Amazing Video: Dog Involved In Deadly DUI Accident Swims Half-Mile To Sarasota Kayaker

SARASOTA, Fla. (CBS TAMPA) — A man fishing from his kayak a half-mile from Point of Rocks off Sarasota was shocked when a dog that was involved in a deadly DUI crash swam up to his boat terrified.

Once pulled to safety, Barney shrunk into a corner of the small craft, shaking and traumatized over the event. He sustained minor injuries, including one to his paw and several cuts.

The man brought Barney to a local vet, who used a tracking chip implanted in him to discover his owner was Donna L. Chen, who was struck by a Nissan Altima and died moments before.

Florida Highway Patrol said Blake Talman, 22, was fleeing from an earlier crash in his Nissan Altima northbound on SR-758 when he struck Chen and Barney.

The two were jogging north on SR-758 when Talman allegedly failed to navigate a left curve causing him to leave the roadway and strike a metal pole before hitting Chen and a street sign. Chen was knocked from the sidewalk into the center of the road, reports indicate.

Barney took off, though there is no mention of him in the report.

Talman struck several yellow wooden poles at the entrance to the St. Michael’s Archangel Catholic Church then collided with the front right corner of a Ford Escort, veered left and hit another telephone pole.

Talman and a 24-year-old passenger were transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital where they were treated for serious injuries. Talman was released Sunday and transported to Sarasota County Jail where his bail was set at $100,000.

Talman faces charges including DUI manslaughter and DUI property damage and personal injury.

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  • nunya in ct

    Tragic, and I am so sorry for her family and her dog.

    • Carl

      why not put a breath analyzer in every car?

      • James

        why not just have everyone connected by a wire to the government, so that every thought we have is known and they can kill us instantly just by pushing a button?

      • Jay

        Because I and many others never drink and drive and would hate such an invasion of privacy.

      • Think for a second

        the same reason they don’t give an IQ test befor ethey let you comment on websites. Sheesh.

      • Sionnach Dhu

        Breath analyzers in cars don’t “invade privacy”; they simply prevent the car from starting if the driver’s breath shows that blood alcohol is too high.

      • Connie Duncan Adamski

        James, don’t give them any ideas please. I’m sure some of them would love to

      • Gavin

        Breath analyzers are highly inaccurate unless you want to pay as much for the car for one. That is why cops can’t submit their field analyzer tests into court and retake the test at the station.

    • Joel

      My heart goes out to the family. How about DUI murder?

      You know sh-t like this males me think maybe there is something to Sharia law.

      Run his as- over with a semi.

      • Don James

        BS, Joel, are you a muslim? My brother is. and he also thinks your comment is BS.

      • Akshay

        #1 Kenny Chesney fan on October 25, 2011 I don’t know about Seventeen but GirlsLife is real bueacse i won from their. Twice. I’m not sure though. I would think they are real bueacse if someone actually did win they still would have to spend money no matter what

  • CR

    Is there are reason we haven’t gotten serious with the penalties for drunken driving in this country? Let people drink, but if they are dumb enough to drive afterwards drop the big, ugly hammer.

    • Jack

      We’re all serious about drinking and driving. However, no matter how stiff you make the penalty some jerks will still drive drunk. The threat of an audit does not stop tax cheats. The threat of 20 years in prison does not stop crack dealers. Some folks just have a different set of rules they live by,

      • George Johnson

        And don’t forget the expensive prisons. Nobody is gonna want to put everybody in prison for 10 years, and have to pay the bill for it. Just WAY too many people, costing WAY too much money. Hell, we can’t even put REAL criminals in them any more!!

      • john

        ^somebody gets it. you could make the penalty death for drunk driving, and there would still be drunk drivers. it’s about personal choices, and by human nature and free will, people are going to make bad decisions. doesn’t make this any less tragic, but saying this guy should rot in jail isn’t going to change what happened, and it wouldn’t have been prevented.

    • Sharon

      We were in Norway for a soccer tournament about 25 years ago. We had met some locals in a restaurant and when they turned up at our hotel, the coach asked my husband and I to entertain them. One of the things we found out was that Norwegian law about DUI is so strict that the first offense involves a prison sentence. One of the gentlment was being the designated driver that night. He said they always do that because the penalties are so dire. It would be nice if we could do the same.

      • Sally Burke

        That would be “my husband and ME”.

    • Andyandersonusa

      Just once I would like to see that the Big Man is either not breathing air any longer, fiollowing a swift trial and judgment, or that he has agreed to help the Japanese at the crippled nuke plants and is not expected to survive.

    • George Johnson

      Is there a reason we haven’t gotten serious about people RUNNING from the police!! How many more innocent people have to die? There was another one in the Atlanta area just a couple days ago.

      In EVERY SINGLE chase, where the driver was shot, the chase ended within seconds. Yet, our police, refuse to take action and try to stop them. They won’t even send a bullet into the radiator. Even THAT would stop a chase in a few minutes.

      The public would see it as killing somebody for running, but that is not true, They would be shot for putting the (innocent) PUBLIC in danger. Not too long ago, I had a questioned answered. And that is how long would the police tolerate a gunman standing there on a street corner, firing randomly. The answer of course, is NOT LONG. We saw it on the news.

      A criminal running from the police, is the same situation. Every second they run, they’re putting innocent people in danger. How many more innocent people must die before we stop protecting the criminals??

      I don’t care if they spit on the sidewalk. If they’re running, they’re putting everybody in danger NOW. The law says stop, you stop. If you run, you’re endangering the public and should be stopped at all costs, to save innocent lives.
      (and no, I’m not suggesting you blow them away on a crowded street, they’d have to wait for their shot and take it. It would be stupid to shoot the driver when they’re going 100 MPH down a crowded downtown street, so don’t even start that argument).

      • Doug

        Kathee your ignorance is painful. We won’ even start with your inability to filter out a purposeful exaggeration to make a point. The Police have never killed anyone chasing a fleeing suspect. If the police tell you to stop and you don’t and someone gets hurt because they have to chase you that is on you not the police. Wise up dimwit. It’s people who think like you that are tearing this Country down.

      • Kaththee

        That is the stupidest thing that I have read since spell check came out. You don’t care if they spit on the sidewalk. Are you a nut? You would love North Korea. Cops kill people too when they chase, so as a concerned citizen can I shoot a cop in hot pursuit? Giving chase is the problem. Cops just do it because their egos go into over drive. Most people could just be picked up later at home or on a road block especially for offenses like side walk expectorating.

    • Lee

      Drinking is a choice, alcoholism is a disease.

      • JD

        No Lee, alcoholism is a choice as well.

    • Idgarad

      Since we don’t teach personal responsibility drinking became a disease, you know like cancer, AIDS, the flu. Being a drunk or an addict isn’t a behavior or choice. It’s a disease you catch and you are at not fault of your own. It was a booze makers that forced it on you. It was society, peer pressure, a bad family, etc. So we don’t hold them accountable, after all you wouldn’t punish people for getting cancer right? So we never get tough on drunks or addicts, they need treatment and tax payer subsidized programs to help them rather then punish them. This is America, we aren’t concerned with justice for the victims.

      • Ray

        Laws don’t stop drunk drivers, people who are responsible individuals do. Write all the DUI laws you want, it won’t change a thing.

      • Doug

        John if politics are not related why are you spending so much time with your Ron Paul echo chamber nonsense. This about a DUI and a person who has CHOSEN to drink and CHOSEN to drive, and consequently KILLED someone based on nothing but his negligence and bad choices.

        There is no disease process here, only bad judgment.

      • moriah

        It’s not a disease, it’s a choice.

      • Kaththee

        Getting addicts help and treatment is the first step to holding them accountable. Not all drunk drivers are addicts and not all addicts drive drunk something you don’t acknowledge. If the driver in this case was not an alcoholic and never drank before would that change his culpability one way or another? To hear you talk only alcoholics drive drunk ever. If that were true there wouldn’t be more accidents on holiday weekends. I am not sure if I agree with the disease model for addiction but it is called a disease because it is progressive and it kills. It isn’t some kind of plot by the powers that be to victimize the populous. Some countries with the best treatment for addicts also have the harshest sentences for drinking and driving. The two ideas go together well.

      • john

        to jnsesq (and somewhat the rest of you in this string): now you’re just being ignorant. Obviously with the ebonics typing you’re trying to imply black people want a handout and are parodying the idea that black people think the man holds them down, when in reality this is a story about drunk driving, which has NOTHING to do with race. you’re a clown. you neocons from drudge (which i read every day) get all wrapped up in the politics of a story, equating this to something that the government did somehow, and you miss the point that this was an entirely personal choice. when was the last time that you drank and thought to yourself, “i shouldn’t make good choices tonight. the government won’t punish me anyway. i’ll just kill a guy and get manslaughter, and that jail time won’t suck at all. it’s so much better than murder so i might as well just drive and kill someone for the heck of it.” this guy is going to get punished! he might get treatment too for some sort of alcoholism, but he’s going to do jail time. maybe he should do more than he’ll get, but let’s not jump to conclusions when a punishment hasn’t even been reached yet. i’m a 21 year old republican and people like you are the reason there aren’t more young republicans. it’s not a race thing, and if the perceived perception is that democrats give out handouts perpetuating the nanny/welfare state, and you still go out and vote for romney you’re a fool. just obama 2.0 and he’s proven it time and time again. let’s go ron paul. (and now i’m getting wrapped up in the politics that others brought up. in reality this is a tragic story. my condolences go to the woman’s family and hopefully the dog finds a good home.

      • For my Liberty

        YOU are SO full of it!!! Have you ever heard of CHOICES? THAT is exactly what is going WRONG with America today–People are NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE for their CHOICES! Cry me a RIVER you FRUITCAKE! Get off your couch and GET A JOB! GET OFF THE GOVERNMENT DOLES, because IF Americans have OUR way, you WILL have that check stopped REAL SOON!

      • Rennyangel

        Drunks are now protec5ed by the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s a disease.!!!

      • jnsesq

        Silly, Idgara. Don’t you realize we’re ALL victims? It be da man what be keepin’ us down and whateva, yo. Know whu’m sayin’?

      • jellybraingovtlover

        okay. you’re wrong. I drink lots. all the time. even excessively….I won’t even go NEAR a car after I have had even one beer. While it is true that some alcohol consuming morons may have an extreme problem, or dependency on alcohol, the primary driver is that a moron is a moron regardless of what they pour in their face to begin with. Alcohol simply magnified their already pathetic and stupid condition. Accountability and responsibility for ones own decisions ARE NOT THE TAXPAYERS RESPONSIBILITY. Do you need someone to chew your food for you too?

      • ds

        EXACTLY! since when is being a drunk a DISEASE? Idgarad is spot on
        this ahole decides to put drink in hand and guzzle subsequently killing an innocent woman and of course gets a low bail and “manslaughter” ITS MURDER cause you know you MIGHT do something you WONT remember i.e. KILL when youre irresponsible and drunk – a cancer victim isnt asking for their disease, isnt driving while suffering from cancer then killing someone else
        is is a joke how we allow these people to get off! poor woman is dead cause some jerk had to drink and drive.

  • CraigO

    Forget jail. Drop that guy off 20 miles out to sea.

    • JOHN T. FOX


      • Mike Florey

        From two miles up.

  • carling

    OK, so what happens to Barney now? Does he have a home?

    • Sionnach Dhu

      His owner was married, and Barney has been returned to the family, who are very happy to have him back.

    • Cutter

      I live close to sarasota if anybody knows if they haven’t found a home for the dog i will offer him a warm place in mine

  • Chippy55

    Hmm, the man is involved with fishing, which essentially is killing fish for sport, but then he befriends a pooch. Sounds like Pisces-Dogma Syndrome.

    • CraigO

      I’m pretty sure Chippy55 was going for a laugh. Otherwise I would not want to visit his roach and ant infested house. :)

    • carnivore

      Actually, most fish are caught to be consumed; you know, the way that nature intended it to be.

    • IrvtheLiquidator

      ur a f&&king dumby….

    • phil

      lol involved in fishing, is that sorta equivalent to being involved in money laundering or being involved in gang related crimes or something. Odds are you ancestors and you would not be around if not for fishing. Go back to your PETA meeting, logical people are talking.

    • Craig

      It’s “catch and release”, not “catch and kill”. Unless he was fishing for food, in which case it’s “making dinner”

    • Bily

      You sound like politically correct peta syndrome

  • Mark M.

    I agree with Craig. Let’s see if this drunk murderer running that killed a woman while fleeing another accident can swim to safety as well as Barney did.

  • Rick

    First and foremost, what a Good Samaritan.

  • Bill

    He handled the dog well, good guy. Wonder why a camera was mounted on the kayak?

    • Barney

      That’s what I wondered too. Why would the guy be videotaping himself in his kayak?????

    • tom

      go on youtube many kayakers film their catches

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  • Kate

    Jeeez… is there even one news story in the world without a significant error in fact??? There’s no such thing as a “GPS tracking” microchip. It’s a passive chip that’s read by a scanner. The number on the chip is used to consult a databse that provides ownership information.

    • Catherine
      • George Johnson

        You fool. That’s a COLLAR, not a “chip” like they insert into the pet!

    • jacques poutine

      we must be reading different articles. this one clearly says

      “who used a tracking chip implanted in him to discover his owner was Donna L. Chen”

      no mention what so ever about gps tracking(which wouldn’t have helped anyways) they were not trying to track the dogs movements they were trying to locate its owner.

    • jimbo

      Also, the man did not bring the dog to the vet, his sister did.

  • jk

    Thanks Mr. Fisherman!
    Sad story but pretty cool good Samaritan.

  • andersonex69

    As for the guy who equate fishing with crime and purports to be a PETA supporter, I too, support PETA (here goes) People Eating Tasty Animals!

  • andersonex69

    Also, What a nice guy in the kayak!! A true animal lover, one could tell.

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    Blake Talman should spend the rest of his life in jail for the murder of Donna Chen but sadly he won’t.

  • Chris


    Nobody said GPS tracking. You did. The microchips are tracking chips in the sense that the scanner can help you track down the owner.

    Yes, they are passive. Yes, the scanner has to be within inches of the chip to get a reading. No, there is no GPS involved.

    • all4n

      Chris, what makes you think a GPS chip in a dog could track down the owner? The owner would have to have to wear the chip!
      Try to think these things thru before you write something that makes you sound stupid.

      • ALE

        Read Chris’s post again, carefully. He said it tracks the owner IN A SENSE. The inserted microchip (on the dog) has owner information on it such as a name and phone number. A vet can scan the chip (dog) and retrieve that information and pick up a phone and call the owner….hence TRACKING DOWN THE OWNER.

  • johnny

    The Dog looks like a Vizsla which are very loyal and loving dogs. I have two and they are the sweetest dogs you could ask for. Barney is for sure in shock and will be looking for his owner (mom) non stop. Poor guy! I truly hope he finds a great home with plenty of room to run….. now for the A-Hole that caused this tragedy may he find a small room to rot in.

    • Sionnach Dhu

      Barney didn’t need to “find a great home” -he has been returned to his owner’s husband, who is very happy to have him back.

    • Mark

      It’s definitely a Vizsla. Looks just like my baby boy. To anyone considering helping Barney find a home, they are terrific dogs.

    • Mauricio

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  • jnsesq

    Yet another drunken POS survives after slaughtering an innocent.

  • Lszumlic

    Best comment of all!!! : )

  • Roger Scott Francis

    Does this guy always record himself fishing? Kind of convenient to capture it all on video!

    • Curtis Plumb

      Probably wanting to show off the whopper he’s gonna catch.

  • Jasper

    Yeah..this is ALL just too convenient. Guy videoing himself while kayaking and fishing…Narcissist?

    While I’m a big dog lover and own a rescued german short haired pointer and loathe drunk drivers, I find this story to be very suspect. I’m calling BS on this one.
    Hope I’m wrong.

    • RT

      You are wrong. And a jerk to boot.

    • Eric Duncan

      I guess all of the commercials currently running for the GoPro and other personal video recorders must irritate you no end, Jasper. People are recording all kinds of personal activities and posting the videos on YouTube and elsewhere. This is just a case of a guy capturing his fishing jaunt who happened to end up in this story. Your seeing this as anything else speaks more to your mindset than this kind man who rescued a hurt, scared dog.

      • Jasper

        Doesn’t irritate me at all Eric. I love technology. At this very moment I’m typing my reply to you on my ipad 2 . I currently own a rescued dog I adopted 6 years ago that I feed and shelter and love with all my heart. I’m sure it’s exactly as you say it is, just a man capturing his fishing jaunt and rescuing a dog and then posting it on YouTube and elsewhere. Lord knows everything posted on YouTube , Facebook , Twitter, MySpace, Wikipedia, is absolute fact.

        I know it’s just me, but I find it rather narcissistic to tweet what I had for lunch, or post to facebook the great dump I took after lunch. When I go fishing I like to get away from technology and just enjoy being, living in the moment. Unfortunately something Ms Chen will no longer be able to do. I wonder if Ms Chen was videoing herself jogging, by your thinking she should have been. But, if you and others like you that need to validate your lives by capturing every mundane moment of it and spreading it out in cyberspace for all the world to yawn over, then have at it. Your 15 minutes of fame might just be coming your way by doing so.

      • RT

        Agree. Jasper seems to be a deeply cynical and unhappy individual.

    • Curtis Plumb

      Doesn’t sound like you hope you’re wrong. Most cynics don’t.

      • Jasper

        I’m not a cynic clown, but a realist. I’m glad that you believe in everything you read…. especially on the internet.

    • Clarence Oddbody

      So you think this fisherman set the whole thing up just so he could film himself doing it? You find the news report to be suspect? What, you don’t believe a drunk driver killed a woman and that her dog ran away?

      • Jasper

        Yeah I find the news report very suspect. Do you people even read the article. No mention in the police report about the dog, which is not out of the ordinary at all. The “news reporter” and I’ll use that term loosely said Donna L. Chen and her dog were struck by a drunk driver. How is he making this assumption? He says Barney ran away. We know Donna unfortunately was killed by the drunk driver. Did a family member say Donna was out jogging with the dog? Then why didn’t the reporter state that. Did someone see her jogging with the dog and saw the dog bolting after the tragedy? Not as far as what was reported. All we know is the dog was traced to a woman that was killed by a drunk driver. I’m not doubting that fact. For all we know Barney could’ve hurt his paw and got injured chasing a dang rabbit down a hole. Or the whole kayaking thing can be set up BS. The new article (cough) leaves a lot out don’t you think Mr. Odd?

  • Fedup

    I was called for jury duty for a guy who was trying to get out of a DUI. When the lawyers got to me I went off on him saying I have zero tolerance for drunks, they are pathetic losers that are a danger to society. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy.
    Well America there you are.. go soft on people who use their addictions as crutches and suffer the consequences.

  • neonnoodle

    It varies from state to state, but a typical DUI manslaughter conviction will result in a prison term of from 4 to 10 years, depending on the degree of negligence involved. If it’s determined to be gross negligence, which is what this sounds like, he’s looking at 5 to 10 years. Serves him right. Usually dogs who have lost their owners and wind up on the news in a human interest story get adopted right away. The caretakers of this heroic pooch will probably have to turn away plenty of candidates. His future new family and new “forever home” is assured.

    • Sionnach Dhu

      Barney’s owner was married, and he’s been returned to her husband, who is very happy to have him back.

      • davies

        arsgaccutlien on August 30, 2011 I like that I can bounce back (maybe not quickly, but definitely in a short time) from bad situations. My bf and I broke up after 7.5 years, and while i was so devastated, my mindset now has been more about taking this opportunity for new beginnings and that excites me and usually gets me out of my funk.

    • George Johnson

      Yeah, I realized log ago, that “life” is usually about 7 years. That’s about what a human life is worth these days in prison time.

      But go to jail for drugs, and you’re there for a lot longer. Go figure…..

  • Snarky Malarkey

    Salty dog…

  • Steve Gee

    Sad. But consider how women treat men, especially these days, I’m just amazed more men aren’t heavy drinkers.

    • ALE

      Project much? See you therapist.

  • capt 3292

    Talman is a 22 year old immature child who never rose above the mental age 13. This should be considered as murder in the third degree with a mandatory 15 year prison sentence and barred for life of having a drivers license. No mercy for this human garbage.

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