Pasco County Commissioners To Allocate Funds For Nudist Marketing Initiative

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (CBS Tampa) Nudism – or naturism, as its proponents prefer to term it – may become an important part of local commerce for Pasco County next summer, as commissioners have reportedly agreed to allocate funds toward the promotion of the area’s nudist colonies to European tourists.

According to the Tampa Tribune, commissioners voted 4-1 to put almost $4,000 toward promoting “EuroBird” season, an event created by a local naturist organization.

The Pasco Area Naturist Development Association – known formally as PANDAbare – will be using the $3,818 tourism development grant toward promoting the inception of “EuroBird” for those who prefer to spend their summers in birthday suits instead of swimsuits.

“Europeans take a month vacation in July or August. Our facilities are vacant making a perfect marriage (of circumstance),” the organization’s website says of their inspiration for creating event. “Many European naturist destinations are in economic or political turmoil. Many are unsafe.”

And so, “EuroBird” was created by PANDAbare to bring in traveling Europeans searching for such niche destinations during the late summer months, which are also allegedly slow times of the year for local businesses.

“EuroBird is brought to you in part by the Pasco County Tourist Development Council,” the naturist website adds.

There are reportedly one dozen clothing-optional resorts throughout the county, including Caliente Club & Resorts and Paradise Lakes Resort, with even more communities in the area.

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