Copper Thieves Leave Hundreds Without Phone Service In Florida

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. (AP) — Authorities say about 300 residents in southwest Florida are without phone service after thieves pulled copper from telephone utility boxes.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office says customers within a square mile area of the theft from utility boxes in a Port Charlotte lot were affected. Repairs were continuing Saturday.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Bob Carpenter says it’s the fifth copper theft from phone equipment boxes in the last several days.

Anyone with information about these copper thefts is urged to call the sheriff’s office at 941-639-2101 or Crime Stoppers at 800-780-TIPS (8477).

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  • Copper Thieves Strip Utilty Boxes, Leave Hundreds Without Phone Service In Florida... | Breaking News

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  • Tim

    It’s not going to get better for at least the next year. People better vote for someone else that doesn’t penalize business.

    • Jamesb

      Amen to that.

      Our country’s collective healing begins Jan.21, 2013 – the day Okenyan is booted out of office and work on scaling back his reign of regulatory terror can begin.

      Just fixing the mess made by the Democrat House and Senate of ’09 – 11′ will take a few years, and all they $$$$$$$ they wasted will never be recovered.

  • dedede

    Merry Christmas…Human beings never fail to amaze us all..For such a lack of regard for anyone but themselves. Hope they are happy… for the misery they have caused …

    • Mike Casola

      It’s called survival and if you can’t find a job, you’ll do what you have to in order to survive.

      • TheChairman

        It’s called Domestic Terrorism.

        The BUYERS are the other problem here…

        Who is buying this without proper certification of origin?

        IMO, the BUYERS ought to be penalized, shut-down, or arrested.

      • Republicrat

        There is enough charity and social services to go around to help these people, if they’re having trouble with basic survival needs. No, this is the greed of crooked thieves who will do anything to get a little bit of money to satisfy their desires.

        At least one of the people who are without phone service would have been happy to help somebody in need if that’s what it really was about.

      • Nia Di

        So you’re rationalizing the intentional, criminal actions of the thieves who destroyed private property AND in the process, also stole the paid for services of others AND potentially placed others in jeopardy? What if someone had needed to call 9-1-1 for an emergency?

        Yes, times are bad, but not that bad; yet.

        Stealing is illegal. Granted politicians, financial thugs and the well heeled and connected, get away with stealing all the time. This still does not make it right.

      • Gary

        I hope no one had an emergency and needed to dial 911. Not everyone has a cell phone. This copper theft may have resulted in someone else not surviving.

      • jerrykregle

        Im currently unemployed and Im not resorting to robbery, pillaging and destruction

      • Krp

        If these a$$wipes didn’t vote for Odumbo in the first place, then they might just have jobs.

      • Patriot42

        Surviving just might get yourself killed in my neighborhood

    • Wo0t

      What? They are feeding their families, at the cost of corporations, who have robbed their generation. It’s NOT their fault. Look to our corrupt rouge government is you want answers… but wait, you WONT find out anything as long as your watchi9ng main stream media…

      • Krp

        What? Corporation robbed their generations? More like the Democrats that pushed banks into making loans that a same financial institution would have rejected, so that the Democrats could buy votes and get hefty campaign contributions from the former Clinton Administration aparachiks that enriched themselves from the public largesse by cooking the books at Fannie Mae.

      • midow

        A$$wipe troll. Copper thieves should be shot on sight and left as a warning to other thieves

  • rsw

    Stupid jerk losers. Hope they get caught. Soon.

  • Dave Mowers

    Poverty thanks to federal reserve and private banking corruption ENJOY IT since things are only going to get worse as the 1% need ever more for no reason at all!

    An amendment by Sen. Bernie Sanders to the Wall Street reform law passed one year ago this week directed the Government Accountability Office to conduct the study. “As a result of this audit, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the United States and throughout the world,” said Sanders. “This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you’re-on-your-own individualism for everyone else.”

    • george

      That’s a ridiculously stupid statement. Currently you have a “president” that simply refuses to allow an oil pipeline (that entente unions want!) because he hates “big oil” and American??!! And you blame banks and the “1%”????!!!
      It’s people like you that voted foe this Moroni that caused.this mess! !
      What a stupid statement!!!

      • Wo0t

        George your head in up the Christmas turkeys kiester. Don’t forget your dose of fluoride. Sheep.

  • James Woods

    There was an article on drudge I wanted to comment on but it’s not there anymore. Was something about taxes being increased to pay for the countrys growing debt.

    I got news for washignton; I work 2 jobs and if you start taking more off me im going back down to one.

    I am not working my fingers to the bone so that we can have an entitlement society.

    Do away with welfare, foodstamps, social security, the tsa, etc… and we’ll talk about what taxes need to be increased.

    Copper theft will as others have said only increase because we are in a depression.

  • moonmac

    The FED is 100% responsible for high copper and commodity prices with their endless printing of money and ultra loose monetary policy target of zero percent interest rate. Prices will eventually crash once the severity of the crisis in China is discovered but I fear the permanent economic damage will be already be set in.

  • JM in San Diego CA

    The “funny” part of this copper theft is that the actual copper in telephone wire isn’t worth much. It’s very thin wire in a whole bunch of protective jacketing.

    They need to climb poles and grab the high voltage stuff (and I hope they do.)

  • howardfrombroward

    fat-ass*d michelle obama on her 4 million christmas vacation spree in hawaii at our expense is similarly stealing gold and silver from honest hard-working taxpayers. bust her whipped enabling spouse at the polls november 2012.

    • a s

      amen brother

    • I P Standing

      living in that toilet you have more problems then that padro

    • Nia Di

      True. The Obama’s are 100% self serving, selfish, uncaring, shallow and unconcerned about the tome their actions set. If they wanted to set a good example, they’d cut back to a single 2 week vacation, 100% paid for with their private funds.

      But they aren’t capable of acting in a responsible, honest or decent manner. For them, it’s all about flaunting privilege and thumbing their noses at honest, decent working people who are paying for their selfish lifestyle.

  • how

    How are you suposed to call the 800 number? lol

  • I P Standing

    having formerly lived and worked in s florida for many years its no surprise,,the cracheads stole everything metal,,now it spreads

    • Krp

      This is the west coast, Not South Florida.



    • Nia Di

      It is. But instead our tax dollars are going to confiscating potentially dangerous cupcakes from travelers ;)

    • nulled

      You MUST be a Bot or paid shrill. That mindset is SCARY. People like you will feed the detention camps with innocent Americans who have the guts to fight for their freedom….or just to feed their families.

  • John Spooner

    Its illegal aliens man. not the Mexico kind neither, the kind that drives UFO’s and eat lickerish sticks with a dust of copper on top.

  • Kurt

    I do a/c work in south Texas and hate admit that I replaced more a/c equipment due to theft than I replaced that simply wore out this past year! Over the years a/c contractors have anchored down a/c’s to their concrete pads but the copper theives no longer want the whole unit and just strip out the copper condenser coil and leave the carcus, so anchoring the a/c down does no good anymore! I do alot of work for banks and real estate agencies and am astounded how everything in a foreclosed home is stripped out by the foreclosed owner before it is returned to the bank, that includes doors, kitchen counters shrubbery and even privacy fences and the foreclosed owner can do that legally while the house is being foreclosed because that is still their house until the bank physically takes it over.

    • Smitty77

      So who buys stolen copper? Unless one has the melting furnace and stuff, how does one melt it down? So If you don’t, who is buying the stuff and do the police make regualar checks? Like those stealing man hole covers which could kill someone – there has to be a pruchaser! So, let’s get em!

  • Copper thefts from phone company utility boxes kill phone service | BroadbandExpert

    […] Carpenter, a spokesperson for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office commented that this has been the fifth instance of copper theft from the telephone cabinets in the past few […]

  • jim

    Hard to believe they would do that for such a small amount of copper. The Telco wires are not much bigger than a thread to repair clothing. With the insulation on them you would need a coiuple of shopping carts full just to buy a pack of cigerettes

  • Biff Clinton

    RON PAUL 2012 or watch the blue bloods like Romney destroy the Middle Class. Or elect the socialist disaster Obama and watch America die

  • Nowswimback

    When something like this happens we repeat the media mantra and say, “It’s good that they passed the Civil Rights Act. It’s very, very good.”

  • g500d

    It’s time to start executing these metal thieves.

  • Randy Vice

    It might be time for the phone companies to install security devices in these high temptation targets. How tough would it be for an intrusion alarm with day/night mini camera feeding into the phone provider’s server?

  • SickOfIt

    How bout a neighbor with a rifle? Thirty cents of lead can fix a multi-million dollar problem.

  • Trajan Long

    How’s that hope and change working out?

  • m

    I suspect this may be the work of drug addiction. Meth more than likely,

  • monstersdoexist

    You are only seeing the beginning of chaos and revolt. People who cannot find jobs due to Nafta and Gatt will soon start home invading to steal food and valuables to feed their family. Slowly it will evolve to the point of marshal law and then we will all be “imprisoned” in our own homes. Our paper money will be used to light the campfires while gold and silver will be the only thing accepted by the local “chieftain” to barter for food and water. Go ahead, laugh…..we have been telling you this was coming for years…Not so funny, now, is it?

    • Krp

      It has nothing to do with NAFTA or GATT. It has to do with a Messiah that says “You can’t go to Vegas” and “You can’t fly your private jet” so anything that was traditionally perceived to be
      “something that the rich would do” has suddenly because “taboo”. That means fewer people buying planes and boats and fewer tourists to the sun-kissed beaches, because they don’t want to come back and find ACORN occupying their lawns.

    • Patriot42

      As soon as that clown is out of the White House the jobs will come back as many of the big wigs of cooperate America will not hire because of the uncertain future.

  • Vote

    The fruits of your labor belong to the government, not to you. All you people need to get off your lazy butts and get a second job so our savior Obama can use it for a noble social purpose.

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