Gasparilla By the Numbers

Tampa, Fla. (CBS Tampa) –  As the January 28, 2012 Gasparilla Pirate Festival nears, the pirates are preparing for one crazy invasion.  Here’s a look at the annual festival in numbers:

The number of bands that will perform, including  Danny Lozada y el Latin Band, Daniel B. Marshall, C’NERGY and Skycoasters.

The number of pirate krewes made up of local social organizations.  These krewes partner with charity organizations and provide financial support for the cause.  One krewe, the Theives of San Lorenzo, gives half of all its event profits to organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House and The Shriners.

The number of floats scheduled in the 2012 parade.  The Tampa Bay Lightning, the Rays and mayor Pam Iorio all had floats in the 2011 lineup.

The number of food, beverage and novelty vendors at the festival.  Drinks available include beer, Captain Morgan rum and cola.

The number of Tampa Bay police officers present at the 2010 Gasparilla.  Law enforcement hopes their presence will keep the pillaging under control this year.

The number of people arrested for alcohol-related misdemeanors in 2011.  In recent years police have cracked down on underage drinking at the festival.  Last year, the number of arrests went down by 18 percent.

The number of pirates that will invade Tampa Bay at approximately 11:30 a.m.  on January 28.

The estimated number of people that turned out for last year’s Gasparilla.

Get ready for the invasion!


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