Thief Steals Car, Prosthetic Legs From Florida Army Veteran

MIAMI (CBS Tampa) – An Army veteran who has lived the last 20 years of his life in a wheelchair had his car stolen with his prosthetic legs and wheelchair mount inside the car.

Armando Fontaine, 71, lost his legs about 20 years ago due to an infection, rendering him to full-time use of his wheelchair in order to get around. On Monday night, his 1996 Nissan Sentra, which was parked right outside his Miami home, was stolen. But the stolen car is even more devastating for Fontaine as his prosthetic legs and wheelchair mount were inside the car, making it impossible for him to leave his home

“We parked the car at night,” Fontaine told CBS Tampa. “When my wife woke up, the car had disappeared.

“Now, I have to pray they can find that car.”

Blind in one eye, Fontaine is taken to the hospital every week for treatment by his wife, Marta. Fontaine said that with his condition, he can’t afford to miss hospital appointments.

Additional information on the case has yet to be made available by Miami-Dade Police.

While the Fontaines remain hopeful that the car will be returned, the wait is unbearable.

“I am frightened,” the Army veteran said. “They need to find that car. I need it very badly because I cannot move.”


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