, who has struggled to compete with Romney’s fundraising ability, staffing and network of high-profile supporters. Gingrich and his allies spent roughly $3 million on Florida advertising.

Santorum bristled Tuesday when asked about Gingrich seeming to suggest the Pennsylvania senator should quit the race because Gingrich was the conservative most likely to defeat Romney.

“I don’t think people should be telling other folks to get out of the race and get out of the way,” Santorum told Fox News Channel. “You don’t ask someone to quit just because you think you’re the better candidate. I think I’m the better candidate.”

GOP officials in Florida were anticipating a big turnout, more than 2 million voters, up from a record 1.9 million in the Republican primary in 2008. More than 605,000 Floridians had already voted as of Monday, either by visiting early voting stations or by mailing in absentee ballots, ahead of the total combined early vote in the GOP primary four years ago.

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  1. Benjamin Golan says:

    Really? We’ll see about that. Romney has been protected by the media, including Hannity & O’Reilly of Fox News from answering his liberal view of the 2nd Amendment! Clearly, Romney does not understand the intent of the 2nd Amendment. His email response to a 2007 question clearly states he will in fact bring back the so called assault weapon ban. Anyone in Florida paying attention? WND did an article on that email in 11/2011! Romney-care, gays in the military, and so much more this fraud stands for! As a Veteran, I guarantee you I WILL NOT vote for him, and neither will many other Veterans! Bo Sorte!

    1. Jerry says:

      That’s cool Benjamin. But, I don’t really think YOUR vote will be needed–for Mr. Romney to come away as the GOP Nominee sir…

      1. Larz Larzen says:

        Romney won’t even debate Gingrich. He’s a coward. Will he run from Obama, too? How is that a winning strategy?

      2. Mitchell Kent says:

        No but ours will (the Christians and the Ron Paul indepedents) and liberal cultist Romney aint going to get it.

        The GOP is guarenteeing Obamas reelection.

      3. Bub47 says:

        Yes but he will need my vote in the general election which neither he nor Obama will get from me. I will be writing in Paul. And don’t give me the BS that I am throwing away my vote. Throwing away my vote would be to vote for either of those two idiots.

      4. Layla says:

        Well, Jerry, unless the GOP permanently appoints Rubio Senator or VP, he has to run again and so do the other so called conservatives like Pam Bondi who endorsed Romney.

        It is over for them.

      5. J. Denver says:

        Liberal cultist? If ignorant bigotry factors in your voting calculus, you are living in the wrong decade.

      6. CZ_Holland_MI says:


        GOP has less registered voters than Democratic Party.

        If the GOP fails to nominate Ron Paul, the GOP will lose at least 20% of its voters to a write in for Ron Paul, or a vote for a 3rd party candidate that Ron Paul endorses.

        This means, the GOP will lose by nominating anyone but Ron Paul.


      7. rbig says:

        To Larz Larzen: what do you mean Romney won’t debate Newt? He thrashed Newt in the last two debates. The other two on the sides may has well not even be there…Newt and Mitt have been going at it mano a mano, and Romney showed his True Grit. A few people think Newt is a good debater, because Newt announced that he was a good debater…it takes more than self announcing…

      8. Kim Stoddard says:

        A military coup d’etat began in 2008 with the introduction of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate.

        Obama is not the president, he’s the acting president. He disappeared for 2 weeks after his election win only to reappear looking exhausted sitting next to John McCain, with a bad poker face, for a press photo shoot. Obama is now a Pentagon puppet. Who did you think writes his teleprompter?

        This is the real story that the media is not and cannot report on. Here’s what Obama, Osama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last election and the military’s overthrow of our government.


      9. frakk001 says:

        s’ok, he won’t be getting our five family votes in CT either…actually, neither will gnewt..Paul for Prez!

      10. Chris Downey says:

        Most reassuring to hear that Mr. Romney won’t need my vote either. I voted for Bush (41), Dole, and McCain and it didn’t help them, so I figure if Mr. Romney is the nominee, I can help the GOP best by just sitting this one out.

      11. Charles Purvis says:

        what a disdainful and arrogant reply! Everyone’s vote counts, this is America Jerry.

      12. Bernadine Johnson says:

        You may be right Romney has the same money backing him as obumer.
        Goldman sac so we will still be bailing out wallstreet . goldman sac is in charge of Romneys money takes care of it. as they take care of obumer. Romney still involved
        with Bain company,bad job as Governor of Mass, Romnry care the same as
        obama care is the same one HILLERY CLINTON WANTED IN>but NEWT STOPPED THAT. WE donot need Government health. We JUST NEED TO REGULATE INSURENCE COMPANy’s . AN TO DO THAT NEED TO STOP THE

      13. Bruno Boccagalupe says:

        That’sm right Jerry,… But enough Benjamins and you and YOUR MR.may have a lot to be concerned about. ROMNEY

    2. Bob says:

      Protected by the media? Didn’t I see a report yesterday that showed that Romney had more negative media than anybody?

      1. Jan Ullrich says:

        Bob – his campaign and super PAC’s has had more negative messaging towards other candidates, read the article, not the headline…

      2. R22 says:

        Did we forget about Ron Paul, and the others still in the race. Ron Paul doesn’t get the light because he don’t know how to bicker back and forth as good. Lets try to spend less time with the political ad, and focus on what solutions you will bring to the table.


      3. Benjamin Golan says:

        Please, when Hannity interviews Romney, you have to wonder if Hannity wears any protection after the interview. And O’Reilly is way on the side of Romney as well. I watch and read everything. Perhaps you spend too much time on Alex Jones sites.

      4. Benjamin Golan says:

        Please. I earned my right not to vote for a fraud. I served my country for 12 years in the military. I’m not the only Veteran who feels this way.

      5. BJ says:

        You did see that. People that talk about Romney being favored by the press or that he hasn’t been vetted are just living in a fantasy land. The guy has been in everyone’s crosshairs since it was suggested that he would be the campaign the front-runner.

        To suggest otherwise is silly and does not in any way line up with the facts.

      6. deerjerkydave says:

        Yeah, it was the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University which did the study on television coverage. Romney had 78% unfavorable coverage compared to 48% unfavorable to Newt. Here’s the link: http://www.cmpa.com/media_room_press_1_18_12.html

      7. sandy says:

        I think you misunderstood. Rommney’s campaign advisers gave more negativity than the others. Oh, you believe the media.

    3. Larz Larzen says:

      Rubio’s true colors come out. He made out he was a Reaganite, now he’s shown himself to be a tool of the Republican establishment. Romney must have already offered him the Vice Presidency, or he would have kept his mouth shut. The price Romney exacted? “Deliver Florida to me.” Keep fighting, Newt. Florida was delivered through chicanery and subterfuge, and Rubio and Romney would like it to end here. Now the establishment wants to abolish Allen West’s congressional district, too. They are at war with the Tea Party. Bring it on!

      1. Chris Marx says:

        Rubio is now a traitor to America. What a joke. Romney is nothing but another big spend liberal. Ron Paul is the most conservative. I guess American’s don’t like to hear the truth. YouTube Ron Paul and stop listening to the lamestream media.

      2. Reginald Winthorp says:

        Keep fighting Newt! We’ll forget your explosive rhetoric. We’ll forgot that you make excuses when you lose debates. We’ll forget your alliance with Nancy Pelosi. We’ll forget your ethics violations. We’ll forget your moral bankruptcy. We’ll forget you we advising fannie and freddie. We’ll forget it all, please just don’t elect a successful businessman!

      3. deerjerkydave says:

        These are strange times when people throw solid conservatives like Marco Rubio under the bus to defend Newt Gingrich. Did you hear that Mitt Romney just picked up the endorsement of the Memphis Tea Party and has the endorsement of various other Tea Party groups?


      4. Nate says:

        Rubio is a traitor for saying that the winner of Florida is likely to be the nominee? My God, people, we are freakin’ imploding! None of these guys is my first choice, but if we don’t figure out that Obama is our opponent and stop throwing bombs at each other, we are doomed.

      5. rbig says:

        L.L: nice strategy, attack everyone who does not believe the way you do. Romney won Fl the same way he wins in business. Work hard, take risks (debates), make smart decisions and most important of all: have a vision to implement. America will be a much better place after 8 years of Romney.

      6. Shepherd says:

        What? Are you sure you read the right article? Marco Rubio is someone who IMHO is trying to get everyone together, not divide us the way Newt and Mitt are doing. This election is about getting rid of a marxist. No matter which one gets the nomination we must come together to support him and defeat tyranny. Please stray on track or we are lost.

      7. fla boy says:

        Nut jobs are out in full force tonight. Get real. Gingrich can’t beat Obama. Romney can. America is center right. Not hard right. Wake up nut jobs. Did you like the last 3 years?

      8. jax man says:

        OEF vet for Romney/Rubio. Get with it people.

      9. TexHungerford says:

        To Lars…..CHA CHING!!! You nailed it.

      10. TexHungerford says:


        OH STOP PLEASE!!! With the Newt and Pelosi on the couch bit..
        If you’re going there, please explain CONSERVATIVE ROMNEY putting together bills with TED “DROWN A GIRL” KENNEDY!!!

      11. SouthernBelle says:

        Benjamin, of course you have the freedom and the right to vote or not vote as you see fit. I’m still undecided on any candidate in this race against Obama but what I do know is that if my guy doesn’t get the nomination then I will stand behind the one that does because we have to, I repeat have to,,absolutley eliminate and annhiliate Obama on his own playground. We may not be able to do that if voters like yourself refuse to come forward and give your vote to the nominee. This vote is so very crucial and important to ourselves, our families and our country. Won’t you please think about it? Darn, I should have started with this first…thank you so very much for your service to our country. My son also served and I am so very proud of all of you.

      12. DSB says:

        I don’t think Rubio will be asked to be VP for Romney. I think he sold out for something bigger . . . president in 2020.

      13. PassTheWord says:

        Romney bought the election. Out spending his opponents more than 2 to 1. He ran shameful ads full of lies. Check out the truth about Newt’s so-called ethics violations… He was also a consultant for Fannie Mae. Big deal, as a consultant you don’t know all of the dealings of a company.

        Romney is much like Obama. He is a narcissist. Clinton beat Dole because he hijacked the GOP platform. He made himself like Dole so people said why change. Obama is attempting the same strategy.

        A Romney nomination is an Obama win.

    4. Jerry says:

      Bejamin, do you think you could teach a small minded guy like me to tough talk like you dude?

      1. Bradley Allen says:

        Hi Jerry,

        it starts with having the truth on your side. do not back away from the truth. Its easy to pick words that sound tough, but if not backed up with truth it falls apart

    5. specfriggintacular says:

      Yawn Benjamin ….. Yawn Yawn Yawn ………

    6. Yippee K. says:

      For not endorsing anyone, Rubio is sure giving Romney a lot of help.

    7. Tony Newbill says:

      I will not vote for Romney not now and not in the general . They are going to crucify Romney with this stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxQiMHsHZoY

      Plus the medicare fraud violation and the Fine of 120 million I mean oh sorry is about all Romney can say about that

      1. John Steele says:

        How does Romney become the nominee by winning tqo states. They didn’t say that when Newt won So Carolina… The Repub establishment is as bad as the Democrats. I didn’t hear Rubio saying this when Newt whipped Romney.

    8. Michael says:

      You’re delusional if you think Sean Hannity has been supporting Romney … he’s got his head so far up Newt’s butt, I’m surprised he’s not suffocated. Nobody cares if you don’t vote Romney – vote Obama if you’d like. I’m a Veteran and will absolutely vote for the BEST man for the job at this time in our country. Romney is the only one who can BEAT Obama – look at the polls. I know tons of Vets supporting Romney.

      1. Justin Skutchinson says:

        Misinformed vets.

        No vet would vote for ANYONE who wants to continue pointless wars.

      2. soflamama says:

        I”m smack dab in the middle of south Florida…everybody that I know with any common sense (which include alot of business owners) is voting for the businessman…Romney! As for Romney’s previous stances…so what? I used to be a Democrat who campaigned for Gore in 2000. After 9/11, I had an epiphany and changed my positions on politics 180 degrees. People do change, change their minds and evolve. One of the most important issues for Florida and for the U.S. is the fact that we are being invaded by illegals. Romney is the only one who strongly voiced his opinion that we have E-verify and also NO amnesty for anyone…..even grandmas who have been here for 25 years. These people SHOULD NOT GET BENEFITS, at the expense of American citizens! Many would go home on their own! Romney has proven success in business, has been true blue to his wife (I guess Newt’s first two wives weren’t first lady material so he had to upgrade to one who would make him look better! YUK! You so-called ‘conservatives’ who look the other way regarding this just prove what the left says about you all…..you’re a bunch of hypocrites!), and was never entrenched in the Washington scene. For you who will ‘sit it out’, like little children who don’t get their way, and think that Mitt will be just like Obama, I just have to say “GET REAL”!
        This country may not survive another 4 years of Obama. There’s no telling what he’ll do in his final term but something akin to a ‘scorched earth’ scenario isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Nobody can deny that Mitt Romney loves this country. He will be a million times better than Obummer! I have no doubt that Romney, if he does get the nomination despite all of you idiots staying home, will surround himself with the best of the best for his cabinet…..possibly Rubio for VP, West for sec. of defense, Bolton for sec of state, Paul for sec of treasury, …maybe Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan, and so on.
        Mitt can certainly beat Obama. He’s got the money to hang in there, the independents, women, disgruntled Dems, and a lot of conservatives are smart enough to realize that it’s ‘anybody but Obama’ at this point.

      3. TexHungerford says:

        To Justin Skutchinson

        Misinformed vets.

        No vet would vote for ANYONE who wants to continue pointless wars.!!

        You are naive.

      4. Bradley Allen says:

        No, youre wrong to say only Romney can defeat Obama. There is no truth to the statement. It may have been the case in 2008. Is this 2008? Are you seeing planes? is your name Tattoo? because I’d swear youre living on fantasy island

    9. Ann says:

      You don’t think Romney will need his vote if he is the nominee against Obama? You are mistaken if you think it’s going to be easy against Obama.

    10. Jack says:

      Dear Benjamin-Mitt wasn’t counting on you anyway. That being said, when it is Mitt vs Barry, you might want to let us know what Barry’s position is on the 2nd Amendment! LOL

    11. Michael says:

      As ANN COULTER says … A VOTE FOR NEWT = A VOTE FOR OBAMA. Look at the polls people … even Santorum polls highter against Obama than Newt. Newt is way too polarizing to anyone but hard, far-right wingers. I’m a conservative but not a nut. It amazes me that, seemingly, intelligent people can’t get this thru their head. They’d rather vote their heart and vote for Newt (cuz they feel sorry for him) but don’t realize, he’ll NEVER in a million year beat Obama. ONLY ROMNEY CAN BEAT OBAMA. Therefore, this 22 year Vet supports Romney. I do NOT want 4 more of Obama.

      1. soflamama says:

        Right on! Just watched Romney’s victory speech. My gut tells me that this man can turn this ship around. He can unite us. Romney didn’t become successful from being a dummy and a wimp. I’m like you..a conservative but not a nut! I hope there’s more of us out there than these ‘holier than thou’ types who would rather let Obama ruin this country than vote for the businessman with a proven track record.

      2. Charles Purvis says:

        What a joke! I don’t understand how people who consider themselves to be a conservative back Mitt Romney when if you do any research at all, as easy as watching him in videos on youtube, you find what he really stands for. There are many videos where he himself speaks to his beliefs and stances on the issues, showing him to be a moderate at the very best, liberal on most.Romney is truly only slightly right of Obama on most issues. I can understand changing your postion on 1 or 2 issues, but to change on the majority of them just reeks of political expediency.
        Obama will flood the airwaves with these videos of Romney contradicting himself. He will also play the class-warfare card portraying Mitt as part of the 1%. Mitt has further dug his hole by running such a dishonest negative campaign, then trying to deny ownership in some cases, playing the victim when he actually drew first blood, as is his normal modus operandi. And also very important, Obama will clean his clock in debates. Newt is the only one who can take Obama to the proverbial woodshed in any debate.

      3. TexHungerford says:


    12. Karen Koop says:

      Thanks Benjamin…That’s right. Everybody go watch the true video no When Mitt Romney Comes To Town…..15,0000 Lost their jobs.

      1. Kay Shannon says:

        That is not true. He saved tens of thousands of jobs and companies (like Domino’s, Sealy, Brookstone, Weather Channel, Burger King, Warner Music Group, Dollarama, Home Depot Supply, Sports Authority and many others). They were going bankrupt and everyone would have lost their jobs. I live down the street from a Sports Authority, Home Depot, and Domino’s Pizza…they are keeping people employed year after year.

        I’m sure some people did lose their jobs, but that is far better than going under. When my division went through restructure, we went from 3000 employees to 1200 and did twice the work. I’m sure the unions aren’t looking forward to a President Romney. Many of the extreme antiRomney rhetoric is coming from union workers who see Romney as a threat.

      2. not mitt says:

        I see your drinking his koolade.

    13. Dave Richards says:

      The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      1. Holly Davenport says:

        Thanks for the link very interesting

    14. MIke W says:

      I’m with you Benjamin. Soros said there will be no difference between Romney and Obama. The Dems are going to crucify Bishop (google it) Romney. Why do you think the liberal media is bashing Newt and praising Romney. They have all the ammunition they need on Romney. The Dems are starting to run Florida ads about Romney’s medicare fraud. As a Newt supporter I will never vote for Romney even against Obama based on the way he has trashed Newt.

      1. Kay Shannon says:

        Soros = Athiest, Socialist/Marxist, Obama Supporter

        Romney = Devout Mormon, Free Market Capitalist, Business/Economic Leader

        Naw…there’s no difference there at all.

      2. TexHungerford says:

        To Kay Shannon……….ummm……maybe watch this, if you can take the time.
        Its 52 minutes long, but its pretty damaging. A lot of it surprised me.

    15. Larry C. says:

      retired vet here who will support Romney 100%. Newt is a whiney, angry old man with way too much baggage. supporting Romney because I want Obama gone. interesting how some conservatives throw their values out the window when they pertain to someone they support. i.e. Newt. i’m actually glad Sarah Palin didn’t support Mitt Romney because they would have been the kiss of death for his campaign. rather, she gave that kiss of death to Newt.

      1. derrickw says:

        Romney is no more of a conservative than Berry is. You might want to rethink that statement about people throwing out their values.

      2. tc297 says:

        Rick Santorum is the only true conservative running. Interesting that many of theconservatives don’t support him.

      3. Kay Shannon says:

        I would suggest you consider that Romney built a very successful career taking companies that were about to go under and making them efficient, lean, and financially sound. You may know some of those companies…Sports Authority, Brookstone, Domino’s, Staples, Sealy…and many others. In most cases, the companies were going bankrupt because they were spending too much money…just like the government. He cleaned up Massachusetts and erased a $3B deficit. He believes that healthcare is a states rights issue…what is right in Mass may not be right for Alabama. Besides, he has said he would repeal Obamacare. As governor, he blocked democrat legislation consistently. As a moral man, he’s been married to the same woman since 1969 and I’m confident he doesn’t cheat on Ann. His greatest asset is his competency and executive leadership. He was so successful in turning around the Salt Lake City Olympics that Harvard Business School used his experience in a case study on leadership. Lastly, he can greatly improve the economy, reverse the anti-capitalism wave, and bring business back to the US.

        Read his book “No Apology – Believe in America” where he lays out his plan for a strong defense, bringing jobs back to the US, not spending more than we take in, cleaning up the government (which is his business).

        He is a strong conservative for sure in comparison to Obama.

    16. John Steele says:

      I agree with you. Sounds like Rubio is an establishment Repub and they are very anxious to end the primary. Lets see. Romney, wins a tiny little state and maybe Florida. He can’ top 30% in votes or popularity, but the game is over. We still have 46 states to go. It’s just getting started baby

    17. Teresa Lewis says:

      I will vote principle over posketbook. At least I will be able to look myself in the mirror each morning. Romney has no principle. I will vote Santorum. Romney is a pretend conservative even worse than McCain.

    18. TonyV says:

      Dear Benjamin, thank you for your service to this country but your NON VOTE is a vote for Obama. Say what you like about Romney, and about us communists who want to vote for him… BUT WHEN YOU PUT OBAMA BACK IN OFFICE by YOUR VOTE, YOU SIR will be the one condemning this country to bankruptcy.. not us. So sorry you fought in the military to defend the country just to have you destroy it now. GO VETERANS!!!!! SEMPER DESTRUCTION!

    19. Steven says:

      What a bunch of Gingrich Cry babies, lol It’s going to be a real joy for me when Mitt wins the nomination and beats Obama in November just to see you cry babies wet your diapers. Repeat after me PRESIDENT ROMNEY. lol

      1. Charles Purvis says:

        Repeat after me, Political Expediency, charlatan, Flip Romney!

    20. its a sunny day says:

      Power has gone to Rubio’s head and he is delushional.

      With the Florida vote, only about 100 delegates have been decided.

      There are 2,286 delegates and you need 1144 to win. You do the math.

      1. JOHN says:

        I agree he has been a big disappointment. His one piece of legislation, he wanted to empower the government the ability to censure the internet.

    21. Danny_Florida says:

      If Romney is the nominee, obama wilns another term, period!!

    22. Annette says:

      Glad to hear many of you veterans are not for Romney! Personally, the number one thing that turns me off of Romney more than anything are all these endorsements he’s gotten from one big name moderate after the other. Why would John McCain be for Romney? We know McCain is going to endorse the most liberal man up there.

      (The more attacks I see against Gingrich from these elite Republicans and Democrats, the more it impresses me that there must be something about Newt that’s a real threat.)

      1. Gary says:

        Ron Paul is the one that scares everyone that is why he is blacked out all the time. He scares the because of his agenda to cut many of the moochers jobs and get the country back on track. There is no money for those traitors to make if Paul gets elected. Newt will get his clock cleaned by the illegal alien in office and so will Mittens. RON PAUL is the ONLY choice for America.

    23. JOHN says:

      I think his mere comments about a judge being able to bypass the will of a parent over their child being able to get an abortion are grounds for him to be eliminated from any consideration. Any conservative that believes this along with his state mandated insurance is not intrusive government control is no conservative. Personally, I will vote for Obama before I would vote for Romney he is more liberal than Obama.

    24. Uomo Del Ghiaccio says:

      While I was in Florida last week, for every Anti-Newt tv ad there were 3 Anti-Romney tv ads. Some were from the unions and the DNC and of course Newt Gingrich and his Super PAC’s.

      Talk Radio generally favors Newt Gingrich over Mitt Romney and the main stream media alternates which one they pick on. After South Carolina Newt GIngrich was the Front Runner, so it is expected that he would face more coverage that the rest of the field.

      By the way I’m a veteran and I would proudly support Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul. Newt Gingrich on the other hand, I have problems with him. If a man is willing to lie and cheat on his wives he will be willing to lie and cheat to a stranger.

    25. J.M. Pratt says:

      I stand with you! He is a horrible choice and the GOP better think long and hard before they put him on the ballot!

    26. Toni says:

      That’s because the corrupt media WANTS Romney and people are falling right into their hands! The one who has been demonized the MOST is Newt! For one reason or another, the media and the establishment DO NOT want Newt and that makes ME want him even more! Romney has completely TURNED ME OFF. He’s such a tough guy on Newt, isn’t he but come the election campaign against obama, He will CLAM UP and find his NICE personality and run a clean campaign just like JOHN MCCAIN did and we all know what happened there!!!!!! Romney is a LIBERAL!!

  2. DrMaxHathaway says:

    Marco Rubio is unfit to hold political office, except maybe in Haiti.

    1. Benjamin Golan says:


    2. Lala Castellanos says:

      Why Haiti? Bet you wish Rubio was your friend, he is more educated than you and whiter. too- what university you attended? Appalachian State? lol

      1. derrickw says:


      2. plain truth says:

        Everybody knows Cubans and Cuban expatriates are descended from freed African slaves.

    3. Layla says:

      I can’t disagree with you, Dr. Hathaway. The voters here have been duped, big time.

      Florida has almost 30,000 voters on the voting rolls over 100 years old. And that is just the beginning.

      Somebody needs to check the elections offices and see how many democrats reregistered as Republicans before today in the last few months.

    4. TexHungerford says:

      Oh PLEASE…….., Rubio is a ” kid” politician, NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN HE”S NOSTRADAMUS?Thanks Again DRUDGE.
      Besides that fact we have more that 40 states left to vote, and Romney need 1144 vortes which as of today he has 2.6% of…………………
      What happens if Romney had a heart attack?

      Just sayin’.

  3. rae ekaf says:

    Ron Paul – the only sane candidate on the slate,

    1. CZ_Holland_MI says:

      Agreed. Ron Paul gets my & my wife’s vote even if we need to write him in. We will NOT vote for the Republican nominee if it is anyone other than Paul.

      I hope the GOP learns the hard way that if you disrespect Liberty and the Constitution, you will LOSE.

      And for all those GOP handwringers out there who say “bbbut if you write in Ron Paul it will give Obama a 2nd term”. I say FINE, IT’S CALLED BLOWBACK BEYOTCH. Go look it up.

      1. Linda says:

        I’ll vote for Paul as well over Romney/Rubio.

    2. TexHungerford says:

      Wrong, Santorum gets it too.

  4. Rooty says:

    Attention…. May I have your attention, please.
    Ron Paul is a really old liberal in disguise flatulator who’s naive followers are barely intelligent enough to thumb text or play video games.
    That is all…

    1. Tim R. Barnes says:

      Attention ROOTY,you sound like one that BENEFITS from the CORRUPTION that fears Ron Paul!. Been able to play video games for over 40 years,people like you do not possess the MENTAL ABILITIES of gaming,or knowing not to vote for the lesser of 2 evils,which will be the CASE again if RP is not the Republican choice! Probably the reason my taxdollar pays your salary!

    2. Chester says:

      Paul may be a lot of things, but he is not a liberal. Never has been never will be. It is no secret that his true leanings are libertarian. Perhaps that is what you meant to say.

    3. Yippee K says:

      Oh brother. I’m not a fan of the Paulbots either but calling Paul a liberal is just silly.

    4. Linda says:

      Paul is not the 4th richest man in the country. Most of us will now support that really old liberal in disguise flatulator over more wall street greed.

      Romney wasn’t the only liar in this state. You can now add Rubio and Bondi that that list for endorsing.

    5. JB1Kenobi says:

      I love it when people resort to personal attacks… It shows you they have nothing of value to contribute.

      1. pavlovian says:

        Personal attacks are the only response to Paul I’ve seen. Well, that and media blackout. Same thing they do to Tea Party. Just accusations of stupidity and/or racism and no coverage of public appearances. The Paul haters are very obedient to the mainstream media and simply regurgitate the approved talking points against him.

    6. Steven says:

      Ron Paul should be wearing a beanie with a propeller on top, riding the short bus to the funny farm. In fact, the only thing nuttier than Ron Paul are Ron Paul supporters.

  5. rae ekaf says:

    Rooty was Newt Gringrich lurking here.

  6. MacaroniGuy says:

    Thomas Jefferson for Mitt Romney 2012!

    1. Chris Marx says:

      That’s sarcasm right?

      1. Larry says:

        No, in Florida that’s probably true. We have as many dead people on the voter rolls here as Chicago.

  7. Tom says:

    Funny, Hillary Clinton won the Florida primary in 2008, so she must be president now?

    1. Jan Ullrich says:

      Great point Tom… It’s the insiders vs. the rest of us on the right… They will not select another candidate for our side. 2012 will not be a replay of 2008, it CANT

      1. Tom says:

        Agreed, there are 50 states, Florida will be only the 4th primary. How about we let everything play out according to the voters? Otherwise, we could skip the whole primary process by simply nominating the wealthiest candidate.

      2. Uome Del Ghiaccio says:

        I’m suprised that Newt Gingrich has not asked Ron Paul and Mitt Romney to withdraw from the race like he has begged Rick Santorum to withdraw.

        I would rather have Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum stay in the race and have Newt Gingrich withdraw. I’m very tired of Newt GIngrich’s whining and feel that he is the worst candidate of the field.

    2. Dori Hertzberg says:

      Thank you! I agree, Tom. If the Republican Elite want to ride over the top of us, we may as well have 4 more years of how we are being treated now, heaven forbid!
      There are 46 more states that deserve to be heard!

      1. Jan Ullrich says:

        And lets not forget Florida got punished for being bad and only has 50 delegates this time not 100…

        2012 – bring it on!!!

    3. Yippee K says:

      That raises the question of stature: Who’s got more, a first term junior Senator who’s still wet behind the ears, or a veteran leader of the House, who led the majority that broke a forty-year stranglehold by the other party and kept his party in the majority for three consecutive terms for the first time in more than 60 years? Hmm I wonder. (that’s sarcasm) Rubio should pipe down. The guy hasn’t even gone through his first scandal yet. What’s he got to say that’s so important right now?

      1. Layla says:

        Rubio is history for backing Romney. Even if he is the VP nominee, he won’t carry Florida in the general.

        He just lost all his Tea Party support.

  8. MacaroniGuy says:

    Let me explain it to all my self-deluded friends here: (a) Santorum is a very nice guy, and prayers to his daughter, but he’s got a weak resume and a no-go mojo; (b) Gingrich is the single largest skeleton closet in the free world, a flip-flopper that makes Romney look like Gibraltar, a serial philanderer who ditches sick wives, a K-street lobbyist who has never had a real job nor run a real business in his life, a consummate washington insider, an adopter of the Occupy/Obama anti-capitalist agenda, and a think-skinned whining crybaby when he doesn’t get his way.

    When all this started, you were looking for a washington OUTSIDER, right? Romney spent only 4 years in STATE government, the other decades being top-gun top-dog in the business world.

    When all this started, you were looking for a family values guy, right? No contest here in Romney-ville.

    When all this started, you were looking for a economics whiz-kid to go up against Obama’s never-run-so-much-as-a-Popsicle-stand. Who makes that contrast sharper and clearer than any other GOP candidate? ROMNEY!

    Finally, when all this started, you were looking for a conservative. In 2008, Romney was TOO conservative, not just vis-a-vis McCain, but against Huckabee et al. Santorum and Limbaugh were behind him as the true conservative. What’s changed since then? Answer: Nothing, except political opportunists who seek to lie.

    1. rae_ekaf says:

      Ron PAul has done better in his doctoring business than Romeny. He didn’t cheat anyone.

      1. MacaroniGuy says:

        @rae_ekaf — Did you steal that lie from Axelrod or Plouffe?

      2. BJ says:

        Who did Romney cheat?

        Oh yeah – that’s right – because he made money and because some deals went bad he must be a cheater. The irony, of course, is that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that hasn’t attacked Romney on his time at Bain. He’s the only guy that gets it. Too bad his followers are busy regurgitating the best hits from the OWS crowd.

    2. Larz Larzen says:

      And in only 4 years he gave us ObamaCare.

    3. Chris Marx says:

      Romney is Liberal. Worse than McCain. So this is what you want to run against Obama? Let’s compare. Both are are anti-gun, both are pro-choice, both are government healthcare, both are for high taxes, both like to spend other peoples money, both are out of touch with the american people. What joke.
      YouTube Ron Paul for some real solutions

      1. No cash no party says:

        The Republican Party will stop backing these weak candidates or face loosing it’s base. As it is today they are out of touch with conservative values and are going to the grave screaming and kicking.

        I have supported a few candidates running for the Republican nomination by sending donations to their campaign, I have not and will not however send any cash to the Republican National Committee.

      2. CZ_Holland_MI says:

        RON PAUL 2012

    4. Jaybird7 says:

      I guess you haven’t looked at Romney’s funding sources on Wall Street {Goldman Sachs etc..}? Or watching him try to explain away Romneycare as a state only socialized plan when Obama states he modeled Obamacare after Romneycare. How about his flip flop on abortion? Newt has a train car load of baggage but it’s all been exposed at this point. Wait till the Main Stream Media start in on Romney after he is the nominee. Romney isn’t tough enough IMO. Either way if he gets the Nomination I will vote for him as I hate the treasonous usurper currently occupying the oval office.

      1. Jack says:

        if you check Obama donors from three years ago, and look at his appointments to cabinet and economic positions, I think you will find that MITTENS pales in comparison. Face it, today’s problems are economic. And the country, not the Tea Party, not the Conservatives, not the Liberals but all the rest of us, are going to elect a businessman president and hope for the best. Get used to it.

    5. Yippee K says:

      Blah blah blah. Romney = Bob Dole = John McCain = Establishment dud and sure loser or at best uninteresting one-termer. Our best hope to escape this Keynesian madness of tax & spend and the irresponsible headlong proliferation of federal administrative agencies is some sort of Gingrich/Paul/Santorum coalition. Romney, as everyone knows, will continue kowtowing to the Rockefeller republicans and the country club set. Been there, done that. No thanks. My vote is for all three of the other guys in this nomination.

      1. TexHungerford says:


      2. wylrae says:

        I could go for that. I really like Paul on fiscal matters but his foreign policy issues turn me off totally. I think Newt is the guy (insider to be sure) who has the know how to clean up the cesspool in Washington D.C. Maybe they could form a coalition of something like Newt as president, Santorum as VP and Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury or something like that. Would great if they could unite against Romney at the convention and get things turned around. I am in favor of capitalism but venture capitalism doesn’t impress me very much.

        With Romney being in the upper part of the 1%ers I think the Obama campaign will eat him up and spit him out along with his Swiss and Cayman Island accounts and investments.

  9. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan perot carter says:

    dream on … Neocons

    1. Yippee K says:

      who you calling a neocon … Commie?

  10. Benjamin Golan says:

    If Rommelny is nominated, the GOP is finished, guaranteed!

    1. Ouch that hurts says:

      That third party, the Conservative Party will come to pass leaving the Republican Party wondering who in the heck kicked them in the crotch.

    2. Kay Shannon says:

      Who would you rather have Benjamin, Newt the Toot?

  11. Turk182 says:

    Swayed by negative attack ads from an empty suit — I thought only democrats were this shallow. I suppose Romney will play well in the general election to Floridians once he gets some more cash, a cool logo and a catchy jingle.

    1. MacaroniGuy says:

      Right, everyone voting for Romney is just a dupe, whereas you are the genius who sees the truth. *OR* the majority is persuaded to Romney’s credentials as a top-gun CEO turn-around genius, a non-philandering family values guy, a true conservative who went up against and subdued the most liberal legislature in the union, and a non-establishment Washington outsider (without a K-street lobbyist office).

      Face it, when your guy is losing, you just cry WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

      1. Texas City says:

        Let me think….Hmmm Contract with America or Obama (Romney)Care?

      2. Yippee K says:

        “non-establishment Washington outsider”

        that’s sarcasm right?

  12. freecheese says:

    What does he know that we don’t know ? Who elected him as a soothsayer?
    Ask him when Jesse Jackson is finally going to go straght and meet the lord. Ask him when Bill Clinton is going to come clean and repent. Ask him if Obama and his wife are riding the welfare train for shopping sprees, golf outings and luxuary vacations — and if they feel “guilty.” If he can come up with accurate answers, maybe I will put some stock in his Crystal Ball blessing, otherwise, he is clueless.

  13. Jerry says:

    Rubio has it about dead on !

    ROMNEY should likely take the nomination–he’s the best & most likely to beat Obama.

  14. NeonLeon says:

    Ron Paul is going to win the Florida primary? I thought Romney was ahead in the polls. This is good news!

    1. opie says:

      What are you smoking buddy — can I have some?

  15. Benjamin Golan says:

    It does appear Karl Marx’s “useful idiots” are not just unique to the demonicrat party. The GOP is compromised, and Florida is polluted with North Eastern human refuse. Too bad!

    1. MacaroniGuy says:

      I think ‘useful idiots’ exactly describes the Levin/Limbaugh feeble-minded followers, awaiting instructions from their entertainer-leaders.

      Those in the entrepreneur/business community OVERWHELMINGLY support Romney are are not led into the muck by hucksters spewing ideological demagoguery and claptrap.

      It’s time to get REAL. No more futzing around. The only qualified guy running is ROMNEY.

      1. jamaljk says:

        If only Bill Gates or Warren Buffet were running. By your definiton they would be the ultimate candidates.

      2. Benjamin Golan says:

        So you identify yourself as a “useful idiot”, bravo! When the liar & fraud Romney is nominated, Soros the organ grinder’s pet will smack Romney across the face multiple times with his tin cup, and Romney will do nothing but stutter like he did against Kennedy. IMO, the demonicrats are less than a protozoan’s waste, and the repukes are spineless dupes. Time for a 3rd party if we survive the 4 years of hell with Soro’s well trained pet.

      3. soflamama says:

        Ha, ha, you’ve got that right. Everyone I know who is in business, is voting Romney. Some of us do do our homework (I for one am glued to the internet for about 5 hours a night doing nothing but researching politics).
        And people do change…I used to be a Democrat but had an epiphany after 9/11. Now I’m a staunch Republican and have changed completely. Romney has the background to bring this country back from the brink. Gingrich is such a panderer….one day he’s not a washington insider and the next day he’s been there since Reagan. Which is it?
        Let’s face it. People are sheeple. Who cares what Rush or Sara or whomever says? I have a mind of my own and I know that Romney can beat Obama.

  16. Reince Priebus says:

    The number of votes cast for the various candidates is irrelevant as it was in Iowa.

    We, the GOP, have anointed Willard Mitt Romney.

    Don’t bother voting. There is no need to trouble yourselves.

    If the votes cast are not for Romney, they will be added to his total anyway, as they were in Iowa.

    1. jamaljk says:

      The RNC has very little to do with picking/nominating candidates. (I have close friends in the RNC). At the end of the day it’s the voters who decide – and if a majority think an Obama-lite candidate is who they want then that’s what the Party gets.

  17. Paul Roth says:

    Doesn’t sound like the Marco Rubio I’ve been hearing about. His record is impressive and if he is drafted as a Vice President candidate, that nominee is sure to beat Obama because the general public sentiment is in Rubio’s favor.

    1. derrickw says:

      They both did support NDAA and SOTA.

  18. Larz Larzen says:

    Rubio’s true colors come out. He made out he was a Reaganite, now he’s shown himself to be a tool of the Republican establishment. Romney must have already offered him the Vice Presidency, or he would have kept his mouth shut. The price Romney exacted? “Deliver Florida to me.” Kee p fighting, Newt. Florida was delivered through chicanery and subterfuge. Now the establishment wants to abolish Allen West’s congressional district, too. They are at war with the Tea Party. Bring it on!

  19. DreamMaster says:

    If Gingrich says he can’t compete against Romney money, how’s he going to compete against Obama money, which will be far greater.

    1. Larz Larzen says:

      Easy. Debates.

    2. jamaljk says:

      Stupid argument. Once someone’s the nominee, they get all kinds of money. So even if Ron Paul wins he’ll have the resources he needs in the general election.

      1. renton says:

        jamaljk — Ron Paul has more money in the coffers than Gingrich and Santorum combined, and it all comes from small donors like us, everyday people. Romney has more because he’s extremely wealthy and is supported by Goldman Sachs (just like Obama – look it up). In fact, Romney and Obama share many top donors. Ron Paul’s top contributors are active duty Army, Navy, and Marines.
        Look it up. All true.
        No One But Paul 2012. If the nomination goes to anyone else, I’m writing him in. The only honorable vote goes to the man who is the champion of the Constitution and predicted this economic crisis over 5 years before it happened, despite being ridiculed at the time by those who profited off it it.

  20. matt says:

    I’m voting for Romney today, he is the only person who can beat O bama
    in the election. I like Newt but he will not get the middle vote, 4 more years of O bama will kill this country. Romney knows how to handle money, run a business,
    ran a State, he has the goods to beat O bama by large margins. I think Romney will be a good president, anyone would be better than O bama. Romney will not take our guns away as some here write about. He wants to save our Country as much as any other Republican. O bama knows he is gone and he wants to spend big money one more time before he goes.

    1. Jan Ullrich says:

      Matt, I’m not a Romney fan but I will vote for a toaster over Obama… I hope we agree on that.

      1. Bob Tingle says:

        I’ll sit out the election if Romney’s the nominee. He’s a fraud and a bottom feeder. He’s no different from Obama.

    2. Oscar says:

      Obama will make Romney look like a fool in the debates. Newt on the other hand will sweep the floor with Obama.

      Name one instance this whole campaign cycle where Romney has challenged Obama on any issue. The only thing you will find is Romney has stated Obama is in over his head.

      Not exactly what I would call tough talking. Some of you play ground babies that run to Momma when you get your feelings hurt might think so.

  21. BrianM says:

    As much as I love Rubio, I don’t think he’s necessarily right in this situation. Newt will be stronger in the South than Mitt and those dates come later. I think this is slanted to Mitt’s favor to try and set up a conclusion that does not have to happen. This is a different type of election this year and I don’t think normal trends rule.

  22. K says:

    Rubio, who voted for NDAA. Pshh.

    Gingrich and Santorum aren’t even on the ballots in all 50 states.

    Independents & disenchanted Democrats aren’t going to bother switching sides to vote for Romney because there’s no discernable difference between him and Obama. Obamney.

    Ron Paul gets my vote. The only principled conservative in the race.

    1. CZ_Holland_MI says:

      Absolutely correct.

      If you measure Conservatism by adherence to the Constitution, there is no choice other than Ron Paul.

      And if you measure Conservatism by adherence to a neocon agenda, well you are not a Conservative. You are a party hack pushing a party agenda in direct conflict with the Constitution.


    2. NeonLeon says:

      This comment sums it all up perfectly.

      Gingrich and Santorum won’t win the nomination and 95% of Ron Paul supporters will never vote for Romney. So, a Romney nomination will almost guarantee four more years of Obama.

      A vote for Ron Paul could result in saving our country. Polls show Paul can beat Obama.

  23. UteDB says:

    Newt is DONE. He’s a whiney little punk who needs to get out of the way for Santorum. Newt is now showing his true colors. Fannie Mae, Amnest for illegal aliens, global warming couch love with Pelosi, criticism of Capitalism. Newt is TOAST.

  24. MarkP says:

    The way I see it, unless we each conform, unless we obey orders, unless we follow our leaders blindly, there is no possible way we can remain free.
    — Major Frank Marion “Ferret Face” Burns, M.A.S.H.

    Seems to be the Republican conservative mantra lately.

    1. PassTheWord says:

      Add to that that the media is calling the shots….

  25. Hafþór Gunnarsson says:

    Gingrich has dead bodies and illegal aliens in his baggage..

  26. Snuff says:

    Ahhhhhh Rubio bought and paid for so early on his career…..how sad. The name of the game is make a name for yourself, get noticed and then sell out so that you can achieve power. Well played Rubio, well played.

    1. CZ_Holland_MI says:

      Agreed – Ron Paul 2012

    2. PassTheWord says:

      I like Ron Paul, but the media has painted him as a loone with headlines and sound bites. Folks aren’t looking beyond that to see just what he is saying.

      If Mitt wins the nomination, I would be happy to vote third party if he is the candidate.

      Sen Demint (R) SC, said that if republicans don’t statr paying attention to the things Ron Paul is addressing, the party is done.

  27. jason morse says:

    It doesn’t matter if McRomney wins or not, Gingrich has been the delegate leader and “front-runner” before FLA/ BUT you wouldn’t know it because the media spins it in favor of Romney. I can’t tell you how many “puff-pieces” I’ve read in the Washington Post praising Romney as the inevitable, electable and delectable candidate.

    After the Fla. primary and B4 Super Tuesday, the media will act as though Romney has the GOP-nomination “sewed up” because he won “2” state primaries!!! UNREAL!!!!

    1. PassTheWord says:

      ABC News said that last night. Romney resumed his front runner status and is a shoe in to win the nominatuion. I almost puked.

      A.B.R.O == Any body but Romney or Obama

  28. Truth says:

    Romney is PRO-ABORTION, PRO-TAX and authored GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTHCARE and abortions in his state. And how again is he CONSERVATIVE? So THESE are the CREDENTIALS that the TEA PARTY and REPUBLICANS want in November to defeat Obama.


    It is going to be hard to differentiate Obama from Obama-white-lite….hahahahah.

  29. Barry Soetoro 2012 says:

    RON PAUL 2012!!

    1. CZ_Holland_MI says:

      RON PAUL 2012!!

  30. Gibbs Bentley says:

    “Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction in stolen goods.” ~ H. L. Mencken

    ————————- http://911essentials.com

    1. Klink says:

      • According to the Washington Post Catholics were running the White House setting policy.

      We’re cooked

  31. kilnk says:

    Latins have it. All in the Family. Such is Washington illegitimate.

  32. Kevin says:

    Didn’t Newt promise a moon base by 2018?? Its interesting that so called conservatives or CINO’s as I call them are supporting this pandering politics as usual bureaucrat that is trying to buy an election with taxpayers money. Newt’s moonbase would cost over a trillion dollars??? I thought Conservatives were about cutting spending??

  33. GoogleNewtLakesideSpeech says:

    WINDERMERE, Fla.–Next time, Eddie Dillard won’t wear flip-flops.

    Dillard, a 29-year-old Ron Paul supporter from this suburb near Orlando, arrived to vote at his precinct at Winderemere Baptist Church early Tuesday morning. Pulling into the parking lot, Dillard noticed a man outside the polling place with a Gingrich sign. He decided to run home, slip into his “Ron Paul Rocks America” T-shirt, grab a “Ron Paul 2012” sign from his garage, and return to give his candidate some representation outside the precinct after he cast his vote.

    Dillard found a quiet spot along a sidewalk lined with tiny American flags and held up his sign. Little did he know, Newt Gingrich had chosen that very spot to make his first Primary Day campaign stop.

    When Gingrich’s bus pulled up, Dillard stood silently holding his sign and watched the news-media horde swamp the candidate. Gingrich stepped down from the bus and made a beeline for Dillard. He stopped in front of Dillard and his sign and parked himself for a round of handshaking and pictures with voters. The placement couldn’t have been worse. There was Gingrich, standing with his wife Callista at their first event of the day, and a giant Ron Paul sign floated inches from their crowns.

    Noticing the awkward optics, Gingrich aides and security personnel swarmed Dillard, trying to intimidate him into moving. One of Gingrich’s security agents stepped in front of him. When Dillard didn’t budge, the agent lifted his heeled shoe over Dillard’s bare foot and dug the back of it into his skin, twisting it side-to-side like he was stomping out a cigarette. Shocked, Dillard kept his ground and took a picture of the agent with his phone, which was quickly knocked out of his hand. Dillard slipped off his flip-flop to pick up the phone with his foot, and a Gingrich supporter kicked the sandal away.

    “Don’t kick me!” Dillard said to the man who knocked away his sandal. More members of Gingrich’s security retinue approached, shoving their shoulders and chests in front of him.

    “Just block him!” a Gingrich campaign aide said. “Everyone step on his toes!”

    Gingrich supporters handed a “Newt 2012” yard sign up to the front to put in front of Dillard’s Paul sign. The two signs, zipping back and forth inches from Gingrich’s head, circled each other in the air like a fighter jets in a dogfight.

    When the candidate finished taking pictures with voters, furious Gingrich aides grilled Dillard.

    “If we did this to you, you guys would be furious,” said an aide before stomping back toward the bus. “They have no class. No class.”

    As Gingrich pulled away, Dillard looked down at his foot. With the adrenaline pumping, he hadn’t noticed the pain, but now it was starting to sink in. A bruise was forming, and there was a cut mark where the security agent had dug in his heel.

    “That was really something,” Dillard said afterwards. “My heart’s racing. Not what I expected to happen today.”

    1. Yippee K says:

      Huh?? That Lakeside speech was five days ago. I watched it. I didn’t see any “awkward” Ron Paul signs in the way. I say this an entirely fictional post. Newt is courting Paul voters. If anything he’d welcome a few Paul signs at his rally. You’re probably a paid commenter, using a classic muckraker tactic to try and fabricate tension between the two largest and most important wings of the Tea Party GOP majority. Gingrich is the candidate besides Ron Paul who is most likely to implement a significant number of Ron Paul’s most important domestic economic proposals. In reality, there’s far less ideological animosity between Paul and Gingrich than between Paul and anyone else.

  34. Bob Tingle says:

    I respect and admire Sen. Rubio. What else could or would he say about the Florida primary.

    1. wylrae says:

      Probably many things he could have said. However, I used to like him and thought he was a rising star and a strong conservative but with his actions prior to the voting today it is quite obvious that he is a Romney man even if he did not come out and publicly endorse him. The Republican party is really becoming more and more like the Democratic party with left me on 5-31-2008. The elite party members and deep pocket members decide would our candidates are going to be. I have pledged to be an ABO voter so imagine I can fulfil that pledge by writing in Paul, or Gingrichk, or Santorum.

  35. Hypocrite says:

    Can’t wait for all the side-by-side commercials of Romney flip-flopping on EVERYTHING followed by the video clips of people in his own party from 2008 to present saying the SAME THING.

    Romney=Obama-lite, which =Obama 2012.

    Sorry folks….you can’t be DIFFERENT by RUNNING THE SAME THING.

    Hahahahah…. They wanted to win so bad that they voted for a guy that was EVERYTHING that they are AGAINST.

    His record in Mass was

    That is his RECORD folks!!! LOL….and he is CONSERVATIVE how again????


    1. rbig says:

      Hypocrite, I’ll try to help you understand your own comments:
      Abortion – Romney and his wife are pro Life, always have been. He merely stated that has a government official in MA he would support the law of the land. I mean hell, the guys Mormon. Abortion is one of the worst sins in Mormon theology.
      Tax – Romney is a businessman, he is not pro-tax. He understands how tax breaks benefit all members of society.
      Gay Marriage – Romney is pro family
      Govt Healthcare – MA is 85% liberal, they wanted govt healthcare, Romney happened to be Gov at the time, what can he do against a veto proof legistlature and overwhelming popular support for govt healthcare? The founding fathers would have likely been ok with what MA did because it was at the state level. Their intent was for state’s to do what they want. The real negative is for this type of program at the federal level (not the state or more local level).
      Guns – Romney owns guns and hunts…enought said.

      To sum it all up: You have to remember that Romney governed a state that was overwhelmingly liberal. In that environment a conservative is not going to get everything they want. On some issues one has to govern based on the will of the local people.

      1. NeonLeon says:

        ‘Romney and his wife are pro Life, always have been’… are you seriously that uninformed?

      2. Truth says:

        Then he isn’t a principled conservative. If you water down your platform and principles to that of a liberal ideology, then YOU are a LIBERAL. Sorry, FACTS are FACTS.

        I just love how this REVISIONISTS are trying to explain away Mitt’s HYPOCRISY.

    2. whylrae says:

      I can just hear the reaction already: Surely you jest! But how were we to know? Our party leaders have been saying he is the only candidate who can beat Obama and I doubt they would want to have a candidate running against Obama who is politically pretty much on the same page. You must bewrong!

  36. SamB says:

    Where is Mario Rubio’s birth certificate?

  37. Pete B says:

    Lol and so Florida will be naive and led around by the “wunderkind” who has no original policy or solutions. Just another empty suit Rhino spewing out the same lines that we have heard for decades. The same lemming s that gave us Bush senior, Bush Junior, McCain and now are on the verge of shoving McCain 2.0 better known as Romey down our throats because they are afraid to be called to account by the fireball Newt. Yeah we have a great track record here of voting these uber rhinos into office who repeat all the “conservative” lines and then do NOTHING!

    Yes Florida, if the polls play out you foolish sheep will vote for a man who has been running for the white house for over a decade, who’s organization is solid but who’s ideals are tapioca and who will lose in the general. Yup you heard the truth here. He will not beat Obama and it will be your fault for letting yourselves be hoodwinked, but hey that is what the Republican party so good at. Picking the weakest candidate who does not have any actual solutions and will only do the bare minimum in order to get reelected.

    No one wants Obama for 4 more years, so you keep trying to order us to vote for anyone the establishment throws at us but when do we stop this cycle? After Obama? In 2016? Don’t divide that vote, vote for our milk toast loser or Obama will destroy us all. Well maybe that is what we deserve and it will be on your shoulders.

    Good job Florida, you will elect the weakest candidate based on false advertising and pressure from the senior-pubs. You don’t like Newt’s past, cry me a river. We all have skeletons no matter how well it is covered up. He is to unpredictable, better then unprincipled. Thanks geniuses you sure showed America who the smart ones are and be sure to hug your kids tonight when Hair boy wins and let them know that you did nothing at all today to secure the American dream for generations to come.

    By the way Rubio, if you cannot produce an original thought, shut up and sit down already.

  38. jay says:

    gingGRINCH IS A NUT lets be real hes cracked!!!!

  39. Eric says:

    Since when does Rubio know anything. The GOP establishment wants the competition over as soon as possible. Maintain the status quo at all costs…no room for debate. First it was Iowa that would pick the nominee, then NH.. and then of course SC…and now its FL! Puhhlease. Delegates determine the nominee… I thought you as politicians knew how the system works…Rubio is either ignorant at best or disingenuous at worst.

  40. David Rivers says:

    Man, as a fellow American of Cuban descent I have been very proud of Rubio thus far, but his behavior over the course of this primary is REALLY leaving a very sour taste in my mouth. His attack on Newt was just disgusting and today he has come clean as to who he really supports. The honeymoon is definitely over for me and honestly if he keeps this up I may NEVER vote for him again. He is certainly not a Tea Party supporter to be in league with Mitt. So sad how many otherwise intellignet individuals have been fooled by this RINO Mitt Romney.

    1. Alex says:

      I can understand your complaint that anyone would Romneycare in their history would not be a tea party darling, that being said newt is just as a big of spender if not more.

      Rubio has met both individuals in person and seems to supporting the one he prefers. RR is not running, so we are all holding our noses.

  41. Scott says:

    Now that’s strange – you didn’t ask anyone under the age of 60 what they thought.

  42. tc297 says:

    Newt has lost all creditability with the majority of Republican voters. He and his “friends” want to blame everyone else for his problems. He claims he didn’t do well in last Monday’s debate because the auidence wasn’t allowed to cheer. His poor performance in the debate on Thursday was because Romney packed the audience with his supporters. Might his fall in the polls be due to the lies that come out of his mouth? Newt’s ex wife says he was not deposed in their divorce proceedings. This after he was quoted in an interview in FL saying he didn’t lie about his affairs in his deposition. Newt told everyone that he offered friends to be interviewed by ABC to refute his wife’s story. By his own admission he didn’t tell the truth about this. He has also told Americans a lot of misinformation about capitalism and the free market. He was forced to remove two ads that contained untruths about his opponent Mitt Romney. His stand on illegal immigration? Did he tell us his older daught is running his FL campagin prior to trotting her out to defend him againist his ex wife’s allegations? What about accusing Paul Ryan of right wing social engineering? Maybe it is because people are discovering he is a true Washington insider. Maybe because he is a Rockefeller Republican? The list could go on and on. We already have somone in the white house who refuses to take resonsibility and blames somone else for our country’s problems. Do we really want to elect somone who will be more of the same? Before Newt accuses others of being dishonest he should clean up his own act.

    1. Pete B says:

      Keep the regurgitation train chugging along. Being a shill is easier the thinking as an individual.

  43. Bob Litfin says:

    Maybe the next President will appoint Obama Ambassador to Kenya and the he can find his Birth Certificate

    1. Mitchell Kent says:

      i dont think obama will be appointing himself to a position… but the GOP will be appointing obama as president once again if they keep pushing romney on us.

  44. Booboo says:

    thanks for negating the rest of the states–I am in Colorado and think this process SUCKS..why should 5 effing states determine a nominee to the exclusion of MILLIONS of other voters in other states? we need ONE NATIONAL PRIMARY DAY.

  45. True Patriot says:

    Hey Rubio that’s what Rick Scott said about the Pizza Man…999.
    Where’s that fraud at today?
    With a state that rid itself of delegates…..Just keep your mouth shut.

    Back to your adobe troll.

  46. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    I voted for Mitt last week. The line was long. Republicans are ready to purge the Marxists from our plotical blood stream.

    1. Pete B says:

      Replacing it with what, fascist plasma instead ?

  47. Mitchell Kent says:

    We didnt vote for McCain in 2008, and were not going to be voting for McCain in 2012 (even if he goes by the name Romney now).

  48. Jack says:

    Newt was a bum in the 90’s and he’s a bum now. Do you people want to squabble or do you want to get Obama out of office?


    Rubio is obviously trying to be a leader. He is peeking too soon! For his political future sake, best he stay silent in case HIS candidate (shhhh, don’t tell anyone it’s Mitt) stumbles along the way to Tampa.

  50. specfriggintacular says:

    So, first Newt whined because the audience was not allowed to applaud; then Newt whined because the audience was to loud and not loud for him; now Newt is whining that if he is the nominee and someone from the media moderates the debates he will not debate Obama …….Good Grief!!!!!

  51. nothing says:

    Rubio is only saying this because he thinks Romney has it sewn up. If anyone else happens to win in FL, watch how fast he’ll backtrack.

  52. specfriggintacular says:

    First Newt whined because the audience was not allowed to applaud; then Newt whined because the audience was to loud and not loud for him; now Newt is whining that if he is the nominee and someone from the media moderates the debates he will not debate Obama …….Good Grief!!!!!

  53. Benjamin Golan says:

    If the American people are this stupid, stupid enough to vote for Romney or Soro’s “the Organ Grinder” pet with the tin cup, then the American people deserve what they get. I have seen, witnessed real suffering overseas. The American people in my opinion need to experience the same. Then, perhaps they will start to appreciate the US Constitution and the freedoms they gave up! Anyone who votes for Romney or Soros’ pet are nothing more than “useful idiots”!

  54. Jason says:

    If Mitt or Newt are the nominees then I will either stay home or vote third party. Both sre big agovernment progressives who would continue to take us down the same road as Obama maybe just slower. I am done holding my nose and choosing the lesser of two evils. The GOP deserves what it gets and Maybe by 2016 if there is still a republic a viable third party will emerge.

    1. CZ_Holland_MI says:

      Agreed. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Liberty and Freedom. No need to hold your nose!

      If any founding father were alive today, there is only one person they would consider voting for – RON PAUL

    2. Pete B says:

      I second that. The republican party is about to take it’s final dive off the cliff leaving an opening for new party.

      1. CZ_Holland_MI says:


        Conservatism means adherence to the Constitution.

        Neocons are party hacks who push a Republican agenda that is in many ways in direct conflict with our Constitution.

        Real Conservatives vote Ron Paul.

        If the Republican party nominates anyone other than Paul, I’m writing in Paul or voting for a 3rd party candidate that Paul endorses.

    3. Layla says:

      Time for us to have us a TEA PARTY!

      1. tc297 says:

        If that is the case in the future spare us your complaints about Obama.

    4. NeonLeon says:

      Yep. There will be no change with Mitt or Newt.

      Life-long Republican here who will only be voting for Ron Paul. Agreed, no more lesser of two evils.

  55. Jed says:

    Mitt 2012! 🙂

    Time for a turnaround, America!

  56. Jerry Frey says:

    The way it is:

    Obama re-elected.

    The way it was:

    Perry – Dubya redux, thinks entitlement programs are unconstitutional; Paul – an Austrian oddity; Santorum – nothing better to do; Bachmann – get a clue, no accomplishments in Congress; Cain – flavor of the month – happy hands; Huntsman – no traction; Gingrich – consummate DC insider; liar and hypocrite; Romney – plastic fantastic, spineless – Kerry do-over. Sarah Palin still lurks about marketing her brand.


  57. plainolamerican says:

    WOW! Rubio, what arrogance vice competence.

  58. Platypus Duck says:

    “Winner to be nominee” Unless it’s Gingrich, right? What a joke.

  59. roman says:

    rubio must know who the nominee will be because archangel michael took his request

  60. Mr Hankey for President says:

    If Mitt or Newt / Obama are the only real choices I will write in Mr Hankey. I mean if your choices are Poo aka used dog food (the PC version) then I want Christmas Poo in the White House.

  61. Gary says:

    Lets face it people…..Ron Paul is the only one with a plan and direction here. Are we going to vote for a spoiled brat (Newt) who made a boat load of money from fannie and freddy, or Romney who benefited from falsehoods like stealing money from medicare, and like Obummer, has a father that is not an American citizen at Romneys birth. Face it, Ron Paul is the only one that can pull America’s ass out of this mess. Just think about it, go to youtube and see what the man is about. He is the best i have seen. I have been researching him for years and just can’t understand why no one wants us to have our freedom back. I wish i would have made alot more glass belly buttons to hand out so everyone could see where this country is going if they don’t vote for Ron Paul 2012

    1. CZ_Holland_MI says:

      Agreed. Ron Paul 2012

      If he is not the nominee we will write him in. GOP better crunch the numbers. They can not win without Paul voters, and Paul voters will NOT vote for anyone other than Paul.

      1. Alex says:

        Same here.

      2. NeonLeon says:

        No doubt.

    2. roman says:

      after today cbo report by douglas elmendorf if people don’t vote and elect ron paul they are ______ their children to the _______. unless ron paul rectifies we have arrived at the precipice. elmendorf didn’t seem too worried but he could be the picture of the hanging man game

  62. Apachecav says:

    Rubio, you have just proved that you are a shill for the Party power brokers, your national prominence is now over, we of the tea party will remember your throwing Newt under the bus… You are toast … and you had such promise too…

  63. bobbyhoying says:

    Romney will earn my respect when he calls out the communist community organizer and demands he make his college records public. Newt would do that without hesitation. I like Newt but he sometimes sounds like a whining Democrat. Yuk!

    1. Linda says:

      I’m sticking with Newt. Nobody else in this race has taken over control of the Congress after 40 straight years of democrat rule.

      NEWTer Obama!

      1. tc297 says:

        Newt is what used to be known as a Rockefeller Republican. Very liberal.

      2. Nic says:

        If Newt were a “Rockefeller Republican” then he would have all of the support from the elite Republicans that Romney has right now. Romney must be trying to point the finger at Newt before we put the pieces together that he is the Rockefeller Republican.

      3. 44Guyton says:

        Who in the current Republican establishment can lead? Boenher, McConnell? Who of the recent Republican speakers could lead; Boehner, Hastert or Newt. Who in the Republican establishment lead; Bob Dole, John McCain. Folks it is pathetic!! Newt lead a Republican revolution in 1994 and had a “Contract with America”. Where are the Republicans today? Hiding under a table and supporting Romney.

  64. jtsgrandmom says:

    Incredible how so many Americans suffer from “Political Stockholm Syndrome.” Incredible how they rush to ingratiate themselves to the ones who hold them, their money, their nation’s and their children’s future, hostage. And it NEVER OCCURS to them that they never choose a candidate, they choose from among those the power brokers “let” them have. Incredible. The same people who rail against Obamacare in Fla. rush to vote for Romneycare, the “father” of Obamacare. Ask the good citizens of Massachusetts how waiting longer than Canadians, for critical care is working out for them. Gingrich, CFR member, globalist, betrayer of the trust promising small gov’t w/Contract w/America, then installing the foundation of the export of our industry and wealth overseas during his tenure as speaker. A “constitutional cnservative” who defends NDAA, as does both Santorum and Romney, btw. WHEN did Americans become so self destructive? More importantly, as can be seen from the comments here, how “we need” someone to rescue us, I want to know, when did we become a nation of closet socialists?

  65. Matt Stuart says:

    “If Mitt or Newt / Obama are the only real choices I will write in Mr Hankey. I mean if your choices are Poo aka used dog food (the PC version) then I want Christmas Poo in the White House”

    …another mature RP supporter. Must be nice to think the world revolves around you!

  66. Layla says:

    Damn, thought we had a good conservative Senator. Apparently the Tea Parties no longer think so.

    Obama won’t be the only one-termer.

  67. JB1Kenobi says:

    I just returned home after proudly casting my vote for Ron Paul here in Florida. The GOP better choose wisely or they will go down in flames.

    RonPaul 2012

  68. PoliticalPunch says:

    Romney the crackpot that invented Romneycare is going to take on Obama for copying Romenycare? For God sakes Romney’s subordinates went to help on Obamacare…that’s electable? For which party? Are you Romney supporters plain stupid? Remember McCain?

    Obama will own Romney on Health care, not to mention Romney will have to answer The Mormon Church’s long held policy on blacks until 1978 to a black President. Pretty damning. Google: Mormon Curse of Cain

    The Republican establishment is wrecking the platform.

    1. Lolly says:

      Yep, they are. And the scary thing is they could care less what you think.

  69. PoliticalPunch says:

    Google: Mormon Curse of Cain

  70. Lee bercegeay says:

    Damn you Rubio! Thats NOT your call. Just trying to get credence for his state should that HAPPEN to be the outcome.

    1. Nic says:

      RUBIO HAS BEEN ANNOINTED BY THE ESTABLISHMENT TOO. I know he was supposed to be a tea party guy and he defeated Crist but several years ago I heard an interview with him and I remember saying, “He’s a moderate!” I was shocked because I had heard so much good about him. And have you wondered why the big push for Rubio? He’s one of them.

  71. Todd P. says:

    Romney KICKED Gingrich’s a#@ in the last 2 debates. Did Newt REALLY think that he was going to get into the White House with a past full of scandal and his SECOND mistress on his arm?? Newt is a dishonorable, dishonest, and SHAMELESS man, but now he is gone, baby, gone…………

    1. PoliticalPunch says:


      Keep supporting Romney… Obama will own your Mormon candidate.

      1. Larry says:

        Romney represents Wall Street. GOP need to be voted OUT.

  72. Liz says:

    Let’s get behind the private sector, competent, conservative front runner Mitt Romney. All the others are career politicians who have contributed to getting us where we are now – Santorum, Paul, Gingrich, all with decades in public office. Let’s do what works this time Florida! ROMNEY/RUBIO 2012!

  73. Alex says:

    Rubio ran off to Israel as soon as he won his election. Why? Why does he support killing and impoverishing Americans to fight Israel’s wars for them?

    1. Jose says:

      Naw, probably just a tax payer paid vacation. Guess he is not the conservative we thought he was when he ran.

      He turned faster than Mel Martinez.

      1. PoliticalPunch says:

        So true.

        Call Rubio.

        I will. I have already stopped giving to RNC.


  74. Larry says:

    Private sector? How about Goldman Sachs level? Romney is the 4th richest man in the country and he is buying this election.

    No thanks. Won’t support Romney or Rubio or Bondi, every again.

    1. rbig says:

      Larry, what they hell? How can you say Romney is the 4th richest man in the country? There are four people in the same family (Waltons) that are wealthier than he is…with a fortune of $250M he probably doesn’t even make the top 200 list in the U.S.

  75. TexHungerford says:


    1. PoliticalPunch says:

      Yeah, he didn’t care about his supporters to even stay in the state. He’s in Missouri.

      He split the vote. Just how the establishment wanted him to. A vote for Santorum was literally a vote for Romney.

    1. CZ_Holland_MI says:

      RON PAUL 2012
      RON PAUL 2012
      RON PAUL 2012

      If the Republicans nominate anyone other than Ron Paul they are going to immediately lose more than 20% of the Conservative vote. This is because true Conservatives follow the Constitution, and that means there is only one choice – RON PAUL 2012!

      Too many in the GOP are neocon party hacks pursuing policies in direct opposition to the Constitution.

      These neocon party hacks are easy to identify. They mistakenly think our Constitution makes us Kings Of The World and we can police the world with no blowback (all while our economy crumbles), they think they need to protect us from ourselves via an utterly failed unconstitutional drug war, they think it’s awfully nice that the FED conveniently prints whatever money they need for their version of big government, and in the case of Santorum they want to make us a Theocracy.

      No thanks. Its’ the Constitution for me and my family, and this means only Ron Paul gets our vote.

      1. Chris Edens says:

        I could not agree with you more. He is the only candidate who’s voting record, values and ideas are like mine. The rest seem like they are from another planet, unconnected to the very people they are supposed to represent. If anyone other than RP gets the vote it’s going to be business as usual and we are done for.

        I hold out hope but everything is pointing to a Romney vs Obama ticket and we are in for another 10 years of hurt.

  76. Mialco says:

    I guess I will not vote this year, since the Florida vote will decide who wins the nomination. Why should other states bother voting?

    1. PoliticalPunch says:

      Because that’s not true.

      Florida represents only 5% of the delegates. But democrats and establishment republicans want this over now or at least until conservatives lose heart.

      Moderate candidates never win contrary to what Matt Drudge or skreedy with Coulter would have us believe.

    2. Love this country says:

      Anyone who doesn’t vote this year doesn’t love their country. So go ahead, be unAmerican.

  77. yarply says:

    Rubio and others, just don’t get it. Ron Paul is going to be the nominee or by God Obama will be president again.

    I tell you this, ANY RP supporter will tell you the same thing. Its Ron Paul or they aren’t voting republican. And if RP decides not to run independent, well they will not vote at all.

    The doubters and nay sayers can snicker at Ron all they want too but Rubio and any other out there that has any doubts. Well,, they can just take that one to the bank.
    If they want Obama to win,, then just go ahead and nominate someone else.

    1. yarply says:

      Thats where the establishment republicans logic fails. They believe if they nominate someone besides Ron that to assure that obama doesn’t win by a land slide RP supporters will fall in line and vote for the nominee. They won’t. I’ve talked to some and am one myself. Were over voting for liars and hypocrites.

  78. Sad Panda says:

    With the candidates the GOP are rolling out, I hope you all are prepared for another 4 years of Obama. I support Ron Paul and will never compromise my principles to appease a party that long ago forgot what it stood for.

    1. Alfred Newman says:

      I too Support Dr. Paul, but i could live with Newt, I could tolerate Santorum, the sopoiled brat, but I cannot, I will not vote for obama lite.

  79. Alfred Newman says:

    Rubio, another legend in his own mind.

  80. Brian says:

    Gingrich is only damaging himself and his candidacy by his current stream of attacks. He’s coming off as petulant and whining. Just like Obama.

    Romney deserves the nod and the bigots out there that won”t support him because he’s Mormon (Rush, Huckabee, Perry) should simply review the Reverend Wright’s disciple and recognize it’s time to get over it.

    Focus on the fall. Tune out the tired old media with their weak takes on dissatisfaction with the field, Newt attacks, Obama’s phony economic data, …) Focus!


  81. David Kramer says:

    Has anyone asked Romney how many homes he owns?
    McCain endorses Romney, you people do not see any problem with that?

    1. PoliticalPunch says:

      McCain was the kiss of death.

      I thought rep voters would have put 2 + 2 together to make 4. Not a chance. All of a sudden McCain isn’t the irreversibly idiotic MODERATE that himself lost to Obama.

    2. rbig says:

      D Kramer, why does it matter how many homes Romney owns? Is there a litmus test of some sort regarding personal wealth to be POTUS? Good grief, I sure hope you are a registered Democrat posing a questions like that…

      1. David Kramer says:

        Not one bit, I bring up this fact for the reason in the second question. Romney has not even begun to see the attacks against him. McCain did not even know how many homes he owned, do you think this may not be the tactic of the media and Obama of the coming election? Reminder, Obama is funding and pushing the OWS rallies. Think about it.

  82. PoliticalPunch says:

    Enter the Ron Paul cult members…

    No rationale, just a incoherent grumpy old man that believes that Iran a country that starts morning prayers with death to America isn’t a threat.

    1. CZ_Holland_MI says:

      I am such a member. I prefer to call it a Cult Of The Constitution, but that’s me.

      Ron Paul has deep insight and rational for promoting his policies. You obviously subscribe to the neocon notion that ‘we need to preemptively bomb everyone before they can bomb us’ mentality.

      I have news for you. Our Constitution does not make us Kings of the World. And trying to be Kings of the World causes something called BLOWBACK. It also causes something called BANKRUPTCY.

      You will find out what Blowback means if the GOP nominates anyone other than Paul and then you immediately lose 20% or more of the conservative vote.

      I’m voting Ron Paul and if he is not the nominee, I will write him in or vote for any 3rd party candidate he endorses. And I’m willing to bet 85% or more of Paul supporters feel the same way.

      1. yarply says:

        85 percent? I’d say it’s higher than that.

      2. David Kramer says:

        If the Republican nominee vows to bring Ron Paul into the administration, will you vote for the nominee then? I would love to see RP appointed the head of the Fed or the Treasury, to begin the opening of the books and the subsequent actions.

    2. JB1Kenobi says:

      Another poster that has nothing to offer and resorts to personal attacks.

      1. PoliticalPunch says:

        What do you mean? I was relaying fact, Ron Paul is a grumpy guy. Talk to him personally for 5 minutes.

  83. ljm says:

    Why is Newt always whining about Mitt’s money? First he accuses Mitt of illegitimately making his money. Then he doesn’t like what he spends it on. He doesn’t like the amount of campaign contributions Mitts gets and he doesn’t like the way that gets spent either. Newt calls himself a capitalist. Coulda fooled me.

  84. JB1Kenobi says:

    I don’t understand how people do not see that Republicans and Democrats are one of the same. Both parties have had their chance to fix the things wrong with this country, but both have failed. Why is this? It’s because they don’t care about you or the country. They put on a good dog and pony show for the people to get elected and then do what they want once in office. They know that as long as there is only two parties, one of them will always be in power…. and do you know what the American people do??? They keep buying the same old lies year after year and then complain about how bad things are. I hope for the sake of my country that people will start looking at things in a different perspective and understand that there is only one candidate that cares about the citizens of the USA.

    RonPaul 2012

    1. CZ_Holland_MI says:

      Ron Paul will not fight for political favors, he will not fight for party power, and he certainly will not fight for lobbyists or big business. Ron Paul will fight for Americans, our personal liberty and our freedom.

      RON PAUL 2012

  85. PoliticalPunch says:

    Just in case you didn’t know. This is what Obama (a Black president) will savage Romney with.

    Mormon view of Black people up until 1978:

    1. rbig says:

      B.O. can’t afford to bring up religion in the campaign. The right would absolutly tear him up for his long affiliation with Reverend Wright.

      1. PoliticalPunch says:

        Actually he can when he can when he QUIT the Church Jeremiah preached at.

        Will Romney disavow? No. There’s the problem.

        By the way, the same super PAC fun Romney likes to use will get him beat soundly.

  86. aposematic says:

    So very disappointed in Rubio labeling Romney a conservative. How anyone could ever even remotely categorize Romney as a conservative is mystifying at best if not outright lying. Rubio has proven himself to be nothing but a RINO insider doing the establishment’s bidding by supporting the European socialist Romney. Nut then I guess I was fooling myself since Rubio was the top dog in the Florida R dog and pony show that brought the Republicans like Crist to the FL Gov. Mansion.

  87. David Kramer says:

    Didn’t the media and the establishment say the same thing about South Carolina?

  88. Frank says:

    Hey Marco, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, eh? If you think for a minute this voting Tea Party family will support Romney or Newt, in the immortal words of Judas Priest,..”you got another thing coming!” If the Pubes are foolish enough to settle for either of these two, they will be setlling on third tier BEHIND the third party candidate..WHOEVER that is.

  89. Kevin Stowell says:

    RNC: Hello? Marco? Put the word out for Romney. The sheep on the Right are just as easily-led as those on the Left. Besides, no one really wants to take responsibility for nominating a loser in a party as gutless as this one.

    Marco: How do I do that?

    RNC: Are you kidding?! Just “deem” the winner of the Florida primary the winner. You know, just like Pelosi wanted to deem the healthcare theft bill passed. Now, submit!!

  90. newjerseybt says:

    This election is about one thing only. Whether we will go over the cliff and become a socialist nation like Europe or begin returning to our founding Constitution. Our socialist programs have become our nation’ heroin. ObamaCare, RomneyCare is in the next shipment. Once hooked, we will never give it up…which has been the plan all along.

  91. PoliticalPunch says:

    Obamacare is Romneycare.

    How uninformed can a voter be to vote for a guy that hatched the idea to begin with. So in essence ceding the Health Care debate to Obama.

    ELectability bla bla… I remember McCain was the most electable.

    1. 44Guyton says:

      Obviously the ESTABLISHMENT is pushing Romney. Of the four remaining candidates Romney is the MOST liberal. Go figure.
      Bush1, Bob Dole, Bush2, McCain and now Romney. I guess it all fits.

  92. LIBERTY NOW says:

    The Republic is doomed no matter which puppet gets in, save one, the good doctor.

  93. Gerry says:

    Good! I want Mitt Romney as President, Rubio as Vice President, and RonPaul as Treasury Secretary in order to steer this giant ship we call the United States into a path that does not include ROCKS like the idiot Captain in Italy proved will destroy your ship/country. We need to build a team of business people and fiscal conservatives to reverse the damage caused to the U.S. over the last 50 years.

    1. PoliticalPunch says:

      Obama will own your candidate for these reasons:

      1. Romneycare hatched Obamacare
      2. Mormon Policy on Black people up until 1978
      3. Playing fair by not hiding the majority of monies in the cayman islands.
      4. I could go on…

      Good job dummy. Thanks for voting for McCain’s choice.

      1. rbig says:

        A Mormon bishop is a volunteer 5-year local leader over approx 300 people (in a church w 13M members). A bishop has no policy, ideology or theology authority. That is all handled from Salt Lake.
        Political KOOLAID, quit w the religious bigotry. Low class politics

  94. teddyballgame says:

    I wonder when Mittens will tell us what planet he will be the god of when he dies. I think it is the planet Kozlov myself.

      1. PoliticalPunch says:

        You mean bigot like not allowing black people to take part in the priesthood, like Mormons did up until 1978.

        Another clown.

      2. rbig says:

        PoliticalPunch, more like Political KOOLAID:
        A. who knows or cares what you are talking about
        B. what do obscure religious details from the 1970s have to do with a presidential race in 2012
        C. last I heard, Romney was a member of the Mormon church, not some leader with decision making regarding church practice, policy, belief etc.

      3. PoliticalPunch says:


        Hey slow try to keep up.

        Romney was a Bishop and leader in the Mormon church. He was a temple Mormon. You may not know what that means but you will, Obama will make sure of that.

  95. isukusa says:

    Is it not obvious that the Republican Party is the third party! Independants, Libertarians, Conservatives would throw away their vote if they do vote for Romney. A vote for Romney is a vote for more of the same. McCain, Dole, Romney, what’s the difference? All status quo, all in the pocket of the establishment, no change, all losers. What else can I say?

    1. rbig says:

      You could say that you obviously don’t think for yourself since you are spouting Politico.com garbage.
      Romney is a new kind of candidate…someone who was extremely successful in the private sector…he is uniquiley skilled to take on the job at the present. We should feel lucky he is willing to leave the private sector to take a thankless job.

  96. Windy says:

    So why don’t we just stop spending on campaigning since Sen. Rubio has declared the early winner? Makes you think that this race is so well crafted underneath the table that forces will ensure Romney win. Well guess what? I’m not buying that. I’d rather see Santorum or Gingrich win over Romney.

  97. isukusa says:

    Is not Rubio telling us that it is over the same thing as Perry lecturing us about illegal aliens. Marco you just stepped on it. You are not a king addressing subjects!

  98. 44guyton says:

    Wasn’t the media and establishment telling us whoever won South Carolina would be the G.O.P. nominee? Rubio obviuosly has his head up the Establishments and Mitts B_ TT. I guess Rubio got the word or he is the best prognosticator since Nostradamus!

  99. tc297 says:

    Playing the religion card is as offensive as playing the race card. It is 2012 and we have more important problems in this country than what religion the candidates are.

    1. PoliticalPunch says:

      Spoken like a true atheist.

      I agree to certain degree, but you Romnaycare supporters want to talk electability… so let’s talk about it.

      I can guarantee you Obama’s super PAC already has ads about Mormon Policy on Black people. Don’t doubt me.

  100. Michael Wurner says:

    Apparently only 4 states matter out of 50…lol yea right. They do this every time, convince the people that if you win a couple of early states then you must win the whole thing…what bogus nonsense.

    1. JB1Kenobi says:

      No worries… The politicians and MSM will tell us when and what to think.. They have our best interests at heart.

    2. 44Guyton says:

      The Republican ESTABLISHMENT has got the pedal to the metal trying to get Romney nominated. If the ESTABLISHMENT is not careful they are going to trip on the D_ICK!!

  101. ono says:

    Ron Paul has way more than 4 delegates. He has the most delegates. You lie.

  102. PoliticalPunch says:

    Voting for Romney is like voting for John McCain.

    1. 44Guyton says:

      Yes I agree. It’s a HUGE mistake.

  103. Eddy James says:

    Why are the Democrats for Romney?Like Sorro said in the dark of night you wouldn’t be able to tell Romney apart from Obama

    1. Kevin says:

      THAT, Mr. James is exactly why I can’t stomach Romney. If the dems are flocking to him, then he must have that liberal scent eminating from his pores…

  104. Riquin says:

    Florida is the best test for candidates and the candidates’ advisors. Florida has everything to challenge the advisors, the population has Cuban-Americans, Jewish- Americans, African-Americans, Haitians-Americans, New Yorkers, Southerners, you name it. Ron Paul mess-up talking about relations with the Castro Dynasty that was a really bad advice. Mitt Romney did everything right he went heavy for the Cuban- American vote and Jewish vote. Newt has problems with the way he treated wives. Cubans and Jewish are heavy family oriented.
    So my estimate is that Mitt will win heavy in the state and finally be the Republican candidate because his advisors are the best. Can he win over Obama is going to be very close. I still believe that Rubio may be the best candidate to win over Obama big time but so far he is not running!!!

    1. PoliticalPunch says:

      You voted for McCain’s choice. That should tell you something.

      1. Kevin says:

        Nailed it.

    2. JB1Kenobi says:

      Let me get this straight…Ron Paul messed up by actually saying that we should talk to people and try to work things out in a diplomatic way?

      1. Riquin says:

        You are talking to dictators controlling drug trade and on top it is a dynasty. No — NO that was a bad advice here and any place.

      2. JB1Kenobi says:

        “You are talking to dictators controlling drug trade and on top it is a dynasty. No — NO that was a bad advice here and any place.”

        I forgot that the USA does not participate in the drug trade. LOL. What a joke.

  105. roman says:

    cbo report today douglas elmendorf playing real life hanged man game with reporters. vote ron paul and save elmendorf and save america

  106. PoliticalPunch says:

    Here’s what the left has in store for all the Romney supporters:

  107. No Mitt says:

    Rubio is a two faced as_ He said he wasn’t going to endorse anyone but the winner of Fl will be the Rep nominee which everyone figures to be Romney. he must sit down to Pee cause he has no balls to be up front and honest.

  108. PoliticalPunch says:

    Call Rubio: 202-224-3041

  109. Nahla says:

    My opinion that Morco Rubio really effected the result of the election in Fl when he backing up Romney after the immigration issue, first of all Romney doesn’t need some body defend him he is already out spend in Fl by ratio 4/1 with his negative adds on Newt why Morcco didn’t comes out and defend Newt on lots of thing Romney said in his adds and Mr. Rubio knew it’s all lies and wrong, if Mr.Rubio defending the content of the speech for Mr.Romney he should wait after the vote cast but it sounded to me like it’s kind of endorsement to Mitt Romney with take in consideration how much Mr. Rubio opinion effect the Latino voter which they represent 50% in Fl, I’m not Newt or Romeny supporter but I’m sick and tired of this under the table games, and I’m with the best candidate that can take Americans back on their feet, after all Mr. Rubio American not that edits waiting on you to explain content of speech to them after all they elected you don’t insult their intelligent  isn’t that what Obama does every day?

    1. Kevin says:

      Yeah, I am disappointed in Rubio. I thought he was more conservative than to support Romney. If Marco can’t support Newt, I understand. But, why not Santorum?

  110. Kukee American says:

    Just exactly how do you suppose that Florida can tell Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennesse, Kentucky, Arkansas, et. al. whom we should pick.
    Fight on Newt there are more of is than there are of them!

  111. Joe Golfendude says:

    If Mitt gets in it’s 2008 all over again…. STUPID AMERICANS!

    1. PoliticalPunch says:

      Spot on.

    2. 44Guyton says:


    3. Kevin says:

      McCan’t 2, The Repeat.

  112. steve says:

    As a conservative i will stay home if Rino Romney wins Florida is dumber than a coal bucket.

  113. Gary says:

    I for one am with the Ron Paul supporters. Mittens and Newt are dummies and power mongers. Rick is too young and couldnt make it. The rest of you Mitt and Newt lovers need glass belly buttons to see where you are going. Doesnt any one do any research at all on what they think they are talking about? All i hear is people wanting more Obummer like dictatorship, just open your eyes people, Ron Paul has direction and a platform that will get this country back to its greatness. There is NO WAY that Mitt and Newt will do anything but sink this country. I sure hope you open your eyes and do some REAL research and not listen to the media and your dumb @ss friends and pick the only winner in this election RON PAUL 2012

  114. deedee says:

    I DISAGREE WITH RUBIO….It’s not over yet!! and if Santorum and Paul are not talking about getting out of the RACE, NEWT shouldnt even be asked to do that! ROMNEY will be a big mistake for this country and he cant stand up to barack in a speech/debate. He Has ROMNEY CARE at his backdoor and he isnt what we need now..What we need is someone who can BEAT BARACK and not tie with him in a POLL!!!!!!!!!! ROMNEY IS A MISTAKE for the USA !

  115. roman says:

    ron paul [the prophet] has to stay till the end so that when the country goes to pieces the paulines and him can feel guiltless. what is not understood is that markets respond to credibility and none of the other candidates have any credibility when it comes to reducing government.

  116. Andrew Nappi says:

    Marco Rubio is the very last person anyone should listen to. Rubio VOTED YES to the military arrest and detention provisions of NDAA. For this one act of premeditated treachery, Rubio and every Florida member who VOTED YES, including ALLEN WEST should be voted out of office. LIBERTY is JOB ONE and these people have zero conception of freedom. They are a danger to the Republic already hanging by a thread.

  117. roman says:

    after romney or obama are elected and inflation begins to soar in 2012 then none of the projections and analysis presented today by elmendorf will mean anything. obama or romney instead will impose austerity measures much worse than in grece where people will be prohibited from driving more than three times a week and happy birthday celebrations will be banned.

  118. Citizen Joe says:

    Ron Paul is the only sane choice for America right now. The rest of the candidates, including Obama, will lead us to World War 3.

    Wake up AMERICA! Join us in defending liberty and justice. Join us in restoring teh Constitution!

    Ron Paul 2012!

  119. Kevin says:

    Well, folks…. McCan’t 2 is just about to be nominated. Congrats, Obozo.

  120. Cuban American says:

    Rubio and all those that signed the NDAA are TRAITORS to this country! He supports martial law and spits on our Constitution.

    I personally can’t wait to see him on trial for sedition with the rest of them.

    I couldn’t care less what his opinion is.

  121. Anne says:

    Gov. Rubio, We the People don’t want Romney. You are only 1 state of 50. You have declared the primary over in January. You display repugnant traits.of manhandling us. First Hispanic President?! No Marco Rubio. No and Never. I declare today you will never be President or Vice President of the US because you have disregarded the people the people will disregard you.
    Nor will we vote for Romney in November and Obama who is like Romney, ask Soros, will not generate the GOP vote.
    Nov. will be the lowest turnout in US history. No upright citizen wants this vote on their conscious and be accountable for either man. Gov.. Rubio, you have imploded the GOP. for your own gain to be aligned w/ someone in the WH to offer you favors.
    signed, a Republican for 50 years.

  122. John Svengali says:

    The alleged wunderkind Rubio never wowed me, nor did he convince me he would ever live up to expectations. Now, in a statement of unjustly-enriched Floridian self-importance, he’s announced Florida will be the decisive contest in determining a Republican Party nominee. Not so fast, Senator. Your state bought into the Romney machine’s blistering negative advertising, proving that people who pay little attention to actual issues and qualifications, as Floridians seem to be, can be swayed by non-stop negativity and bold lies about other candidates. In the state made famous for not being able to count its own ballots, Rubio would have us believe his drivel about Florida’s preeminent judgment and status. Applesauce!

    For someone so purportedly “neutral,” Rubio sure seems to have his nose in close proximity to one Willard Mitt Romney’s posterior and also done his bidding in concluding the finality and certainty of a Florida win vis-a-vis the nomination. There are 50 states, Mr. Rubio. I’m sure those in South Carolina, a state which HAS actually been correct in selecting the Republican nominee the past 30 or so years would like to differ markedly with the freshman Senator/opportunist.

    Romney is no conservative but shows he is a ruthless, lying, liberal weasel. Because of his excessive negativity and being the one to start it all, I will work tirelessly until the convention against him. This is a year ripe for a true conservative, not Caspar Milquetoast Romney, tough on fellow Republicans, a wimp taking on Democrats.

  123. Kevin says:

    The absolutely saddest part about this election (2012 general) is that we are in dire straits as a coutry. Seriously dire straits, BUT we are being force fed THE MOST liberal candidate possible…. Makes no sense at all. Romney will be status-quo at best. He will make excuses and spin everything once he is in office to maintain the status-quo, as we go down the Euro-socialist parkway….

  124. Charles Purvis says:

    So Rubio believes they will replace South Carolina who has picked the nominee since 1980??!!!
    I find that to be slightly arrogant at best!

  125. Puddin says:

    So the smug RINO Repubs of FL can feel ‘good’ about their elite winning the delegates. Too bad Romney has no chance of being elected in the general election. none.
    What will happen is the left micro majority will vote for Obama no matter that he isnt eliglble to be President(can you say..Obama gonna pay my mortgage so I doesnt care he aint no citizen)..and with the split in the Repubs between the ‘candidate’ and the man that should be President(Ron Paul), those votes that Romney needs to overcome Obamas dead person, twice voting, criminal voting brigade, will not be there.
    The House and Senate will go the RINOs, resulting in gridlock and name calling for at least 2 more years.
    This country deserves the immoral, corrupt government it gets..primarily because its people at large are immoral, largely ignorant of history and care nothing about the country, as long as ‘they get theirs’.

  126. Adonis Bobelsder says:

    I’ behind Ron Paul 100% and will never cave to establishment RINO’s!

  127. M Bauman says:

    Barack Obama must be laughing his butt off.
    He never thought it could be THIS easy.
    Thanks Florida.

  128. ricky rubio says:

    Rubio is giving out the assist.

  129. Todd P. says:

    Gingrich is GONE, BABY, GONE!! The voters have figured out that he’s a dishonorable, dishonest, and SHAMELESS man. Gingrich didn’t even win the Conservative voters overall. Newt lost the Tea Party voters to Romney in Florida. It’s time for Gingrich to face reality and admit that he’s not the most popular Republican running for President. Did he REALLY think that he was going to get to the White House after getting kicked out of his job by his OWN Party and with his SECOND mistress on his arm??…………

    1. tc297 says:

      Of course he did. After lecturing the rest of us on morals, family values, and the sactity of marriage they turn a blind eye on Newt.

    2. 44Guyton says:

      Congratulations. Romney and Romeycare vs. Obama and Obamcare. Establishment vs. Establishment. Nice contrast.

  130. Benjamin Golan says:

    The only thing Romney oozes is the shyte that comes out of his bloody mouth! What happened to Florida? The liberal cancer from the North East metastasized to Florida and took hold big time. Romney will not receive my vote, and many others feel the same way.

  131. I am conservitive says:

    With all due respect to the Romney lovers out there. I can’t see how he can beat the one when “he” is the architect of the health care take over and is worth some quarter of a billion dollars? He’s the candidate who knows Americas pain? He can’t possibly debate away from that. He can’t win!

    1. xxNTJxx says:

      One is a state plan, the other is a federal plan.

      That is a BIG difference.

      1. M Bauman says:

        One starts with an S and the other starts with an F ?

  132. Riceman says:

    I’ll vote for any conservative, but I’ll vote for Obama before I vote for Romney.

  133. The smart pundits know Vince McMahon is a chair shot away from the nomination….


  134. Michael says:

    So what, McCain won in 2008 too and look where he is now. Romney is just following McCain’s foot step a loser in 2012. I won’t vote for Romney or Newt in 2012 I am just going to sit at home and watch TV.

  135. Anne says:

    Rubio stepped on everyone’s toes with his well defined arrogance.
    Not a person here is voting for Romney.
    Read the comments yourself Rubio.
    We’d rather not vote at all in Nov.
    Do you believe the public believes any of the stuff candidates tell us?
    Only a fool would believe we believe.
    Watch the backlash as the voter number plummet in Nov.

    1. DSB says:

      It will be very difficult for me to vote for Romney in November. It will be almost the same as voting for Obama. After all, even Soros says there is no difference between Obama and Mitt.

      1. RedinDenver says:

        And, you buy into everything Soros says? Don’t you think he might be trying to denigrate Romney as a Republican candidate, since we are in the middle of the Republican primaries? When I heard that, I immediately assumed he was just doing what Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and other Democrats are doing — saying bad things about Romney in order to weaken him in the eventual fight between him and Obama.

        The Dems would love nothing better than to run against Newt, since all the polling shows defeating him would require just continuing to remain alive. Gingrich comes in LAST — after not only Romney; but also after Ron Paul and Santorum – in a head-to-head match-up against Obama.

  136. Albert Barlow says:

    I hate to break it to Newt, but a liberal republican got nominated last time; his name was McCain.

    Obama is going down. I want Paul, but I’d vote for YOU over Obama, whomever you are. Good Lord, the man is a joke.

  137. RedInDenver says:

    I wonder if the Obama campaign has people who check out blog comments. They have already spoken publicly about being fully aware of the split in the Republican party; and how they are sitting back with their popcorn and soda, gleefully watching the decimation of the Republican party.

    I had hoped for Obama to be defeated this fall; but, seeing how much vitriol there is between the HARD-CORE CONSERVATIVES supporting Newt (for whatever reason I can’t discern) vs. the less hard core CONSERVATIVES who support Romney — I don’t really see any hope for a Republican victory at ALL.

  138. Dorrae Fortado Frederick says:

    The “Paulbots” are going to split the ticket and cry like stuck hogs when BHO gets re-elected because they can unite under one candidate.

    So far Paul has 4 delegates that won’t get him a cup of coffee come convention time.

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