Cops: Woman Pulls Shotgun On Man, Granddaughters After Dog Defecates On Yard

PORT RICHEY, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A Port Richey woman had enough of a neighbor’s dog doing its business on her lawn, so much so that she pointed her loaded shotgun at a man, the dog, and his two young granddaughters.

Debra Jackson, 50, was arrested Wednesday after threatening to shoot a 55-year-old man and his dog in the presence of the man’s 2-year-old and 11-month-old granddaughters after the dog defecated on the woman’s lawn.

On Wednesday afternoon, the man and his granddaughters went searching for the dog after it had escaped its fence from the home of the man’s son, according to the police report. They would find the dog in front of Jackson’s home. At this time, she greeted the man and his granddaughters with a loaded shotgun, pointing it at the man and the dog.

“I’m having a bad day,” she said, according to the police report. “I’m gonna shoot you and that dog.”

The man indicated to police that he was in fear of his life as well as his granddaughters. A passerby who was witnessing the argument offered the group a ride. Jackson, still having kept the gun level as the man loaded his granddaughters and dog into the car, continued to threaten the dog’s welfare as the car pulled away.

“If you think I still can’t shoot that dog, you’re wrong,” she said, according to the report.

After the man notified the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, deputies arrived to Jackson’s home to find a note attached to the front door.

“PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB,” the sign stated. “This means YOU. I am BUSY. The next salesman, Jehovah’s Witness, Port Richey especially, any ADT representative, will be greeted with a loaded shotgun. Ring my door bell or knock on my door at your own risk.

“If I blast you, you have nobody to blame but yourself.”

Forty minutes after police first knocked on the door, Jackson finally answered, telling police she didn’t have to answer the door because they didn’t have a warrant. She was arrested shortly thereafter. Police would find the shotgun inside the house, still loaded from before.

Police have charged Jackson with aggravated assault. She is being held on $5,000 bond.


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