Cops: Man Forces Ex-Girlfriend To Carve His Name Into Her Arm

OAK HILL, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — Volusia County authorities say a man forced his ex-girlfriend to carve his name into her arm.

Hank Watson, 41, was arrested Sunday and charged with battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to a police report obtained by CBS Tampa, the ex-girlfriend said that Watson “became enraged” and began punching her on her left arm and leg last Friday. She told police that he usually hits her when he’s high on crack cocaine.

Watson then took out a knife and held it to her throat, demanding that she carve his name into her left forearm, the police report states.

The victim says she complied because she was scared that Watson would continue beating her. She said she waited two days to call the police because she was afraid that Watson would find out.

After being called to the scene, police say they saw the name “HANK” carved into her left arm.

Police located Watson being held at the Volusia County Corrections on an unrelated felony charge. He was then taken into custody with no bond.

  • gotacomment

    He “usually hits her when he’s high on crack cocaine”. So why is she letting this loser anywhere near her? I don’t want to join the “blame the victim” chorus, but this lady needs to employ a lot more discretion in choosing her acquaintances.

  • Russ Brooks

    Fifteen years to life for this dirt-bag ought to get his attention!!!

  • texasdraw

    Apparently she did not mind beng hit. . Something is very wrong when a woman stays where she is tortured. I have always said if my spouse hit me, It had better not go to sleep in my presence. I sit my 10 inch iron skillet, on the counter everytime we have a civil debate, guaranteeing it stays civil.

    • patrick

      your a moron to even thing deterrence is how to keep someone from hitting you.

    • Rick A

      Sounds like you might be the bully…

  • ramona martin

    she aperantly didnt mind him beating on her she stayed with him after his addiction of crack cocain he that probly wasent the first time he hit her but any ways no wpomen or nmen need to be beat on

  • Christy

    It’s easy to sit back and say how we would act in a situation like this but in reality until we have been there we don’t really know. It’s easy for those looking in from the outside to say “why didn’t you leave or call the cops before now” – well it’s not that easy for the victim. If you stay you will continue to be harmed which could possibly lead to death. If you leave you are constantly worrying if he is out there looking for you, wanting to harm you, possibly wanting to kill you. So, instead of bashing the victim, why don’t you try to do something to help her and others that are in a situation like this?

    • Rick A

      Well said.

      Everyone is so judgmental and knows exactly what everyone else should be doing with their lives. People should mind their own business

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